Stay Positive

The world is in crisis. The virus spreads from one country to another. The numbers increase, of those who are contagious as well as the death polls. The economy is collapsing. We are all worried and anxious. We don’t know how the future will look like when all this has passed. Most of us feel it already or soon will. I for one have had to cancel this year’s photo workshop in Cuba and might have to cancel workshops further up the line. In addition, my work is quickly slowing done. Suddenly the world has changed upside down.

I hope you are doing fine, that you won’t give up hope and you and yours will stay safe. Personally, I am as good as one can expect, although I am sitting here in a country that pretty much has folded because of the pandemic. Of course, I am unhappy about not being able to go to Cuba and teach my workshop. In the big picture, that is a minor setback, though.

Things are slowing down. Work, activities, social contact, life as it used to be. Nevertheless, I try to stay positive—as I hope you manage to do, too. With all the extra time suddenly to my disposal, I have decided to use it to something other than getting depressed and sadden by the present events. I want to read, learn more, develop myself and my photography, work on all those goals I otherwise never have time to do.

Maybe an idea for you, too? If you are quarantined, if you are limited by restrictions, don’t want to expose yourself too much, need to stay home; why not use the extra time to something positive? Develop your knowledge base and your craft. Learn. Read. Develop your post-processing skills. Play with your camera.

I am sure we will get through this. It’s important so try to stay calm and not despair. It might take some time, but all the more important to try to adapt a positive attitude. Now is the time to show solidarity with those in more need, help and be compassionate with each other. But then, fill the extra time that might have been imposed on you with positive actions. Learn. Read. Expand you horizon.

And stay healthy and safe.