Creativity is one of the main themes I want to explore in this blog – and I hope with the help of you. I believe everybody has creativity within him or her, but most of us lose contact with our creative well as we grow older and out of childhood. My goal is to post at least once a week.

My work is rooted in the documentary and photojournalistic tradition. But I seek to expand my vision, both visually and technically. For me it’s important to put my personal mark on the photographs I make, whether it’s documentary work or more personal projects.

I work out of my base in Bergen, Norway as well as Seattle, USA. But in reality the whole world is my playing ground. In particular I find myself travelling to Cuba, again and again since 1991. It’s a lovely and very special country to visit and photograph.

My photos have been published in all major Norwegian papers and magazines, as well as internationally in magazines like Stern, Spiegel, Air France Inflight Magazine and Facts. I attended the documentary and photojournalistic program at the International Center of Photography in New York in 1989. During the program I was an intern for Mary Ellen Mark.

I love to teach photography and particularly workshops dealing with creativity and expansion of one’s creative approach. I have taught workshops in Cuba, Malawi, Bolivia, Spain as well as many in Norway. For upcoming workshops please have a look at my web site Otto von Münchow or Blue Hour Photo Workshops.

May the flow be with you. Otto

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  1. With an excellent German name like yours, I think perhaps you have more than only Norsk roots! My family all came to the US from Norway, all ending up in the Seattle area at some point in the later generations, so I guess we share some geography as well as love of photography. However, I can see from looking here that I will greatly enjoy learning from your outstanding work in the photographic realm. I really appreciate your having stopped by to see my blog and will look forward to looking at a lot more of your work as well. Mange tusen takk!

    1. Of course you are right, there are quite a bit of German blood running around in me – and I was born and raised in Denmark myself. Great to have you look up my blog, and thanks a lot for the nice words. Takk selv.

  2. Hi. Just wanted to say that your blog is so educational. I am not even close to being a professional photographer, but I enjoy taking pictures. Your blog really does encourage me to become more creative, thanks for sharing your experiences.
    PS: I hope to one day be able to take pictures half as good as yours. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the delightful words. Photography isn’t about being professional or not, but about passion. The professional photographer only has to deliver when someone pays him and her. It doesn’t necessarily imply passion, but well crafted and “perfect” imagery for the customer. The lasting images come from within – and come from professionals and non-professionals alike. Just take chances, trust your heart and don’t worry about the end-result. And don’t compare yourself with others. Trust you own way – which I know is easy to say. But judging by your blog, you are doing very fine.

  3. Otto,

    Thanks for visiting my “punny” photoblog and leaving a “Like.” It’s quite an honor coming from a professional of your caliber. ( I was blown away by your slideshow at Munchow.no!) I’ve subscribed to this blog because you are such an inspiring (and helpful) photography/creativity educator.

    John: TheDailyGraff.com

  4. Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I am glad you did because this is a great place to visit and I think I could learn a few hundred thing here about photography. Your photos are stunning. I am going to come back and look around.

  5. Thanks for visiting and “liking” my blog. I’m glad it led me to yours! Portraits are not my strength but yours are wonderful. I like your musings on creativity. I’ll be back.

  6. You have a very interesting blog. I feel photography is like a journey; it is for me. I am developing a style with my writing and now my photography appears to be developing a style. I want to make my photographs distinctive, do something no one else is doing! You mentioned offices being boring locations. I look for locations and shots that are very different. I have a lot of places locally. I have been into the woodland, shot demolition sites, a Victorian work house, a modern hospital and today I intend to do empty boarded up buildings. It’s not just the photograph, it’s the shot and the editing that I am trying to develop into something different to complement my writing.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and clicking ‘like’.

  7. You are so right about people losing their natural creativity as they get older–I think it has something to do with becoming increasingly aware of others’ criticism (which also has to do with eventually realizing that their product isn’t “mature” enough or “professional” enough). The child playing with crayons doesn’t think about anything other than the fun he is having, and then rushes off to show Mom what a great picture he made. An adult is more likely to be constantly looking over his shoulder to make sure nobody is looking at his work and thinking, what the heck is THAT? We would all do so much better if we simply recapture the elementary joy the child experiences when creating something.

    Thanks for visiting my blog–would never have found you if you hadn’t!

    1. You are so right. As adults we are so afraid of not getting approved as if it actually matters in the end. As creative beings we should just creative and have fun with the process. Whatever else is outside of the creative realm.

  8. I am very greatful to receive your support, it means a lot. Being just a novice – who discovered a natural desire to write 27 years ago while in junior high school – I plan to excel. Thank you again for your support.

    Sean Rone

  9. Hello. I just noticed you stopped by to visit my blog. Let me say your pictures are wonderful but I also enjoy the way you explain your passion as well as technical elements. I also agree with you regarding your comment that everyone has creativity within them but we can lose that creativity as we get older. I once overheard a college art professor tell a colleague most of his students had creativity trained out of them by the time they arrived in college. On a side note, my grandfather was from Norway and my grandmother from Sweden. They moved to Minnesota and then to California many years ago. My Uncle and my father were engineers and avid photographers. Perhaps that’s where I got my interest in photography and writing. Thank you for sharing your work. I look forward to visiting again. Best regards.

    1. Takk for fine ord – if I may say a few words of our common background – thank you for the nice words. How interesting that a professor says that students have creativity trained out of them. I think he is right, our educational system is training kids to reproduce already digested knowledge instead of inspiring them to seek out new ways and new insights.

  10. Thank you for dropping by my blog. You have an excellent eye for capturing life in its greatest forms. And you also explain your craft so well. I don’t have a lot of my own photos in my blog. In fact, I must admit, I don’t spend a lot of time with the visual aspects of it. I’m more into content. It’s normally about something I feel strongly about.

    Your photos in your website are so diverse. I love the photos of your children. Do enjoy them, your children I mean. They will not be little for long. My husband and I are empty-nesters now. It’s a very different life.

    I will be following your photographic adventures and conquests. They are so pleasing to the eyes!

    1. I strongly believe photography is about content, too, but maybe in a different way that you think Thanks for the nice words. And yes, I do enjoy my children, but these photos you are referring to, are taken some time ago – and one of my kids has already left the next.

  11. Glad you found me so I could find you! Your photography is amazing. I dabble but nothing like this. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll be back!

  12. Otto,
    If this is not appropriate as a comment here, please delete it after you read it. Regarding losing our creativity as we get older, I buried my creativity for three decades working in a university job I didn’t enjoy. Two weeks before my 60th birthday, I wrote the following:

    (On the Eve of My 60th Birthday)

    I want my life to count. I aspire to reach the highest level of achievement my talents will allow. I seek to know God and, if possible, to know and do His Will, as that must be the highest level of achievement.

    While I seek this knowledge, I will push the limits of my creativity to bring beauty, laughter, and comfort into the world.

    I decide this day to focus on what I can achieve in the days, months, or years I have left. I put myself on notice that time is short and talents fade.

    It is time. It is time. It is time.

    –J. A. Robinson, 08/04/09

    The year after I wrote this I published my first book (http://www.lulu.com/product/paperback/more-later-lyles-letters-from-the-university/17986111) and this week I celebrated the 1st anniversary of my humorous photoblog, TheDailyGraff.com

    1. Thank you for your thoughts. I am glad you posted them, I certainly believe in an open and honest discussion. I think it’s great that you have decided to live you life as if counts. We all have a lot to learn from you attitude. Are you planning on any new books in the future?

      1. My mission this very day is to create a “Free Preview” version of my book (selected sections) to boost sales. The book is already available (in paperback, PDF, and ePub formats) at the iTunes Store, Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and Lulu.com, but after selling about 100 books, I haven’t sold a book in several months.

        Other book ideas are still thrill-riding along my brain’s synapses. –John

  13. Hi Otto – You liked my blog the other day and I wanted to thank you and say I am honored. Your pictures are astounding. Thank you for sharing your amazing work! – Amy

  14. I am so glad you stopped by my blog and I am delighted to find yours! Your phoptography is really wonderful, and I learn so much through reading what others discover in their own creative process. I don’t have the best photographic skills, but I intend to share your site with a few friends who are also passionate about photographing their travels. I will just read with vicarious pleasure. I’m really pleased to have “met” you! Debra

  15. Hello Otto
    I am so pleased you left a ‘like’ on my blog, otherwise I would not have found yours. You take AMAZING photos – I look forward to browsing around some more. Best wishes and thank you for the support,

  16. You have some wonderful pictures( I really like the coal miner one) can you point me to where you have more photos of Malawi? I grew up there and enjoy seeing those. Thanks.
    John Hargreaves
    aka CaptNemo

    1. Thanks for the kinds words. I presume you have check out my web site – as of now that is the only place I have picture from Malawi out on the web. But if you haven’t these are the two stories from Malawi place on my web site: Maula Prison and Child Labour. It must have been great to really get to know Malawi.

  17. Hello. Thank you for looking at my blog. I appreciate that.
    I have been reading a bit in your blog. It´s very nice. I will return here again. Have a great Sunday. PS. Not so used to write in English but do it anyway 🙂 It feels more right in your nice blog.

  18. Thanks for liking my post. I love visiting your blog—seeing your photos and reading your content. You make the readers/viewers feel such a sense of immediacy!

  19. Otto, I love your work. Aside from the absolutely stellar technical quality, it has an emotional quality to it that can’t help but move the viewer. I hope you don’t mind but I have been tweeting, g+ and FB about you for the past couple of days. Your images need to be shared.
    I thank you for the beauty you add with your images…even when the subject may make us uncomfortable.

    1. I am truly honoured by your words. Makes the work I do worth while. And of course I don’t mind that you tweet and post about my blog. On the contrary. Thank you!

  20. Hi Sir, I visited your website and your portfolio and my jaw literally dropped when I saw the social issues embedded in your work. The issue of child labor and abuse is close to my heart and you’ve captured some powerful images portraying these issues. Beautiful photos and good writing in your blog! Glad to have stumbled on your site.

    1. Yes, social issues are important for what I do in my work. It gives both some purpose for myself and some importance to the stories I want to make. Thanks for noticing it. And thank you for the kind words.

  21. Thanks for stopping by my blog and Liking the piece about Ada Lovelace Day. I see from comments above that you visit a lot of blogs, so you actively care about networking (maybe not the best word, because I don’t mean that in the purely utilitarian sense) and in encouraging others to form community. Thanks for including me in!

    These are such powerful images. I will be coming back to look again and again, I’m sure. I love it that your social conscience shows through.

  22. After looking at your beautiful photography…I am thinking that you must have some amazing dreams. To be able to be in these beautiful places, see these beautiful faces and then capture them forever with your amazing skills…AWESOME. Thanks so much for sharing, maybe these images will visit me in my dreams…..and thanks for stopping by my site…

  23. Thanks for the links I had browsed your portfolio but didn’t see those specific galleries. Despite it being many years since I’ve been there, I still think of Malawi as home.

  24. I will only add that despite the fact that I often work with social issues such as imprisonment and child labour, I still love Malawi and its people. I have only been in the country three times, but it’s quite an amazing country. Very poor, yes, but with such a big heart. I will actually teach another workshop in Malawi again in 2013.

  25. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am no photography expert but I liked the pics and the posts. Getting my post liked by a professional person like you has definitely boosted my morale. Thanks again…

  26. Hey. Thank you for visiting my blog. I dont really know who reads it. But many thanks. I went to ICP myself in 94-95. And I also know about Bergen because I worked with a Norwegian writer in 2009. I think it must be a beautiful place. Again,my thanks, and will follow you on twitter. =)
    See you around!

  27. Greetings! I’m so delighted to find your blog. I’m a beginner photographer, very eager to find outstanding photographers out there like you from whom I can learn. I’ll look forward to following your blog! All best wishes! ~ Lemony

    1. I did indeed see your response – but didn’t have time to respond. As I now have said on your post, it’s great that you have an opportunity to be the artists you want to be.

  28. Your blog is visually riveting and you have a great deal of stories to tell with your photos. Looking forward to more photos of your conquests.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog!

  29. Beautiful blog! I am in complete agreement with you about children being able to express their creativity more readily than adults. As we get older, we get so caught up in our day-to-day, schedule-based world. Sometimes it is very healthy to disconnect from this and indulge in our creative selves. Thank you for your photos!

  30. Thank you very much for dropping by my blog and liking my post about the Filipino translation of The Little Prince! You have a wonderful blog and it is very nice that you share your knowledge in photography to everyone. 🙂

  31. Hi Munchow, thanks so much for checking out my blog and liking one of my posts. I love the header photos on your blog, they’re so beautiful and color-rich.

    It would be fantastic if you would like to also look at my photographs (especially the ones I took of people in Mexico) on my Shutterfly site. I truly hope you enjoy them!


    All the best,

  32. Delighted to find your blog. Being a “non-photographer” but someone who loves both travel and photography I am awed and inspired. Thank you for sharing your creative work.

  33. I’m glad you like my posting “Take Me to the Mardi Gras”. Btw I also like photography too. But my camera is only a pocket camera, not a SLR camera. I’m still an amateur 🙂

  34. I came by to thank you for stopping by and liking my article on “Where is the Love”. I have to say I am very impressed with your photographic style and the way you capture people, and just a bit of how they live. My father was a professional photographer in the 40’s and 50’s. He is now 80. Anyways he taught me the art of photography, but somehow I let that slip. Especially as digital photography came to be. I was use to working in black and white. My main focus has always been drawing and painting, digital art. You can check out some of my digital art on my blog. What I like about your photographs is they have the feeling of a painting and not a photograph. It is really something. I mean I have been accused of taking a photograph of a blue heron I drew, but I have never seen photographs that have the feeling of a painting. Did I mention I use to be a Fine Art Gallery Director, also. Yes I am very impressed with your work.

    Peace and Harmony,

    1. Thanks for the extremely kind words. It’s interesting that you feel my photographs are like paintings. I have always been interested in drawing and painting but photography ended up being my creative expression – or main creative expression I should probably add. I will check out some of your art.

  35. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your photography is very gripping. Have you been up to Nordkapp? I’d love to see your work. I’m an artist getting ready to expose my creative side by opening my own gallery here in Honningsvåg. Photography is a hobby but the more photos I take, the more I want to start taking some classes.

    1. I have never been to Nordkapp. But I have been to Honningsvåg a couple of times. A great place. Good luck with the gallery, it’s quite courageous to open your own!

      1. Hope you get a chance to visit the plateau as well, or a hike out to Knivskjellodden. And as for the gallery, it’s exciting and scary, but worth a try.

      1. Hey Otto, No sweat or worries . . . I’m finding all the tag games a bit much so, haha, I hired Chuckles, the farm dog, to take care of the tags. Unfortunately, he’s a bit on the lazy side and rather run around with skunks and nap all day so, what can you do!! I totally understand so please, feel free to do as Chuckles does and ignore the tag calls if you like. 🙂

          1. Well, if they are anything like my house cat, erm, sending you lots of luck! She believes in being the royal queen around here so we servants bow to her every need. 😉 Hard to find good help these days!

  36. Thank you for stopping by my blog! You have great photos! I’m following your blog!

  37. Good morning – I saw that you stopped-by my blog this morning…thank you for visiting and for letting me know you were there. I shall be visiting. 🙂

  38. Hey Otto, thank you very much for your nice comment, I truly appreciate it -I also left a replay-don’t know if you got it.
    I wanted to tell you that I really liked your portfolio, most I liked the stories behind the photos of Luda, and the street kids..their faces are real.. and they express real feelings.. I think that’s a great ‘secret’ in photography. Congrats!
    Best wishes!

    1. I know it’s a long time since you left this comment, but I still want to thank you for the lovely words and encouragement.

  39. Thank you so much for stopping by and liking my post, “Celebrating a new story.” I’m so glad you did, because it opened my eyes to your work! You are sort of doing a few of the things I would like to do with my life and I am feeling renewed inspiration to go out and find an avenue to begin. Thanks again, and have a lovely evening.

    1. Same to Currie Rose. It’s a long time since you left this comment, but I really want to thank you for getting back to my blog and leaving those beautiful words. Much appreciated.

    1. I am quite happy with my work, to be honest. Thanks for making the acquaintance. We have already “talked” quite a bit since you made this comment.

  40. Thank you for visiting my blog. Looking at your blog. All I can say is Wow! Fascinating. I couldn’t stop reading and looking. The mother and son image stays with me, but so do many of yours. The way you “talk” to us about photography is easy to understand. Thanks for Sharing your fine work and your knowledge.

    1. And I was not really awake, was I, when saying I couldn’t figure out where you were… But thanks again, that’s an amazing present.

  41. I looked with keen interest Your series travelling bear. I suppose that You have ideas to continue that great series. I give to You two ideas where the travelling bear could be.

    1. World’s biggest Snow Castle.

    2. Drive fast on German Autobahnen for example at the speed of 250 km/h and then take a photo from Your bear and Your car’s speedometer in same photo. Sounds great? In my About me page I have a photo from my car’s speedometer.

    Happy travel and blogging.

    1. Thanks for great ideas. Autobahn is easy enough, since I relatively regularly travel to Germany. The snow castle will have to wait until next time I come to Finland, which I don’t know when at the moment.

      1. You are welcome, Sir. So it seems that we both love speed! In Finland we have speed limits at so low level that we have to Germany and drive fast.

        Happy Sunday evening!

  42. Hey Otto,
    Just wanted to let you know, every time I open your blog, the https goes on with a red slash. I’m not sure if it’s you or me. It only happens with your blog so I’m not sure what it means. That’s all. Thanks. 🙂

    1. I don’t know what this is all about. I haven’t done anything in particular with my blog, but just uses standard setting from WordPress. I don’t even know what a red slash means.

      1. Well, I’m not tech savvy whatsoever, but I believe the HTTPS (without the red slash) means you are viewing the page on a secure site. A red slash means it’s no longer a secure site. Something like that. Gosh, I had that problem and another blogger brought it to my attention. Maybe check into your Internet Option under Security and see if you have your site listed as a trusted HTTPS site? I don’t know if this is good advice. Maybe some of your readers may know? HELP!

  43. thank you so much for visiting my blog and liking my recent post.. feel honored.. You have a wonderful blog. I just clicked the “FOLLOW” button..

    1. I know this comment of yours is way old now, but I still want to return the tanks and say I am delighted that you are following the blog.

    1. Thank you for the kind words – even though it’s some months ago you posted the comments. Sorry for being so late. I have just been crazily busy lately.

  44. A very talented man with so much to offer the World. Thanks for sharing the moving images you’d made on your journey from all over the World. You gave us a piece of life, reality and culture that most of us may not see in person. Thanks.

    1. Although you wrote this some time ago, my friend (and you know I have been busy lately), I still want to thank you for the encouraging words. I am finally catching up as you can see. Take care, my friend.

  45. Wow – hey I love your blog, it is fantastic. You have some awesome black & whites yourself by the way. Thanks again for stopping by and I will pop in from time to time see what you are up too. Have a great week and happy shooting ~ John

  46. Hi Otto,

    I stumbled upon your blog from the Freshly Pressed page, and I am glad I did. Your posts are inspiring, helpful, and I believe I can learn a lot from you. Thank you for sharing your expertise, experience and vision!


    1. Thank you for visiting my blog. It’s really nice if this blog can be of some inspiration. I think you have a great blog, too, by the way.

      1. Thank you Otto! I enjoy your photography and articles every time I visit, and in some way it helps me to stay engage with my blog and keep going. I am glad we have the ability to be connected in this way – to learn and get inspired from one another is wonderful.



  48. Hi, Otto. In one of your posts, I had commented that I’d love to use one of your photos to write a story. I’ve been reading your posts and more importantly, admiring your photos, not just in this site but also your website. I was wondering if you’d allow me to choose one that I can use to create a short story. Can I do that? Can I post the photo in my site. Of course you’ll get the credit and the link for a reader to take you to your home page +/- your website. I’ll only do this if you are all right about it.

    1. Absolutely. No problem at all. I look forward to seeing which picture you will choose and then of course to read the story you will write to it. Nice way of collaborating, no?

      1. You have so many great photos which I have stared at and inspire my imagination to ask what they are all about, what’s behind those eyes, the lines on their faces, etc. there are so e that do not need a narrative. The photo speaks volumes already.

        I think I’ll start with something a little “easy-er” as this is my first attempt. I don’t want to disappoint you. How about the photo on the January 23 post. I have always found the couple intriguing. You said you were in Utah at that time. What do you think?

        1. I think that’s a great picture to write a story around. I don’t know how much you want to know about the couple, since I believe you might be free to write freely. For now I just want to say that the picture was taken in Dolan Springs in Arizona (I was in Utah by the time of writing the post). Their names are Cathy and Fred Nolan.

          1. I think I’ll use the photo as inspiration only but will not post it with the story. It may be best for the people in the photo. I’ll think of something. There is another photo I liked of another couple, although they were not posing side by side in the photo. I’ll play around with ideas. Thanks.

    1. Thank you so much for the nomination. And for the lovely words. I am very honoured. I need to wait a little bit, though, before I will be able to comply with the rules of the award.

  49. Thank you Otto for visiting my site. It gives me the chance to meet you (via text) and see some of your work. I am inspired by what I see and will remain a follower. thanks…bill

  50. Thanks so much for visiting my blog today and liking “Simplicity”! It is much appreciated, especially after reviewing your blog, your work, and your credentials. Great stuff! I look forward to seeing more of your work and learning from you. Robyn

  51. Thanks for visiting my blog, be in touch with my blog browse through the categories u will find it interesting

  52. I spent several hours on your site today (12-10-2012) and am greatly impressed with your work, your photographic articles and many helps, and especially your generous and amiable approachability. I look forward to many more visits here. Thank you, Otto.

  53. Good morning from normally sunny California, come lately downpour of torrential rains, I like you am new to the world of blogging and I have only recently reached my 51 or 52nd post. Just a little fish hoping to grow and run the seas with the big barracudas. Otto I loved perusing your post and your photos and like you I have a thought and an idea, that I would love to see come to fruition…Take a look at my post on Collaboration of an Artistic Nature, combining the talents of poets, writers, photographers and painters to sing the praise and yes sometimes the hell of our world. TST aka Sean-Pierre.

  54. I found that my creativity has only developed as I got older. Guess my youth was too busy surviving, working, and raising a family. Now I have the time

  55. Just read you are here in my hometown of Seatte at times. I am excited to follow your photography and thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I am a Seatte Transplant also. I have been living here now 20 years! Alesia

  56. Thanks for stopping by and liking one of my pictures! Your work is incredible, I love it 🙂 The cuban ones are beyond beautiful! So good!
    Love, Anna

  57. Hi Otto,
    I very much enjoy and appreciate your photos, as well as your interest in the creative process and producing photographs that reflect a certain authenticity. I have nominated you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award” for your beautiful photos and for being “true to yourself,” and teaching this concept to other photographers. The details associated with the nomination are at http://arabianmusings.wordpress.com/blogging-awards/ . Keep up the great work!

  58. I’ve just spent a happy time at your website and enjoyed your travels with Ted the bear a lot. Machu Picchu! Very daring, ha. I also was very moved by Luda in the Ukraine as that is my heritage as well. Is it hard to take creative photo’s in such despair? It was nice to see her happy with her friend. I’m currently taking a photography class with Darryl Benson here in Edmonton and really enjoying his direction. I also love the photo of three bothers in Cuba, looked like they’d lived a lot of life together. Looking forward to discovering you photo’s here as well.

    1. Thanks for you a wonderful comment. Is it difficult to be creative in the presence of despair? As strange as it may seem, no for me it isn’t. My concern is that I need to get this story out and try to do so with an approach of respect – no matter what part of the society I photograph. Sounds like the class with Darryl Benson is fun. Have a nice Sunday, and thanks again

  59. Thanks so much for dropping by my blog, Along the Way, and the like. I appreciate your outlook on creativity within us all and look forward to reading and seeing more!

  60. Otto,
    Thank you for stopping by Clicks & Corks and liking my polar bear image: much appreciated 🙂
    You have a very cool blog and some great photography!
    Plus, I have fond memories of Bergen during an interrail trip many years ago as a cash strapped student: such a beautiful town, where I probably had the best tasting smoked salmon to date!
    Take care

  61. Fantastic Instagram images! One of these days I will get a phone with a half decent camera and play!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Much appreciated!

  62. Hi, thanks for liking Four Seasons Bridal recent post on couple shoots…it is much appreciated… We agree with your above statement, and now seeking ways to improve our creativity in photography to produce some awesome art-work. Feel free to drop by Four Season Bridal to view our other works, as well comment on it… Thanks in advance and best regards…

  63. What an exciting life and a wonderful story. I love travelling and taking photos too and I love browsing photoblogs, The old saying ” a picture is worth a thousand words” remains true for me. Wish you all the best in your creativity endeavours and congratulations on all your achievement so far. Wish you a wonderful weekend!

  64. Good morning! I am delighted and privileged to have you like my post on Tide Line Still Life. Your work is extraordinary, and I look forward to following your work and learning from you. Best, Maggie

  65. Hi Otto, thank you for discovering my blog http://www.throughharoldslens.com. It gave me the opportunity to discover, explore and Follow your blog. Hope we both enjoy our journeys. I apologize for responding to you so late, but I have been on a brief journey to the USA and out of touch with Through Harold’s Lens. Best, Harold.

  66. Thank you for stopping by at The Boring Lens, Otto, it gave me the opportunity to discover your photography space and your work, which I’m going to follow as I believe there is a lot for me to learn from.
    All the best!

  67. I’m glad you stopped by my blog as it brought me to yours! I love travel and have always wanted to visit Norway. Love Seattle, too, though I haven’t been there in quite some time. Your pictures and thoughts look stunning. Following!

  68. thanks for stopping by and liking my recent post. I enjoyed reading through your critique section. I think it’s nice that you offer a helping hand to other photographers.

  69. Hi Otto. Glad to find your blog and view your talent. Amazing photos. You’ve had such interesting & fulfilling experiences. Bravo! Looking forward to following 😀

  70. So, thank you very much for the like of my Swedish flag! (Despite you living in Norway…) After only a short stroll, I understand I have found a most fascinating and inspirational site. Your photos are “clean” and vibrant, very beautiful. With the informative and guiding texts I feel very much at home. Thank you for finding me so that I get the chance to learn more about you and your photographic art.

    I love photography…and hope to learn the art more properly when I am retired. Now I’m just playing and enjoying.

    Norway is among the most beautiful countries in the world. I understand why it is one of your many “homes”.

  71. Thank you for the ‘like’ on a recent post of mine. It’s a great compliment, given the quality of your work and the fact my communications background is words, not photography. I share your interest in Cuba, having done some work there on behalf of a Canadian NGO. Two of my posts have a Cuban theme: “Arte de la Calle,” (22 Mar 2013) & “Meet El Caballero de Paris” (24 Mar 2013). Thanks again.

  72. Thanks for commenting on one of my photographs and visiting my blog. I have only recently started to take an active interest in photography (although I have always been fascinated by work like yours) and I am having lots of fun with it. Needless to say, there is much room for improvement and acquiring the technical know-how and experience that make the difference between an accomplished photographer like you and an amateur. Right now, the quality of my photographs is entirely based on gut feeling, a good camera and great post-production tools;) I’d love to learn more, tho I will be back.

  73. I love your work and your philosophy, Otto. I’ll definitely spend some time checking out your posting and visuals. The Cuba work is stunning!

  74. Hello!
    Thank you for liking my blog post today. I enjoyed yours and it looks like you are one I can learn from.
    Thank you!!:-)

  75. Thanks for stopping by my little corner of the blog-sphere and liking my recent post “My Absense and Thanks…” Your blog looks interesting and thought provoking, I look forward to reading more of it as time provides.

  76. Thanks for checking out my new blog – I really appreciate it! I love the sentiment of yours, creativity truly is in us all. It just takes time to untap it and see what we’re capable of! Keep up the good work 🙂

  77. Thanks for stopping by and liking my Jack Daniel blogpost. As an amateur photographer, I shall certainly learn from the photos on your blog. I like your blog post on Cuba.

  78. I am humbled by the awesomeness of your blog sir. Thank you for taking the time to look at some of my work. I appreciate it very much. I took one glance at your blog and instantly fell in love with it.

  79. Thanks so much for the like on my post. I hope you will visit again soon and often. Your blog looks great. I am glad to make the connection! Namase. . . . . .

  80. Hei Otto, og så mange takk for besøk og kommentar på min lille fotoblog for en tid tilbake. Jeg takker YDMYKT, og må innrømme at det var litt ekstra stas og få kommentar fra akkurat deg!
    Burde nok ha skrevet på engelsk, men det blir på norsk i dag:)
    Nå har jeg lagt til siden din, slik at jeg kan følge med på bilder i særklasse, og spennende artikler og innlegg:)
    Tusen takk:)

  81. Hello , thanks for checking out my post.
    I just went through your blog and i really admire it.Your work is awesome.
    Keep up the good work sir.

  82. Thank you very much for visiting my blog. I am really impressed with your and just know I am going to learn a lot of new ideas from you my friend!

  83. HI, I’m almost ashamed to find out that I’m not yet following your blog. I’ve seen your face more than once. Great photo’s on your blog; and stories that make sense. Better late than never. See you! , cheers, harrie.

  84. Thanks for visiting and liking Memory Box. Hope you visit again 🙂 You have some pretty amazing photos here!

  85. Thanks for taking the time to look t mine, i’m new to photography, i ue a bridge camera, as its easy to transport by bike. Still learning all the manual features, the autofocus im struggling with, but i’ll get there..

  86. Greetings…thanks for stopping by my blog and liking “Zen and the ironed shirt.” Your blog has a lot of creative plasma that’s refreshing to see and feel.
    I love visiting NYC and in particular the museums and ICP. Anyway, all the best to you!

  87. Thank you for liking one of my posts. I am honoured that you like it. I will send you one of my photo to be commented soon, when I think I have the right photo to be commented. At the moment most of my photos are based on fun time taking photos, not really intended as photos like in photography 🙂

  88. I know it’s been a few decades but how did you like your internship in NY and, more importantly, how could you afford it? I heard no one really pays for interns in photography so I want a few opinions on how you make your dream come true! Thanks! 🙂

    1. I had a great time with my intership with Mary Ellen Mark. No, you don’t really get paid, but I just did it in between my studies at ICP – like one day a week. A really great experience!

      1. Thanks for your insight. Glad you had a great time. Seems like some things (not getting paid) haven’t changed until today but I guess that is just the risk you have to take when you are an artist.

  89. Takk for liking my BuildingMyBento post about Osaka, Otto! Have you visited that city before?

    Bolivia was a nice change of pace from my usual urban wanderings, and it’s good to see vis-a-vis your photos that it merits much more exploring!

  90. Hi Otto,

    Thank you for liking my photo “Incendiary Skies”. You have a wonderful blog. I look forward to the photographs you post. Cheers from San Diego, CA! -May

  91. Bonjour 🙂 I just couldn’t leave your blog without expressing how beautiful your vision and pictures are 🙂 Thank you for making us travelling 🙂 Bini

  92. Thank you very much for stopping by my Blog and “liking” my art quilt and haiku, Faultlines of the Heart. I am enjoying what I see here and will follow your posts. What you say about uncovering creativity strikes a chord. There are so many individuals who are stifled and never get to realize their potential. Those of us who have the opportunity to explore our art are so blessed.

  93. You are a great philosopher with a Camera. Thank you for your comment on wupperart.com. I hope I can write about your work on street62.com

  94. Hi Otto, greetings from Toronto Ontario Canada. Your blog is truly inspiring, not only the images but your eloquent words that I can relate to. Your dedication to the craft of photography is incredible and I look forward to taking the time to look at your blog in more depth. I also look forward to future posts. One another note, I’ve really enjoyed looking at some of the photography blogs you’ve gathered. It’s been very difficult to vote as there are so many good ones but I thank you for exposing me to so much wonderful work, there are many great photographers out there – it gives me something to strive for. All the best Mark

  95. I’m appreciating the work in compiling a list of some great photo blogs here (I’ve been following you for a few months now also).

    I’m wondering, as I feel I’ve got some work that is worth sharing but relatively few people know of my blog, would it be acceptable for me to actually nominate my own blog for consideration for inclusion?


  96. Thanks for visiting my blog. I have only had my camera about 3 months, it is an entry level Canon EOS 1100D. I have lots to learn but am really having a lot of fun. Your blog is great and I will definitely follow it. Kind regards

  97. Hello! I truly appreciate you checking out my blog, and I wanted to return the favor. You have a great blog and amazing photography! I’m so impressed. Thank you so much for your likes 🙂 Keep Living Keep Clicking!

  98. I have been to Cuba twice now, and I agree, it is a very special place. When the US embargo and internal oppression are lifted, it will be a huge boon to the people of Cuba, but the rest of us will lose the beauty of a place frozen in time.

    1. I am not sure it will necessarily be a huge boon for the people of Cuba, at least not only. But yes, the rest of us will lose something that we won’t find anywhere else.

  99. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and giving me the opportunity to check out yours. I am always looking to learn something new and so I am looking forward to more posts from you 🙂

  100. Big thanks for stopping by at my blog. I really appreciate it. By doing this you brought me to your fantastic blog, and for this I am even more glad.

  101. Hi Otto, I really enjoyed your last post on wide angle portraits and the great information you shared. We can all learn from you.

    Also, from reading your comments the respect you show for the art is commendable — it’s wonderful for someone with your eye and experience to share what they know in a constructive way.

    If you get the chance, I’ve got some new portraits I would like for you to see. I like this batch, but of course I am always interested in getting better, so would love to hear what you think.

    1. Right now I have no capacity to look on pictures since I am running an eWorkshop and most of my time is already going to evaluation images. But if you email me or send me a link where I can find your pictures en a couple of weeks, I will take a look.

  102. I hope to attend one of your workshops in the near future. Thanks for following my blog; I am an appreciator of photojournalism. Looking forward to your next post.

  103. Your photographs speak, they have stories… I enjoy looking at photo-documentations, am now a enthusiastic follower :). Thank you for stopping by my blog, more so I could discover your work

  104. You are my second tie to Norway in the past week. I bought some Jarlsberg cheese and found that it was from Norway too. 🙂 I have always loved creativity and any opportunity to nourish it. I look forward to following you friend.

  105. Absolutely beautiful photography. Look forward to getting to know your work and exploring this blog as well as your website. Creativity is THE major theme of my life right now. Being the artist that lives inside me and has been longing to get out for so long. She’s still battling a bit, but the bars are loosening and the river is flowing.

    Thanks for liking my post.

      1. It’s a work in progress and some re-arranging and new posts will be coming quickly in the next few weeks. Do please come back and poke around a few more times over the next month or so. I hope to get more of my photography up, once I make my way through blogging about my Bruce Springsteen Odyssey. 🙂

  106. What a wonderful blog, your photos are so evocative. I’m really glad you liked my post, it has given me a chance to meet and follow you.

  107. Thanks for stopping by and liking my recent post, I really appreciate it! You have some amazing work here, looking forward to reading and seeing more 🙂

  108. Just found your blog, will be following now, I especially like your advice on travel photography. Also your portraits are amazing, would never have though of using wide angle for them and I’m going to try that out!

  109. Thanks for the “like” – Surprised to see a blogger/photographer of your caliber looking at my humble beginnings, but at any rate, I appreciate it! You have some great shots and content to go along with them – well done Sir! This is just a thought, but have you considered limiting the number of posts that show on your home page to say your 10 most recent? I never did get to the end of your posts on home because they just kept loading! Just a thought and thanks again for checking me out.

  110. Thanks for liking my work. I am glad i discovered you that ways. Love your pictures. See you around. 🙂

  111. Thank you so much for the like on my recent blog post. I totally agree that there is creativity within all of us but that we lose it as we get older. I recently left a long-term corporate job that I was not happy in to find my creativity and happiness again. I’m doing this with photography. Love your photographs! 🙂

  112. Hello Otto! Thank you so very much for stopping by to visit and like my posts.. Considering you are a busy man on the go, I appreciate it. I will have to read your post on failure.. I have been there many times in my life, but it has been beneficial in many ways. Happy trails to you! ps

  113. Thanks for dropping by “Honey” Am flattered that a real photographer has dropped by. In fact anyone else would probably be so intimidated that they would stop tagging photography at the bottom of their blog. But on on! Boy would love to take your workshop. 🙂

  114. I’m not a photographer, but I can certainly appreciate the philosophy of creativity behind your blog. I agree that there is a creative part of every person, but so many people either forget it or never really discover it. Thanks for your very thoughtful writing and beautiful photographs. I found so many very inspiring images and ideas here.

  115. Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    I love photography but I guess you already noticed that 😉
    I really like your blog. The photo’s and stories are very inspiring!

      1. Thank you for your great blog! 🙂
        The rules are pretty simple…

        – Thank the person who nominated you for the award.
        – Add the One Lovely Blog logo to your post.
        – Share 7 facts/or things about yourself
        – Nominate 15 bloggers you admire and inform the nominees by commenting on their blog.

        That’s all! 🙂

  116. Gotta say, this blog is definitely worth the follow – great job, loving all the beautiful photography and stories! 🙂
    Apart from my blog, I’ve got a project called Showzee (http://www.showzee.com) that might definitely interest you, take a look and if you fancy it, request an invite and I’ll fast track you!

  117. Hi Otto, this is a wonderful blog that you have created here! You dropped by my blog a couple of weeks ago, for which I would like to say thank you – I am quite hopeless at getting back to people, but I always remembered that I wanted to let you know how much inspiration I have drawn from your images and words (particularly ‘Pursuing Passion’) Best regards, Michael

    1. Thank you so much, Claire. I am always very honored when someone nominates me for an award. It’s quite humbling. Right now, I am about to start quite a travel around the world, so I will have to get back to it some time later. 🙂

  118. Thank you for taking a look at my last two posts. I have clicked your follow link …and I will be back to visit. Best! V.

    1. Thank you for the nominations Phoebe. I feel honoured that you thought of me and nominated me for the Liebster Award. I have to admit, though, it takes a lot of time to accept a nomination, so I might have to let in stay put until I have more time to look into it. Nevertheless I am grateful for your considerations.

      1. No problem, I was happy to recognize you! It is quite a simple nomination with few rules so it won’t be too time consuming if you do look into it, but there’s of course no need to rush. Hope you do accept it though, and I wish you all the best!
        ~ Phoebe

  119. Oof! Found the end of the comments to add my little bit… 😉 Had a look at your website too and I like what I see.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog 🙂

  120. Glad to have found your blog Otto. It was referred by one of your followers, rangewriter. I am what you might call a serious life-long student of film and I’m particularly interested in documentary. I also spent a decade and a half as a full-time professional photographer (after careers as an academic and public policy specialist). I’m a member of the Australian Film Critics Association and am currently doing a Masters in film. None of that is important of course. Being a cinephile requires nothing more than a capacity to love film as an artform and as cultura/social expression. Looking forward to seeing more of your ideas on creativity.

  121. You are right, Otto. There’s creativity in all of us. Thank you so much for following and liking my blog posts. I just followed yours as well. Your photos are WICKED AMAZING! Happy travels and keep on blogging 😄

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