Summer holiday is a great time. A time for reloading the batteries, obtaining new inspiration and leave all worries behind for a while. I have just returned from a week in Dubrovnik. Holiday with my two sons. Despite extreme heat and a city overload with tourists—included ourselves of course—we very much enjoyed spending a week in the beautiful Croatian city right on the Adriatic Sea.

Holiday also means putting away all the regular tasks that fill up everyday life. Among other tasks, I left all blogging behind. As some of you, my regular readers, may have discover I have been completely absent from the blog sphere the last week. I do enjoy the contact that the blog provides, but it’s also nice from time to time to not have to think about the next post or how to answer the many comments.

However, I am back. And now I look forward to start a new season of blogging. Here are a few photos from my trip to Dubrovnik before I, as of next week, once again will start writing about the creative process that all of us photographers (and other artists, too) so much thrive on. The week in Dubrovnik was holiday, but of course, I could not let go of capture a photo or two, even if it’s not with the same focus as when the sole purpose with a travel is photography. But photographing is fun and inspiring no matter under what circumstance. No?