A Fisherman without Fish

Bestman Nakura does what fishermen do. He goes fishing every day. Except; in the river and the waters where he used to catch massive amounts of fish, nowadays he hardly gets anything. He still keeps trying because he needs to feed his family. Bestman has a wife and two kids. The whole family along with all other families in the Niger delta in Nigeria are victims of a thriving oil industry. Thriving that is for the big money and the corporate world, as well as corrupt authorities. Over the last decades the oil industry has destroyed and polluted the Niger delta with unfathomable amounts of oil spill. The result: Dead waters – and no fish left for fishermen like Bestman. In the video Bestman Nakura tells his own story.

14 thoughts on “A Fisherman without Fish

  1. E poi lo chiamano progresso. Io lo chiamo “distruzione” della natura e di ciò che ne fa parte, con il conseguente aumentare delle difficoltà di vita per molte popolazioni!!!

  2. Stunning at what big business can sweep under the carpet, and unfortunately it is nothing new…although with blogs and the ability to bring such practices to light offers some hope.

  3. Powerful and heart wrenching–you continue to bring these stories of the human condition, and the results of big business and their relentless ability to effect everyday life around the world.

  4. Otto, this story is so tragic and there doesn’t seem to be a happy ending in sight…or possible for that matter. The damage can’t be undone. These people have lost their livelihood, their health and their homes. Why is Shell not being held accountable?

  5. i must say he has an interesting name, Bestman. i wish to see the video but lately the internet connection…terrible, however, you always put together powerful and interesting information, i know this one is great. thanks, Otto. 🙂

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