Colours of a Fading Season

Høsten har slått inn med fulle farger i Stordalen


Pat på tur i Discovery Park

Pat på tur i Discovery Park

Høsten har kommet til Discovery Park

This is just a little tribute to a season that is quickly coming to a closing. In the northern hemisphere autumn has once again produces its spectacular rainbow palette. Many places the colours are at their most intense right now, but where I am right now the season is already fading. Soon we move on to the next season, a season of white and blue. But before that, let’s linger a little more with the saturated palette of autumn, of the green, yellow and red spectrum of the colour wheel.


107 thoughts on “Colours of a Fading Season

  1. Oh, you make me miss norway! 🙂 But in a good way 🙂 I love your photos so very much! 🙂 I am in singapore, and here there are no seasons, but there are lots of beautiful colors and trees! 🙂

  2. Hello ! Thank you for these splendid colours, shared with us. By here, il is always mostly green, but howewer, signs of autumn appear, some flashes of yellow, golden leaves. In a town, not so far, lights for Christmas are put in urban ( evidenty ! ) trees, at the end of september !!

  3. So beautiful! Our colors here in Texas haven’t changed much yet, but it’s definitely a step up from Dubai. I will admire your photos until I can see my own changing leaves in Houston. 🙂

  4. Splendid images Otto – beautifully crisp and vibrant. I particularly like the contrasts of colours, shapes and textures in the second one.

  5. Gorgeous tribute to the change in seasons–the cycle of life represented with such attention to the details. It must have been an inspirational meandering. Your autumn has been spectacular with color. Ours has limped along, waiting for the hard frost that makes the colors spike. Thanks for your interpretation of such beauty.

  6. Beautiful images. The last one is my favorite. There is something about the grayness of the branches that really mike the colors of the leaves standout.

  7. While the photo of the woman walking in the woods is lovely, , I love the rythym in the branches above her.Great coour, it may be fading but going out with a burst of colour.

  8. You’ve captured the variety of autumn, beautifully. Red, yellow and orange trees against a blue sky are lovely, but how much better to include the magenta, chartreuse, violet, and so on. I must have been powerfully impressed by the trees in Disney’s “Fantasia” as a child. The trees the woman is walking between seem quite alive, and a little ambiguous. Protectors? or threat? Perhaps only the woman knows the truth.

  9. So many songs have been written that parallel the glories of autumn and our lives just before our own winter years. It is so true, and I revel in both.

  10. Glorious! I was just in the US Midwest last week and the leaves had barely begun changing, very disappointing. Your photos are what I wanted to see.

  11. So sweet. Not much sign of Autumn around north Texas—just hints, but the temperatures keep going back up to 88/90F (31/32C) even this late, so there’s not much color! So I’m glad to see pretty reminders that it does exist!!

      1. No, TX can occasionally get some color, even to the south border. We’ll have a small amount on our flowering pear trees and our red oak. But our forecast this year remains at those high temps into November! So I don’t expect we’ll see much…. 😉

  12. Here in England we are having a beautiful autumn. Without the hurricanes that others have experienced, and before the first frosts of winter, the trees are still dressed in their very best autumn gowns. I couldn’t live anywhere without changing seasons.

  13. Lovely colors. For some reason, this year the colors of Autumn is quite vivid. The season has officially started while but it is just now the real signs are just beginning.

  14. Couldn’t agree more… It seems as if the beautiful fall colors were just beginning to flow, and now as temperatures cool and days grow even shorter, we enter the grey/blue/white of winter. Enjoy it now ~ and your beautiful photos are a reminder to live it up. Cheers!

      1. I’m ready for the change of season, even though it seems autumn is moving by a bit too fast. Something about the starkness of winter I find soothing (yet very challenging as well). Cheers!

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