Back from Summer

Summer is on its final last stanza—for us on the northern hemisphere, that is. Days are already significantly shorter; at the longitude I am and today, 3 hours and 17 minutes compare to summer solstice.

Once again, we have had a summer out of the ordinary (and hopefully it won’t be the new ordinary). Like last summer, travel restrictions were imposed as we, as in the world, are still fighting covid-19. In fact, the numbers of infected are once again on the rise many a place.

Nevertheless, some travel has been possible this summer, albeit somewhat limited. I for one, were lucky enough to make it to Iceland before the numbers exploded there. (And yes, I am aware that opening up for travellers have been one of the reasons for the present increase of covid-19 on Iceland).

The main reason for me to go to Iceland was finally to be able to meet up with my love one. We live on different continents, and before Iceland, we didn’t see each other since the beginning of February—last year. I don’t think it’s hard to imagine how it was to be able touch, talk, spend time together and just be with each other again, after the prolonged separation.

Thus, I didn’t go to Iceland primarily to photograph or to experience the country. It was simply the one country that would accept both us coming for a visit. Of course once being there, we did experience as much as possible of what Iceland has to offer, and me being a photographer, of course had to capture images from our travel to this island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.

These are some of the photos I captured. This post also represents a return to my blogging, and now I look forward getting in touch with you all again.

74 thoughts on “Back from Summer

  1. Wonderful images Otto! Iceland is such a magical place and you have shown that so well in your own way. I’m glad you were able to reunite with your loved one and in such a beautiful location.

    1. Iceland is a very special place on this planet we call Earth. And pure joy for any photographer, even when photography isn’t the main focus. Thank you for the comment, Denise.

  2. Beautiful pictures, I am glad you had a great summer that not to experience where you went but just to be with your loved one. That is something that runs deeper.

  3. Nice variety of scenery here. So beautiful! I am glad that you and your loved one were able to reunite in Iceland. i am noticing the days getting shorter but after some smoky days its nice to breathe fairly fresh air again as well as enjoy more normal temperatures.

  4. Wow! very impressive.
    I was so glad to hear you were able to get together with your loved one. So many people will be apart for years no doubt and for them, I feel sadness too.
    (I suspect Australia won’t open its international borders, except for returning travellers, for a couple of years at least. Well, maybe the N.Z. & Australia ‘bubble’ will re-open if we get control of our present outbreak on the east coast).

    1. The big question is really if we will ever be able to control covid-19 or any virus for that matter. We might have to start thinking about how we want to live with such threats hanging over us constantly…

  5. Great that you where able to travel again… Not seeing your loved one for such a long time must be hard.
    Thanks for the beautiful pictures of Iceland 🙂

  6. Dear Otto,
    Hanne-Dina and I lived in different countries for many years as well before we moved together here. It was always kind of problematic to meet, either the pilots were striking, a volcano made flying impossible or whatsoever. It’s great, that you could meet in Iceland. I know Iceland from my student times when I flew regularly to the States with Loftleidir Icelandic (as it was the cheapest fair) and every time I went there I made a four days break. In those times Iceland wasn’t touristy at all. I rented quite often a car to go around and once I drove on this road around the whole island.
    Thanks for sharing your fine pictures and text
    The Fab Four of Cley
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. And thank you for heartfelt response. It’s not easy to live separately on different continents, but of course it’s our choosing. And it will continue that way for the foreseeable future. Unfortunately, Iceland Air today is not the cheapest fair any more. But I did drive around Iceland back in ’79.

  7. I know a number of people who have set their sights on Iceland, and as you captures show, it is a haven for nature’s bounty. Mostly, it was heartwarming to read about your reunion.

  8. sometimes it’s good to try and remember that we live in a matrix of sorts
    astounding photos by the way! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  9. I’m so glad to hear of your ability to reunite and it must have been so wonderful after such a long time apart. I’m happy for you and hope it will steadily become easier and less stressful to meet in the very near future. The photographs are a beautiful example of Iceland’s gorgeous features!

  10. The photos are amazing Otto. Sometimes I think I would see nothing of the world if you didn’t share it with us. I’m really happy you got to spend time with your Love One. It must have felt amazing to have them by your side again. Even being able to hug seems like such a foreign concept now but I ache to experience another one. Stay safe and welcome back.

  11. Some truly spectacular photos here – thank you for sharing. These are trying times and some fear that with climate change as well as the current pandemic, we have to make some permanent big adjustments. Will we ever be able to travel as freely as before? So hard to say but happy for you that you managed to reunite with your beloved.

    1. I do think we need to make som permanent big changes. In the long run it’s going to be for the better, and surely travel will take a different form, although I am not sure it will be gone. Thank you for the thoughtful comment.

  12. Breath-taking view of nature!
    Simple yet refreshing photo of lush green.
    Lovely capture of a lovely season!

  13. Iceland! I love that place. I stared at your first image, mesmerized. That’s Iceland, I thought. I know that place…then I realized I was right. But your images are so much better than mine. I particularly love the last two in your post.

  14. It’s wonderful to see your photos again, and to hear that you had a satisfying visit with your beloved. I hope your travels were easy, and that they become increasingly possible!

  15. I would love to experience that live. I am putting Iceland in my bucket list. Thank you for the gorgeous pictures.

  16. Hi Otto, I’m so happy for you….it was a long trip for the Seattle half of the pair but I’m sure she thought it was well worth it. The last photo seems to embody your joy. Take care!

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