Finding a New Path

Summer time is time for re-evaluation. At least for me. During summer, life slows down, the daily pace becomes more agreeable and I get more time to ponder about changes or new moves I want to pursue over the next year or so. This summer: Social media.

My use of social media is something I continually assess. In fact, I find it more and more exasperating and time consuming—like most users, I believe—when the reality is that I am constantly running against time in my everyday life. Something needed to be done, and that’s what I have been pondering about during this summer.

The remedy is simple enough: Spent less time on social. And spend the time I am on social more wisely. Make priorities as to what I do and how I do it. That includes my blogging.

Blogging has been tremendously enriching. I have gotten new friends, not only in cyberspace but also in the real world. I have loved the contact I have had with you and all the others I have meet on my blog and other blogs. The regular exchanges and dialogues have given me a lot. Nevertheless, the reality is that it has been hard to muster the energy lately, as you may have noticed. The inspiration that I used to have for the blog simply isn’t there any more. If nothing else, that’s ironic when I actually intend to write about creativity.

I know what this looks like, so let me make it clear here and now that I am not stopping my blogging. There is too much about it that I appreciate too much. But I am going to downscale my activity. I simply needed to make some changes in order to find the inspiration again and feel like I can contribute to all of you who have followed me through the years.

The changes I am about to do, has already gotten me keyed up again. I think the result will be both exciting and better despite less frequent posts. First, I will indeed write less regular posts, going from one every week to posting twice a month. My goal is quality before quantity. I want to focus even more on the creative process and how we may spur creativity in ourselves. With less posts I will have more time for research, hoping I will not only turn my stack around but rather find new ways to induce inspiration.

What more is, and this is the second part of the changes, which I am quite excited about; in addition to my blog, I will also offer subscriptions to Sideways, my new monthly email ponderings about photography. Sideways will all be about photography, bringing thoughts, nuggets and ideas about how you can develop yourself as a photographer, improve your vision and bring your photography to the next level. Let me say up front; I’m not going to write about technique or cameras. If this sounds interesting, use the button just underneath to sign up. I’ll give you my eBook “10 Great Tips” for free when you do.

Both the blog and Sideways will be about creativity and finding inspiration, but the latter will only focus on photography whereas the former will be more general. As I said, I am excited for the changes and hope this will transpire to you and other readers.


57 thoughts on “Finding a New Path

  1. Dear Otto,
    we are always sceptical when bloggers blog too often. As Lois writes, the quantity is killing the quality. We blog more or less once a month. We need the time to think about our topic and for research. Especially in our age of acceleration, it’s important to slow down.
    Good luck and keep well
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

      1. I think if that is an option then it might be good at least to try. Otherwise slow steps should also work. Changing routine or setting up different ways to do thing differently might also help.

  2. It takes time and energy to blog & reads blogs frequently and if you have that, and want to do that, well & good.

    I’m taking a break from both (reading & blogging) while I recover from my heart surgery and I cannot tell you how liberating it is to log on each morning and spend minimal time reading my emails and then get off the computer. It truly makes you realize how caught up one can be in social media too……not that I use social media much.

    I truly support you taking a step back and uploading posts less often. There comes a time when one (anyone, I mean), starts typing on autopilot without enriching one’s own life, only that of the recipient. When writing posts becomes a chore, as it did with me last year, it’s much healthier to redefine what you want and need in life and move forward in that direction (whatever it may be).

    1. You point the finger to the core of all things we put energy into. If we start going on autopilot it all becomes meaningless or lifeless, and it’s time to look for other ways. I wish you all the best with the recovery, Vicki.

  3. I enjoy reading your blogs and will continue regardless of the changes you are planning on doing.
    Looking forward to read Sideways.
    I tried to sign up to the new venture but I got a message I’m “blocked” whatever reason…

    1. That’s really strange. Although it doesn’t matter, you are already in my list. The new Sideways is just a change of pace and direction compared to the emails you have already received. Thanks for the lovely feedback, Bosmat.

  4. I am seeing more people tired of the SM algorithms and giving creative content to corporations so they can serve more ads.
    At least on your own blog you are in control, and readership is more organic.

    1. I am definitely one of those not wanting to be slave of the algorithms any more… Even blogging is to some extent not quite in your control, although much better that most social media.

  5. Wow, what a relatable post! I, too, feel uninspired when blogging, even though I also blog about creativity! I admire your will to continue on, and that you are finding new ways to make it exciting for yourself again.

    I am not pro photographer, but I do love to take nature photos, and one day I’d like to sell photos online, if I can hone my craft. When that time comes, I’d love to subscribe to your photography newsletter.

    Thanks for this inspiring post!

  6. Sometimes I have the same feelings… Not alvays easy to find inspiration for writing a blog on a regular basis. Certainly if you want to post about your recent activities and not diving into archives. So i understand you point of view and it’s no problem for me.
    About your Sideways project… I’m very excited. You can count me in 🙂

  7. Ah i was relieved to read that you willstill be posting Otto. My lufe is changing at the moment and i havent had much time to read or post but as i get back to it i would have missed your post. I always enjoy and gain something from your writing.

  8. It sounds like your plan will balance things out better for you. I hope it accomplishes what you want it to. Social media can really suck the life out of a person and there are times I have to force myself to walk away. Sometimes I have to put off reading a blog I want to (like yours) because I have read too many I don’t.

  9. Hai fatto una bella scelta, cercherò di seguirti ancora e sempre con lo stesso entusiasmo.
    Grazie per tutto quello che fino ad ora hai spiegato e per quello che donerai con il nuovo sito.
    Un grande saluto, Patrizia

  10. I celebrate your evolution, Otto. You’ve been a consistent voice for so many years and I think you’ve always been very generous in your personal time commitment directed towards supporting others. I think your plans to become even more intentional in what you share and how, makes a lot of sense. Social media seems to continue to grow and can be a tremendous time challenge, even at its least involvement! I will always be interested in what you share. Thank you for taking us along with you on this journey.

    1. You have been with me a long time as I have enjoyed reading your blog just as long, I think. Part of social media these days is the changing of the algorithms that makes it so that you can’t really reach your audience any more. Which makes them less interesting, at least for me. Thank you for the lovely words, Debra. We will stay in touch.

  11. Re-evaluation is good any time of the year, especially anytime one steps back and thinks critically about social media. I gave up Instagram a while ago – it just moves too fast and doesn’t seem to give anything worthwhile back. For me, as you might guess, blogging does add something of value – it keeps me challenging myself, gives me a great creative outlet, and exposes me to a wonderful group of people. I like your idea of monthly ponderings on creativity in photography and the name, “Sideways” is eyecatching. Have a great weekend!

  12. Definitely agree with your “quality before quantity,” Otto. When I first started blogging, i was posting 4 to 5 times a week. But there are other activities in my life that I’m devoted to. Hence, my 1 or 2 postings per week (if not 2 weeks). Have a good one, Otto.

  13. I understand where you’re coming from on this. It happened to me some years ago. I was spending an awful lot of time on social media. It occupied most of my days, and even some nights. I was totally obsessed. At that time a good friend gave me a little gem of wisdom, “Use it, but don’t lose yourself in it.” I gave up Facebook and Twitter among others, and just kept WordPress. Now I can concentrate on the quality, rather than the quantity. And I take lots of breaks to live in the real world as well. Very best wishes with your future plans. I hope it goes well for you. I’m glad to hear you’ll still be posting on WordPress. Good luck!

  14. I like the way you approach life, very similar to photography ~ always evaluating at some level, finding ways to make yourself more efficient in those things you love to do, and then doing them. Inspirational, and your thoughts about social media in general is something most people should evaluate as well instead of getting caught up in the flow (which is very easy to do). The amount of time in a day seems to get less and less every year, so ‘quality control’ becomes that much more important.

    1. I think when you get older, you realize more and more that time is extremely valuable. Certainly I have no time to waste. So yes, quality control is important when it comes to evaluate how you spend your time. Thanks again for a poignant comment, Randall.

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