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Last Week’s Instagram

Since my last post where I talked about the problems I—and the whole media business as such—is facing, I have received so much encouraging and positive feedback, I want to thank you all for such a wonderful response. I have … Continue reading

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An Era is Over

This weekend the long time head of state of Cuba, Fidel Castro, passed away. With his passing, an extraordinary era has come to an end. Not that Cuba will change much because of Fidel Castro’s demise, as he hasn’t been … Continue reading

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Where Do We Draw the Line?

Nobody likes to be manipulated. Not by a car salesman, not by politicians nor by a photograph. Of course when it comes to the latter, it depends both on individual preferences as well as the context the photograph is presented … Continue reading

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The Curse of Perfectionism

I used to believe in perfectionism. Nothing could ever be good enough. And, yes, whatever I did was pretty good. But what I didn’t realize back then is how limiting the need for everything to be perfect was for my … Continue reading

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Ethiopians Hate to Lose!

Ethiopian Haile Gebresalassie is one of the all time greatest long distance runners. The prize-money Haile won as a runner has been invested wisely in Africa’s fastest growing economy. But not only does he invest with profit in mind, but … Continue reading

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Time to Move On

Our job is done in the camps for South Sudanese refugees. It’s for us – my colleague Øystein Mikalsen and me – to move on. On the blog Untold Stories you may read our last thoughts and see our last … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life

Nyaboth (16) is working hard every day in Tierkidi refugee-camp near the border of South Sudan. We followed her a day and you can read and see how it unfolds on the latest post on Untold Stories.

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