Sprinkled with Awards

Once again a handful of nominations and awards have been sprinkled over me over the last couple of months. I can’t really believe that it just continues. It’s a great honour to have my blog acknowledged this way. It shows that you guys out there do read the posts and do enjoy them, which of course is what we all hope for and which makes the blogging so rewarding – excuse the pun. But even more so, being nominated gives the nominee – in this case me – the chance to bring attention to a whole bunch of other bloggers who make wonderful blogs and deserve the blog sphere’s attention. This is really what blogging is about for me. The interaction between blogger friends all over the world; to have discussions on your own blog, to read interesting post on so many other excellent blogs and to bring awareness to each other’s blogs across the sub-clicks that always emerges around each blogger. This way we can all get out of our own little blogger community and expand into the bigger sphere. So please if you don’t already know the nominees I am about to point to, do look them up, they really deserve your awareness. They are all very inspirational and good reads. As are the blogs that nominated me this round. Please look them, too.

So let me start from the beginning:
First out was bitsnbooks who nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.
The rules for the Beautiful Blogger Award (and for most of the other awards with some variations) are:
First, acknowledge and thank the giver, link it back, and put the award on your page.
Next, list 7 things about yourself (see below).
Last, pass the award to 7 bloggers who inspire you

I nominate the following blogs for the Beautiful Blogger Award:
Happy Jax
Starla’s Chat
M.C. Olmo’s Blog
Cornwall – A Photographic Journey
Allen Capoferri
Postcards from Colorado

Then Lens and Pens by Sally nominated me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. In addition Recovery Through My Lens nominated med for the same award (she was actually the last one to nominate me for anything, doing so just today). The rules for this award are the same as for the previous one. Since I already have been nominated for this award in the past, I will just put it up here as a thank you to the ones who nominated me. The fact that I don’t nominate new blogs according to the rules doesn’t mean I appreciate the nomination any less. It’s just a way for me to get through all the requirements of all the awards in this round.

I Think So has nominated me for the Inspiring Blog Award. Again the rules are the same as above.

I nominate the following blogs for the Inspiring Blog:
Marina Kanavaki
Tracie Louise Photography
Lens and Pens by Sally
Truel’s Blog

Strassenfotojournal has nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. Lens and Pens by Sally also nominated me for this one (so two by her – amazing! In addition I have had her blog on my list for awards, so as you may have noticed I gave one back to her…). In addition Cruise Stories nominated me for the One Lovely Blog. The rules fall largely with the ones above, except the nominee is supposed to nominate 15 other bloggers – or 8. The numbers varied from one blog to another and to make it possible for me to get through the whole list, I will limit myself to 8.

Here are my nominated blogs for the One Lovely Blog Award:
M. Sargent Photography
Pictures with Words
A Photographer’s Blog ~ Darren Stone
Alicia Scott Photographer
Six Glasses of Water

Ingset’s Blog nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award. The rules are the same as for the One Lovely Blog Award. Again since this is a award I have been nominated for in the past, I will only say thank you so much Ingset.

Finally travelingenglishteacher nominated me for the Sunshine Award. The rules for this award is a little different that the previous ones. The nominee is supposed to answer 10 questions about his- or herself and then nominate 10 other blogs. Again, thank you very much travelingenglishteacher, but as with some other awards I will not pass it on to new blogs for the same reasons as before.

Let me fulfil the other requirement and list 7 things about myself:
• I have attended an open brain surgery. Great fun!
• Besides being a photojournalist and having a degree in biology I have also taken a course in craniosacral therapy.
• I like rotten fish – what we in Norwegian call rakørret (and forgive me if I have told this one before. I can’t remember)
• I like detective novels
• I like carrying heavy backpacks – according to my love one
• I like to play with silly cats
• I like ice-cream, and my favourite brand has always been Häagen-Dasz. Except I recently found out that the company has been cheating me for three years now. In 2009 they decreased their pint of ice-cream from regular 16 ounces to 14. So I have stopped buying Häagen-Dasz.

A final few words: I would sincerely thank all the bloggers who have nominated me for various awards. I feel honoured and it is indeed a great inspiration to keep going. Thank you bitsnbooks, Lens and Pens by Sally, Recovery Through My Lens, I Think So, Strassenfotojournal, Cruise Stories, Ingset’s Blog and travelingenglishteacher.


About Otto von Münchow

Photographer based in Norway
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57 Responses to Sprinkled with Awards

  1. fgassette says:

    CONGRATULATIONS! on receiving all your awards. Your blog is wonderful and you deserve them all.


  2. Michelle Gillies says:

    Congratulations, Otto. Everyone of those is well deserved. I think you might be the Michael Phelps of blogging!

  3. Mondrak says:

    Wahey! Well done!!!!

  4. Congratulations 6x!

  5. Ali says:

    Congratulations on your awards! You have a great blog and all are well deserved! Thank you for linking to your favourite blogs…am off to go and check them out now 🙂

  6. dearrosie says:

    I enjoyed your list of things. Rotten fish? Really? don’t you get very sick?
    In one of my favorite movies “Babette’s Feast” the story revolves around the dried salted fish eaten by the Danish women in the little fishing village.

    I didn’t know the ice cream containers were 2 oz smaller. Thanks for telling us. Now I don’t feel so bad that I ate almost a whole container last week.

    • munchow says:

      It’s an old and traditional Norwegian way of conserving fish. Originally the fish was place in brine and buried in the ground for a couple of months. Nowadays the fish is kept in a cool storage.

  7. dinadkosasih says:

    Congratulations for the awards! Your blog trully is inspiring.

  8. Sunshine says:

    All well deserved awards to you Otto and thank you for your work here–it is fantabulust! hehe…made up word for today…congratulations!! 🙂

  9. seekraz says:

    Congrats, Otto…very well deserved….

  10. mcolmo says:

    So many awards! Congratulations!

  11. Bindu says:

    Wow! You have a great collection of awards here. Congratulations! Best wishes!

  12. Congrats on all those well deserved awards and thank you very much for nominating me too!!!

  13. Congratulations! I am not surprised that your site is enjoyed and visited by many. Well-deserved!

  14. mennoG says:

    Congratulations 🙂 Well done!!

  15. sonali says:

    That’s Amazing! 🙂 I quite believe you deserve them all. A lot of effort is involved. 🙂 Keep going!

  16. Congrats with the nominations. I put all mine on my digital fire place (min ikke-eksisterende digitale peishylle).

  17. Wow! That’s quite a “sprinkling!” Congratulations…they are well deserved. I’m happy to know a little more about you, too 🙂

  18. Congratulations, gratulerer, Otto! 🙂

  19. LensScaper says:

    Well done Otto. Well deserved. Your posts are always inspiring and challenging.

  20. These are all very much deserved you provide informative , enjoyable and thought provoking blogs and images. Great job!

  21. Congratulations! Could blogs run out of room on the sidebar?

  22. congratulations on your awards! well deserved!

  23. starlaschat says:

    First Congratulations on your Awards! Thank You SO much for nominating me for The Beautiful Blogger Award. I’m still smiling that was such a nice surprise today. I also enjoyed reading your list of seven. I’m not sure if I could watch open brain surgery or not. Thanks again Otto.

  24. Melanie says:

    First of all, a big congrats to you on your award! You are super inspiring & you definitely deserve it. Can I tell you that you SO made this girls day, truly you did! I am honored to be awarded, especially by you! Congrats to all! Excited to go check out the awesome blogs. Goodness, I love Blogland!!

  25. You are most deserving, and I will enjoy visiting the ones you’ve highlighted! I sometimes think I couldn’t read one more word…but somehow I do! Cranio-sacral therapy…that is a surprise! 🙂 Have a great week, Otto! Debra

  26. likeitiz says:

    So cool! Well deserved! Bravo!

  27. Angeline M says:

    Congratulations. You are an inspiration and a role model for those of us coming up into the photography world.

  28. Chillbrook says:

    Congratulations Otto. So well deserved and to have received a mention here among such amazing blogs is very humbling. Thank you so much.

  29. I am there! I hadn’t noticed.Thank you for coming over to let me know and of course for the nomination.

  30. David Hall says:

    Congratulations Otto. Always look forward to your posts.

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  32. niasunset says:

    Congratulations dear Otto, this is wonderful post and all well deserved. Thank you, love, nia

  33. emilyjsantos says:

    Good for you!! What a great list too, I will check it out.

    Oh and Häagen-Dasz … who could resist that ice cream? 🙂

  34. granny1947 says:

    Wow I am impressed…not only at so many awards…but that you did all those links!

  35. artblablablablog says:

    wow!!!! thank you so much Otto from the bottom of my heart, I truly appreciate you thinking of me for the One Lovely Blog Award! My humble, somewhat recently dormant blog thanks you as well and will try to make you proud you nominated me sometime in the not too distant future, you are so awesome!

  36. artblablablablog says:

    And, WOWEEEE! You have garnered a lot of well deserved awards, congratulations!!!! Quite a feat to acknowledge them all with such grace and gratitude, well done! I will have to check out the list!

  37. Inga says:

    Congratulations on all those awards! And thanks for passing it on 🙂

  38. Arindam says:

    You deserve all these awards. Congrats. 🙂

  39. munchow says:

    Thank you everybody for much encouragement and inspiring attention.

  40. Geoff says:

    Congratulations and thank you Otto 🙂

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  42. Congratulation Mr. Munchow..and thank you..big thanks..for nominating my blog as One Lovely Blog Award..It’s a great compliment to me..really make my day..:D

  43. Congratulations. Your work has spoken to many! – Best, Renee

  44. Truels says:

    And: Thank you very much!
    Here is my reply to your comment on my blog some days ago:
    Hello Otto! I have still a very busy time – so sorry I haven’t given you a reply before now 🙂
    I admire you and your photography – and am inspired by following your work!
    So therefore I am honored by your nomination of me with this “Inspiring Blog Award”.
    I think you fully deserve to be sprinkled with a lot of awards!
    I must admit that other bloggers have previously nominated me with an award, that I did not get followed up on ….. But in this case, I hope later in August to follow up on your nomination of me. Thank you for your thoughts on my blog!
    (your comment and my reply is written here: http://truels.wordpress.com/2012/07/31/magic-in-the-night/#comments )

  45. aFrankAngle says:

    Yippee … I love posts like this as I get to find new places to visit. Otto, thanks for sharing!

  46. eof737 says:

    Congratulations! 🙂

  47. Congratulations and thank you so much for the nomination, much appreciated — and also for a great post featuring lots of interesting blogs to check! Andy

  48. Yeah! Yahoo! Yippee! & Congratulations! Now I’m off to click on your nominee links.

  49. Congratulations, Otto! So very well deserved 🙂

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  51. Reggie says:

    Otto, you definitely deserve each of those awards! Congratulations on an inspirational blog.

  52. Pingback: Excuse me, I think you nominated the wrong person for the Beautiful Blogger Award « Dancing with Fireflies

  53. Well, Otto I thought you probably had a lot of awards. Here goes again I see you already were nominated for One Lovely Blog. I’m nominating you again (if that is possible) . Please don’t feel obligated to do anything. I think your blog is the best and I want others to see it also. Congratulations on your awards. Yes you will get some fine pictures at Burning man!

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