A break is every so often called for in order to regenerate the creative well. It is something we all need from time to time. Getting away from daily routines. Leaving worried thoughts behind. Letting go of demands. Taking a break from creating. Just a change of scenery can make a big difference, can invigorate us.

Our creative ability and mindset is like a well. Sometimes we drink of it, feel inspire and can just keep pouring out new ideas as if the well would never go empty. But of course, no well is ever bottomless. At some point, it can run dry. From time to time it needs to be filled up again or it just needs time to let the natural flow of water—or inspiration, if we talk about creativity, which of course I am—pour back into it. Time away can be what is needed, again talking creatively. Or doing something different that acts like a regenerator where you fill up yourself with renewed energy instead of defecating on what isn’t there anyway.

I have had such a break. Needed, not because the well was completely dry, more because I wanted to refresh the water that was still there. Those of you who follow me regularly have probably noticed that is been quite a few weeks since my last blog post. In that post I wrote about my desire to renew my approach to blogging, a search for a change of direction. The feedback from all of you has been immensely encouraging. Just so you know, it was never in my mind to quit, and it certainly isn’t now. I wish to thank each of you for the many heartening comments. I have taken them all to heart. They have helped invigorate me and fill up my creative well. I feel ready to dive into an explosion of creativity.

My search for a change of direction is not over. But I have ideas. Some I mentioned already in the previous post, some ideas have come out of comments you wrote and some have popped up as a result of renewed inspiration. Particularly one idea am I very excited to launch at some point. I think it’s going to be a lot of fun. I just need to find a practical way to handle it as it’s going to be an interactive endeavour in which I hope to involve many of you. For now, that’s all I am going to say, but I will soon get back to it.

There is not going to be a revolution on my blog. The changes will come dynamically over time. One thing I learned from all your comments is that many of you find inspiration in what I write and that for me is the biggest reward I can get. You know what they say about changing a winning game. So it’s more going to be add-ons instead of a make-over. No matter what, though, authenticity is the backbone of all good blogging. I know I have to be honest to myself and give of myself. Be personal. That is what makes blogging such a satisfactory undertaking. The exchange between different minds from all over the world. Giving and receiving. Isn’t that why we all blog?

I know it’s late and we are already weeks into the new year. Nevertheless: I wish you all the best in 2019. May it be an inspirational and creative year.