A Low Hanging Sun

Learning to understand and use light is one of the key elements to make your photographs stand out. But it’s also a challenging skill to master. Light can come in so many forms and have so many qualities. If you want to handle light, the best way is to practice one kind at a time.

On my workshop blog, I have written about one that almost never fails to produce captivating photos. If you are an experience photographer you probably already know all I am writing in the post, but otherwise, check it out on Blue Hour Photo Workshops.


34 thoughts on “A Low Hanging Sun

  1. Truer words were never spoken. I have two photos of Michigan farm fields bordered by trees that would have been nothing if I hadn’t chanced to drive by them about a half hour before sunset–and have my “good” camera with me. It was late winter, but the sun raking across the fields lit them up in a bright autumn orange color, intensifying everything that could possibly cast a shadow. Unbelievable!

  2. yes, side light is gorgeous! my fave side light is in the late afternoon, but when there is DARK CLOUDS in the sky about the subject matter!

  3. Wow, helt underbart, vilket ljus. Om det inte var för att man behöver öva att fota så skulle man ju aldrig ens ta fram kameran annat än vid tillfällen som detta.

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