Merry Christmas

I would like to wish everybody – in particular all my blogger friends and followers – a Merry Christmas. I hope you will all enjoy the love of family, friends and love ones. May peace be with you.


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Photographer based in Norway
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64 Responses to Merry Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas from Northern Michigan, USA!

  2. fgassette says:

    MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank you for all your wonderful and helpful post this pass year.


  3. comasrg says:

    Merry Christmas from El Prat de LL (Barcelona) Cataluña Spain

  4. Merry Christmas, Otto!!!!
    All the best!

  5. Zephyr says:

    Wish you and your family a merry Christmas and a very happy New Year, Otto!

  6. Buon Natale , Otto!!! And Merry Christmas to all your readers !

  7. Chillbrook says:

    And a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you too Otto! 🙂

  8. rrosen1 says:

    A very Merry Christmas to you Otto.

  9. 1cruzdelsur says:

    Los mejores deseos y mucha felicidad para esta Noche Buena…
    Feliz Navidad – Merry Christmas – Feliz Natal – Joyeux Noël
    Cruz del Sur

  10. Thank you Otto. Merry Christmas to you!

  11. Angeline M says:

    Merry Christmas Otto. Hope you are having a wonderful holiday. Peace to you and your family.

  12. seabluelee says:

    Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year to you, Otto.

  13. Helen Cherry says:

    Love and Peace to you Otto…

  14. drawandshoot says:

    Happy Christmas, Otto!

  15. aFrankAngle says:

    Merry Christmas Otto – to you and your loved ones … and peace to all.

  16. Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy new year to you and your family Otto.

  17. CherryPie says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours 🙂

  18. Robin says:

    Merry Christmas, Otto. 🙂

  19. annhaycox says:

    Dear Otto,
    Thank you so much for your insights and vision, and your generous encouragement.
    Have a wonderful holiday.
    Peace on earth, goodwill toward all.

    “Nonviolent response to conflict”is, simply put,the foundation of civilization, is it not?” – Bob Koehler

  20. MERRY CHRISTMAS from OHIO, Otto. May you have a happy, prosperous, and healthy 2013!

  21. Tod says:

    Merry Christmas to you and yours, Otto! 🙂

  22. restlessjo says:

    Thank you, sir. I’m spending a precious few minutes reading all the Christmas messages on the blogs (or as many as I can before I have to go and peel veg) Merry Christmas to you too. Here’s to a peaceful 2013 for us all.

  23. mcolmo says:

    Merry Christmas Otto, have a great one!

  24. magsx2 says:

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and all the Very Best for the New Year.

  25. Sunshine says:

    HapPy, haPpY Christmas to yOu too!! 🙂

  26. chapamy says:

    Peace to you. From Louisville, KY. USA. Amy

  27. kuldeep71 says:


  28. umashankar says:

    Merry Christmas to you!

  29. Yvonne says:

    Merry Christmas to you too!

  30. fotonita says:

    Ønsker deg ei riktig GOD JUL og et GODT NYTTÅR!
    Takk for alle konstruktive kommentarer du har gitt mine bilder! Jeg setter pris på at en profesjonell fotograf som du tar deg tid til å kommentere mine bilder!

    Med vennlig hilsen Anita

  31. artblablablablog says:

    Thank you Otto, and to you and yours! May 2013 bring you continued inspiration, health and peace.

  32. Merry Christmas to you Otto from San Francisco

  33. jesusjoglar says:

    Feliz Navidad (from Barcelona)

  34. sonali says:

    Wishing you & your family Merry Christmas. Also wishing you a wonderful New Year, May you be blessed 🙂

  35. RuneE says:

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to yo and your dear ones!

  36. Merry Christmas from Cajamarca, Peru

  37. Thank you Otto and I hope that you and yours have a Merry Christmas too!

  38. victoriaaphotography says:

    Merry Christmas from ‘Down Under’ here in Melbourne, Otto.
    Looking forward to many more of your great articles and photos in 2013 – hope it’s a good one for not only you, but the rest of the world.

  39. likeitiz says:

    Happy Holidays, Otto.

  40. cocomino says:

    Happy holidays and Merry Christmas. 🙂

  41. seekraz says:

    Happy Christmas, Otto….

  42. Patti Kuche says:

    Merry Christmas to you Otto!

  43. 1cruzdelsur says:

    Happy New Year 2013 😉

  44. Truels says:

    I send you and your family all my best thoughts and wishes for a peaceful Christmas and for the New Year, 2013.

  45. Wishing you the health, happiness, and more photography for the New Year! It’s been wonderful reading our blog, and getting to know you this year. Thank you for all your advice!

  46. eof737 says:

    ¸.•*¨*•.♪♫♫♪ 😆 Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays to You & Yours! 😆 .♪♫•*¨*•.¸¸ ♥
    ˜”*°•.˜”*°•.˜”*°•.★★.•°*”˜.•°*”˜.•°*”˜” ♥ ˜”*°•.˜”*°•.˜”*°•.★★.•°*”˜.•°*”˜.•°*”˜”

  47. fabrizio says:

    have a great 2013!!!!! my friend all the best for you and yours

  48. magiceye says:

    Wish you and yours a Joyous season too!!

  49. Carrie says:

    Hope you had a merry Christmas and have a very blessed New Year.

  50. Merry Christmas from Texas! Wishing you tons of blessings (and good photo opportunities!) in 2013!

  51. Mariann says:

    “Happy New Year”
    “See you in 2013”
    Hugs ♥♥♥
    ”Camera Eye”&”Photo Haiku”

  52. starlight says:

    merry christmas and a happy new year otto!
    here’s another “beautiful blogger award”
    thank you very much for giving me inspiring words on your comments.. i appreciate them very much 😉

  53. Bindu says:

    It’s too late to wish a merry Christmas.
    But I must wish you a

  54. aFrankAngle says:

    Happy New Year Otto!!!

  55. sherri says:

    happy new year

  56. ¡Feliz 2013 Otto!, espero que hayas pasado unas felices fiestas, muchos besos

  57. niasunset says:

    Happy New Year dear Otto, love, nia

  58. nomadcitizen says:

    Hi Otto,

    I just wanted to wish you a Happy new Year 2013, wish you all the best for this year !

  59. Happy New Year Otto – no need to respond I know you are there. See you this year on wordpress!

  60. A beautiful image, Otto. I hope your Christmas was a good one. All the best for a creative 2013!

  61. munchow says:

    A belated thank you, to all of you for the best wishes.

  62. And a Merry (belated!!) Christmas to you and yours, Otto! I hope it was wonderful!

  63. joshi daniel says:

    colorful and beautiful 🙂

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