When the Livin’ Is Easy

Pat og Jenny på toppen av Mount Dickerman

Utsikten over dalen på vei opp mot Mount Dickerman

Summertime. Life does indeed feel very easy. I am a guy who undoubtedly are very fond of all different seasons and the changing between the seasons. I enjoy autumn, winter, spring and summer equally much. Still, there is something special about summertime. Not so much because of the season itself, but rather what it entails—at least for me.

It comes down to the kind of occupation I have. I work in the media business, and summer is generally a slow period. Papers and magazine run on slow burners. Nothing much of importance happens in the news. Stories are simply less interesting. In Norway (where I am from) we call it cucumber time, since summer is the time when all the stories about cucumbers have a chance to be published. For me it means less work and fewer assignments. Moreover, I have been so lucky to be able to shift my schedules around so I don’t need to make much money during the summer—out of necessity and just as much out of pure delight.

Summertime is the time when I can do all the things I otherwise never get a chance to do. Tasks that don’t bring bread on the table—at least not within a foreseeable future. Of course, I get to relax more, too, but I am really not the kind of guy to sit still for very long. Rather I have too many balls in the air—and I enjoy it, the more the better.

This summer I am finally finishing a novel I have been working on for quite a few years. I am developing a new online photo workshop and I am also putting together a new eBook about photography. All very exciting and fun to do. There is nothing like sitting outside on a warm summer evening and be working on your computer without any demands or stress. Only my own things.

In addition, summertime is the period when I have time to enjoy much more outdoor life, for the same reasons as already mentioned. I spend as much time as possible, either hiking, biking, kayaking, running, rollerblading or whatever it is I feel like doing. In fact, by the time this post is out, I will be backpacking a week along the Pacific Crest Trail in the state of Washington, USA. Furthermore, the photos posted here were taken last week when I hiked to the top of Mount Dickerman in the North Cascades.

Summertime is indeed when the livin’ is easy. When; one of these mornings you’re gonna rise up singing. And you’ll spread your wings and you’ll take to the sky.

How is summertime for you? Do you get a chance to spread your wings?

Pat og Jenny på toppen av Mount Dickerman

Jenny på toppen av Mount Dickerman

På vei gjennom den høyreiste skogen i lavere deler av Mount Dickerman



This post is only to notify that I will take a couple of weeks of summer break. Which means no new posting over the next few weeks. I have decided it’s time to recharge the batteries and let go of all duties. I will try to keep up with the Picture Critique, though, so if any of you still want some feedback on your photos, just post it on the page, and I will get back with comments and critique as soon as possible. I thank all you who have followed me up until now; it’s been a great ride, lots of good discussions and much encouragement and lovely comments. I wish you all a very nice summer. See you back in August with new energy, new ideas and hopefully new and wonderful pictures.