Fantastic Response

The response to my quest for finding the best photo blogs has been no less than fantastic. So far close to 170 suggestions have been posted on the Best Photo Blogs-page – and I hope still more to come. I thank every one of you who have submitted links to your favourite blogs so far. I have checked quite a few of them and find some of them to be really good and interesting. It’s going to be exciting to examine all the suggestions more thoroughly over the next couple of weeks. After deadline by the end of the year I will try to group the blogs according to relevant categories and then announce the next stage – the competition for selecting the best blogs in each category.

There is still time for more suggestions, though. So just go to the page Best Photo Blogs and add more links if your favourite blog or blogs is/are not on it yet. And there is absolutely no reason not to include your own blog if you think it deserves to be in the competition. The site will be open for suggestions up to and including January 31th.

On a different note I will also take this opportunity to thank everybody for the comments and «likes» you have posted under my various posts over the last couple of weeks. Unfortunately I have not been able to respond to everyone yet – it’s just been too busy around here lately so I am behind with paying my duties. But I will slowly by slowly catch up with you all.


As I am writing these words I may celebrate a minor jubilee. This is my 100th post. I know; in the blog sphere it’s not a lot. For instance I have a blogger friend who recently passed his 1000th post. Certainly in that perspective I am just a small fry in the big pond. Nevertheless I feel like it’s justifiable to call for a tiny bit of celebration. But instead of making this post into a celebration about myself, I’d rather honour all those fantastic bloggers out there, who’s been an inspiration for me on the ride so long.

I have a special idea, but I need some help of all of you, my blogger friends. I would like to gather all the great photo blogs that we collectively have come across. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a site with links to the best blogs about photography, a place to find all those blogs alive and kicking out there? So please, help me collect those blogs.

In order to make it work I want to call for a small competition. It will run over two stages. The first stage is collecting as many great photo blogs as you know about (by sending me the links). The second stage will be the actually competition where I will ask all of you to vote for the best blogs. Everyone who submits a link to a blog will receive a screen saver from me as a small token of appreciation, and in addition the ones who has suggested what will end up as being voted as the best blogs will receive a print from me, picked from any of my photographs on this blog or on my web site, signed and numbered.

Have you come across a great blog about photography? Please tell me. There are no limitations as to theme or content as long as it is about photography. It can be a blog with beautiful photographs, it can be about technique, it can be a photographer’s personal journey, it can be about post-processing or a very limited theme, for instance featuring Instagram or Hipstamatic photos.

Will you help me with this? Please go to my page called Best Photo Blogs, which will be accessible as a tab above. Go in there and leave a link or links to photo blog(s) you appreciate. More info how it’s gonna work, is posted there. Thank you for helping me.