Going to Cuba

Do you want to experience the warmth of Cuba, the Caribbean easy life, salsa and rum, and a society full of contradictions? Come with me and my colleague Tod O’Driscoll on a photo tour to Cuba April 16-23, 2012. We will spend eight days discovering the beautiful people and culture on this very special Caribbean island as seen through the lives and stories of the residents in various place. We will spend time in the bustling capital, Havana – or Habana as it is in Spanish – and in the colonial towns of Cienfuegos and Trinida.

I have been travelling to Cuba pretty much every year since 1991, and I can testify that it’s an amazing place not the least for photographers or anyone interested in photography at any level. I simple love the country and its people. It’s a country full of colours, passion, contradictions, charm and problems – to be a little bit fair.

The travel is provided by Insight Cuba, a specialized travel agent with Cuba as a destination. I want to point out that this is not a traditional photo workshop, but we will meet with Cubans, take photos and discuss pictures in the evenings. The special thing about Insight Cuba is that it has a so-called People-to-People license from the U.S. Treasury Dept. which means that their tours are legal for U.S. Citizens to join. So this is a special opportunity for U.S. Americans to visit Cuba, but of course the tour is open for anyone who would like to go.

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