A Self-made Man


Abdullah Muhamed lost the ability to walk when he was seven. But he didn’t give in. Instead he pursued his own business career and today he is a self-made man on his way up. Abdullah represents a shining story in all its sadness, particularly since so many people like Abdullah is struggling to survive in Nigeria.

For the whole story about Abdullah Muhamed, please look up the blog I run together with my friend and colleague Øystein Mikalsen: Untold Stories.


24 thoughts on “A Self-made Man

  1. I feel very lucky .. when I see the desperate struggle for survival.There are people who can teach us a lot … they have a great dignity..
    I think it’s a great honor to have you read about this great platform.
    Are you a person of great intellectual and human.
    You could not write like this if you did not have such sensitivity.

    un caro saluto

    1. Thank for the touching words, Ivana. And, yes, you are right, a lot of us are very lucky, not having to fight for survival. At the same time I also often notice that the dignity you talk about often disappear when people have more wealth.

  2. Seems like a nice guy, smiling among all the sadness of the situation around him. But he has made it.

    This lends itself to some self-searching thought here among the Christmas rush for mostly unneeded gifts.

  3. Great story and so inspiring to see someone make a successful business (even if it is a small one).
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Outstanding! Here’s why . . .

    I am a British born immigrant who has lived in Canada my entire life. I have a good education, a good mind and very good health. Despite being an active, logical and productive go getter, I’ve experienced considerable challenges in my life but NOTHING like what many other’s in thrid world countries have had to endure?

    Do you remember the fields of starving Ethiopians back in the 80’s? The death toll was staggering. Do you know that some of those victims managed to survive and make it to western countries like America, and are now millionaires? You’ll also find such stories from people in the slums of Thailand and more.

    Coming from the trials and tribulations that people like these have endured, I cannot complain endlessly about any hardships that I face. By comparison, I haven’t got a problem.

    1. I am one hundred percent with you in what you write. A lot of us really have nothing to complain about compared to many people around in the world. Their hardship only seems to make them tougher, at least if they survive.

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