Great Photo Blogs

Munchow_1638-041Below is listed a handful of great photo blogs. These are blogs that bloggers and photographers themselves have promoted for their greatness. The point with this page has been to create a place that may serve as a reference and a resource for all bloggers who have an interest in photography. Here you will find blogs with beautiful photographs, they can be about technique, they can be a photographer’s personal journey, they can be about post-processing or a very limited theme, for instance featuring Instagram or Hipstamatic photos. I hope you will enjoy them, and maybe even decide to return to some of these excellent blog again and again. They represent a variety of styles and approaches so even if not all of them are to your likings or feel like they cater to your particular interests, I still hope you will find for you a couple of gems in between.

Adam Robert Young
Alicia Scott Photographer
Andy Beel FRPS
Anne V. – Photoblog
Bente Haarstad Photography
Bird Light Wind
Broken Light: A Photography Collective
China Sojourns Photography
Cornwall Photographic
Dan Jurak’s Lanscape Photo Blog
Draw and Shoot
Etcetera Etcetera Etcetera
Hans H. Bjørstad Fotoblogg
Helen’s Journal
Hiking Photography
Ian Spagnolo Photography
John Todaro Photography
Joshi Daniel Photography
Jörg David Photography
Leanne Cole Photography
Life Just Is
Light Years
Looking at the West
Lost in Translation
Mark Kertesz Photography
Mike’s Look at Life
Movin’ On
Rick Diffley Photography
The Sophomore Slump
Steve McCurry’s Blog
Stories from Home
Timothy Allen
Tracie Louise Photography

As mentioned the list above came about as suggestions from other bloggers. During 14 rounds on my blog the best or finest blogs were elected. The result is this list of great blogs. A few of them have not been updated for a while, but they are still presented here as they were seen by other bloggers to be of great value. If you are interested in seeing the whole lot of suggestions, you will find them in these posts: Round 1, round 2, round 3, round 4, round 5, round 6, round 7, round 8, round 9, round 10, round 11, round 12, round 13 and round 14

In the future I might find it necessary to update the list. As we all now the blogging sphere is ever changing – some blogs disappear while others come to life, and it would only be natural for this to be reflected here. I will announce the next round of suggestions on my blog.