Girls Just Cannot Have Fun!


Life for girls in Fugnido camp on the border of South Sudan isn’t easy. They are cooking, sweeping, fetching firewood, carrying water and looking after their siblings; women’s duties in the traditional Nuer culture. My colleague Øystein and I write and show more photos about girls’ life in the camp in the latest post on the our blog Untold Stories.

A Toy Story


For kids in the developed world having fun means playing with Playstation, computers, cell phones and what not of technological gadgets. Not so in the refugee camps around the world, such as in Funido in South West Ethiopia. All it takes for these kids is a bit of creativity, and creativity definitely is fueled by the lack of toys and other amusements. For the whole story and more photos, please look up the blog post Øystein and I have made.

Yes They Know it’s Christmas Time, for Sure!


My colleague, Øystein, and I arrived in Addis Ababa yesterday without knowing it was on the Ethiopian Christmas eve. Today we have continued on to Gambela close to the border of South Sudan, but not before we were able to spend the morning at a Coptic church in Addis were people gathered to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. For our full report look up our Verdensglimt