Natural Light Indoor

Nothing beats natural light. It’s versatile, always changing like a facet, thus always surprising and so beautiful. Even in places, you recon you would need to use artificial light; you may take advantage of natural light. Think indoor. Your first thought may be to turn on the flash, but instead of its harsh and contrasting result, here is a different approach.

If you are interested in this practical tip, you will find more about it on Blue Hour Photo Workshop’s blog.


35 thoughts on “Natural Light Indoor

  1. Beautiful photograph Otto, light and shadow, perfect. I visited Blue Hour, a lovely blog, I will return there.

  2. Naturligt ljus, javisst, för mig det enda tänkbara:) Har inte använt mig av blixt på…ja, jag vet inte…men, det måste vara minst 30 år sedan.
    Många säger säkert att nu behövs det inte, inte med den digitala tekniken?…
    Men som sagt, alla blir saliga på sitt eget sätt…och visst, det är väl ok? Hoppas att du lyckas förmedla dina tankar och din erfarenhet under dina kurser/workshop och att du även får ut något av det själv.
    På väg norrut från ytlighetens och mammons Miami, mot New Orleans och sen highlighten…”Ditt Kuba”.

    1. Jeg var selv veldig dyktig på blitzlys for 20 år siden eller så. Men i dag bruker jeg det sjelden, nettopp fordi den digitale teknikken har gjort det mulig å fotografere uten blitz under selv vanskelige forhold. Jag for lykkeønskningene, Gertie. Høres ut som om du har hatt en spennende tur så langt. Ha en fortsatt god reise med masse av interessante bilder!

  3. that’s a beeeeautiful picture, Otto!! I used to have a Nikon D70, that camera drove me crazy with no focusing in low light, but man oh man did it take beautiful pictures in natural light, no need for processing even 🙂

      1. yes, i know that THAT CAMERA was the worst, i would be hunched over a tripod for 20 minutes at a time, just trying to get it to focus!! ow, my back!! lol

  4. I completely agree with you about natural light. I so seldom use my flash that the camera might as well not have one. Thanks for the tips at Blue Hour! This photo makes your point beautifully.

  5. Great post, Otto! So much wisdom…and I agree that natural light streaming from the side will bring out the character in the subjects so much better. Something I have not yet really tried.

  6. I like the idea of ‘quiet’ light. I’ve used it a couple times when I was secretly photographing husband’s 100 year old Aunt. She wouldn’t like that it brought out the ‘character’ in her face…but I thought it was a great shot. I need to organize my archives better, because when I went to use it for something I couldn’t find it. But I know it’s there somewhere.

    I’ve also used it on occasion with the dog as she slept or sat in a puddle of light. It makes her colors more striking, and the image more interesting than just a plain head shot.

    Excellent advice!

  7. Your image reminds me of Vermeer’s work, Otto — not only for the beautiful quality of the light you’ve captured, but also for the simplicity of your framing and the stillness of the moment. Breathtakingly gorgeous.

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