A Day of Mourning

This is a special post on my blog, quite different than I thought it would ever be. But then yesterday was quite a special and tragic day here in Norway. Oslo was hit by a bomb attack as well as a shooting tragedy just outside of the capital. The two tragic attacks are most likely connected, and it seems almost surreal that peaceful little Norway has been hit this way. I had just arrived back from a trip to Seattle when I learned about the tragedy, and I am still a little in shock. It’s hard to grasp what has happened. I can only imagine the immense sorrow and grief for those left behind and who lost a dear one in the attacks. This composite picture is my way of saying that I feel with you. I mourn your loss.

At the same time I think we Norwegians more than ever need to stand together, defend our democracy and freedom, by staying calm and not let these murderous attacks let fear, hate and revenge take over our minds. Unfortunately the accusations have already started as well as the politic agitation. It’s very understandable, but we should rather pay respect for those who died and those who got injured by acting with respect and decency. Now is the time to stay calm and mourn the innocent victims. And then the best we can do is continuing our normal life and go about it without letting anxiety and anger take over. Otherwise we have let the murders win their game.

May peace be with those who were victims of the two tragic incidents.