shell for Shell


Two women try to make a livelihood by catching oil polluted shells in the Niger delta. That is all they can offer their starving children. The two women and all the rest of the people living in this area has lost basically all their natural environment they used to harvest and make a living of due to oil spill caused by Shell – the Dutch oil giant.

For the complete story and more pictures, please look up Untold Stories.


About Otto von Münchow

Photographer based in Norway
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58 Responses to shell for Shell

  1. Han says:

    I don’t buy their fuel. For years now.

  2. A beautiful photograph, Otto. An awful story.

  3. An interesting story. Unfortunately a dramatic story. It is worth to remember it, to think about.
    Thanks Otto for posting.

  4. suej says:

    A tragic story…

  5. I am so intrigued by the power of the camera to reveal issues of human injustice. Thank you for so powerfully telling this story.

  6. Gertie says:

    Ja du Otto, vad kan jag säga och vad kan jag göra…jag känner mig maktlös och samtidigt känner jag stor respekt inför din och din kollegas engagemang. Jag hoppas att ni har fått era reportage insålda till många tidningar världen över, då många, för att inte säga alla borde få ta del av verkligheten. En verklighet som vi ser varje dag som stora skrämselrubriker i tabloidtidningar…och vi orkar inte se, vi orkar inte ta del.
    Men, här ser vi något annat…vi ser verkligheten i Nigeria och lite i Sydafrika och när man får se det vackra, det naturliga och vardagliga livet bakom allt elände…ja, då tar man det till hjärtat och ser återigen att livet inte bara är svart eller vitt…det består av tusen och åter tusen nyanser av regnbågen:)
    Alltid lika intressant att besöka dig och få ta del av dina/era upplevelser…tack!

    • Det er alltid en fare når en presenterer denne type saker – at vi ender opp med å bli maktesløse. Men om noen, så har vel nettopp Mandela vist at det finnes måter å bli hørt på og å arbeide for forandringer i verden. Som du sier, er livet ikke svart eller hvitt.

  7. rangewriter says:

    How ironic that they are collecting shells polluted by Shell. Great shot. Glad you are highlighting this blight.

  8. What an awful reality for these women, their families and friends. Once again, a beautifully inspiring photograph!

  9. Don says:

    Wonderful image Otto. Shocking attitude, not just the Oil company but the Nigerian government who are in their pockets.

  10. Another sad reality of the effect of our methods of oil production and transportation. Great picture though, as always.

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  12. Phillip says:

    Amazing picture Otto. Such a sad story.

  13. YellowCable says:

    Picture that tells life story. Very nice!

  14. Another heartbreaking story combined with your still of life on the delta.

  15. Sun says:

    if only there was a quick solution to help and shame on those companies and their own government to allow this to continue.

  16. She has such grim determination in her posture. And strength.

  17. likeitiz says:

    Powerful photo, Otto. Did not know Shell is a Dutch company. Could they be any worse than Chevron?

  18. So sickening…
    A great post Otto.

  19. themofman says:

    It really sickens me how so many of us priviledged westerners have criticized U2’s Bono for earnestly reaching out to our politicians and dignitaries in a bold effort to generate humanitarian support for impoverished people throughout Africa.

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  21. Dalo 2013 says:

    Beautiful photo, ugly story…and it sad that it is a story that can be told a thousand times over. Big business and politics are simply a bad mix.

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  23. The composition, the colours, the lighting and the intense expressions. This one has all the ingredients of a powerful image. A strong expression of the everyday struggle of the working class.

  24. A beautifully captured image, Otto. What a pity that there’s that reality behind it.

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  26. Martina Egli says:

    That is a very powerful and dynamic image, many compliments!

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