Ten Years of Blogging

The first photo I posted on my blog June 9th 2011.

Between the previous post and this one, I could celebrate ten years of blogging. It’s been ten years full of fun and unforgettable exchanges between me and the blogger community—between you and me.

Over the years I have developed an outlet for thoughts about photography and more specifically creativity, which has been of enormous value for me—and hopefully for those who have followed me over the years, you included. I have learned and read about creativity to be able to write more comprehensively about the subject. Thus, these ten years have been a personal travel into enlightenment for myself.

Nevertheless, what has given me the greatest pleasure is the contacts, connections and new friendships I have developed with people from all over the world. Of course, that is what social media is all about—or out to be about. It’s been eye-opening and delightful to meet with people with different backgrounds, cultures and thoughts compare to where I come from. With you. To debate, disagree, reflect or learn from or with each other has been vastly expanding, both on a personal and on a cognitive level. Moreover, I have even met with fellow bloggers in person and cultivated new, personal friendship with people I would never have met if not for the blogging community.

My blogging has definitely developed over the years. Starting out ten years ago, I had no idea what I embarked upon. The first blog posts were not necessarily very refined or cohesive, but slowly I have found my style and signature as I have gained a better understand of blogging and what I want to write about. I threw myself in it with great enthusiasm. However, as with all things in life, the energy somewhat and slowly changed. I the beginning it was all about likes and getting responses, almost for any price, nowadays I am more concerned with the dialogue and expressing my heart’s content.

Naturally, blogging flows like waves on the sea. Sometimes, the vigour is high and aflame, at other times mellower and maybe even somewhat indifferent. It’s simply not possible to keep the passion burning bright and intense at all times. Nevertheless and looking back, I have immensely enjoyed being part of the blogging community.

In my first blog post from June 9th 2011, I wrote: “It is easier than ever to take photographs—or make photographs—at least when we speak in terms of technical achievements. At the same time, more technical options and possibilities have opened up for new approaches to the photographic expression. But despite the technical revolution in photography, the bottom line hasn’t changed. As photographers we still need to speak to our viewers, we still have to engage them with our pictures; we still need to express our innermost self to make the photographs interesting for others and we still need to be able to tell our story by a visual language – as has always been the case.”

That hasn’t changed. And it’s also true for blogging. As a blogger, I hope to be able to speak to you and other followers and be able to engage you in a continuing dialogue. Maybe for another ten years… Thus, paraphrasing my first blog post, maybe we can walk the new road that has opened up together. I would very much enjoy that.

99 thoughts on “Ten Years of Blogging

  1. You’ve certainly inspired my journey as an amateur photographer and for that, I’m very grateful. I love seeing your view of the world through images and learning more about the art of seeing through your blog posts.

    I hope it continues far into the future.

    We live in an uncertain world these days and creative endeavours are even more important in keeping us sane and not bogged down with the restrictions and fear of this ‘new normal’ we live in across the planet. Bringing pleasure, knowledge and filling voids via our virtual world is becoming ever more important than a face-to-face interaction in person. 🙂

    We need to also acknowledge that making photos of the changing world is one of many ways to inform those that come after us, that we lived through this and recorded it for future generations. 🙂

    1. Photography has always been important for the registration for future generations and telling how the world was at any given point in time. Well, for as long as photography has existed, that is since the end of the 1830’s. Otherwise, I am happy to read that my blog as been an inspiration for you. And hopefully, I will be able to inspire in the years to come, too. Thank you, Vicki.

  2. Here’s to the next 10 years, Otto! I always enjoy your blog, and taking part in “Finding your Photographic Voice” certainly got me thinking about my photographs, improving craft and vision. So I say thank you!

  3. Congratulations on a decade of insightful posts, Otto. It IS hard to keep up the momentum over time. I like how you use the ebb and flow of the ocean to describe that ebb and flow of energy & creativity. But here we are, still curious about each other and trying to share something meaningful.

  4. Thank you very much, Otto, for your inspiring posts about photography and human beings as well as for your faithfulness:) My congratulations for what you have achieved!

  5. Nicely said, Otto, and congratulations! I’m not sure about another 10 years but I’ve certainly enjoyed the time I’ve spent here with you. 🙂 🙂

  6. Having followed your Blog for 7 of those years I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey with you. I’ve followed many other Blogs over that time but most have fallen by the wayside, either literally or because they no longer hold my interest. You have kept me engaged with your thoughts. Here’s to another 10 years! Lee – Australia.

  7. From the very beginning you have been such a generous and welcoming presence in the blogging world, Otto. It’s amazing to think of ten years and the dialogue and friendship that has been shared. Blogging takes time, and I have lost some of the drive that ten years ago propelled me, but it’s people like you that keep me coming back. I’m really hoping that you’ll be willing and able to continue for a long time to come. You have a lot to share, and it’s always appreciated.

  8. What a great achievement, Otto. You certainly have made the Photography Blogging World a richer and more interesting place to visit, through sharing your talent , your endless inspiration and support and last not least sharing your knowledge. Thank you for being here.

  9. Congratulations, Otto! I have been following you since that first year, although I didn’t start until November. Back then it seemed we were all promoting each other and giving each other awards. It was easy to find new blogs to follow of interest. Things have definitely changed. I took a look back at when I started (March 2009). Reading some of those early blogs brought back a lot. As I read through several I realized that the links rarely took me to the spot intended. They are simply not there anymore. I guess we lost quite a few along the way. I’m really pleased you are still here and thriving. You have given some very helpful and happy moments reading you.

    1. Oh, yes we have lost some on the way. I think that is inevitable. But I am happy you are still around and have been along for the journey. I remember all those blogger awards. Seem to have vanished completely. Or maybe it’s just me living in oblivion… Thank you for the thoughtful words, Michelle.

  10. Congratulations on this beautiful journey, Otto! I have personally been inspired a lot by your blogs, your work resonates deeply with me. Do keep writing! 🙂

  11. hi Otto, congrats on the anniversary!! well done, you!!
    i started my blog in 2008, i think my first pic is of stuffed bunnies 🙂
    I have very much enjoyed this journey with you!!! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

      1. i don’t deserve the credit lol Sherri from Pearweed showed me how to set up everything! and yes, i have enjoyed our journey together toooooo xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  12. I certainly smiled at these words you wrote here: “Starting out ten years ago, I had no idea what I embarked upon.” That’s true for so many of us, and the pleasures you’ve described also are recognizable. Your photos, theories, and thoughts always are stimulating and encouraging, but my favorite single memory of a gift you’ve given me is of the time you explained how I could retrieve the five hundred photos I thought I’d lost forever after accidentally deleting them from my card. There’s a lot to learn in this world — thank goodness we can teach one another!

    1. That’s something of the best that can happen in human interaction, isn’t it. And yes, I believe you are right, in that we have all started out without clues to what we have started. Thank you for the lovely words, Linda.

      1. Indeed Otto! I started out sharing a blog, since then I’ve been through a couple more. It’s a wonderful distraction from some of the issues out there. 😊

  13. Congratulations, Otto! I too passed my 10th anniversary at the end of May, I have always appreciated your mission to pass on to others your extensive professional experience and passion. Sadly, because of serious eyesight deterioration. I can do only a little now but I wish you well with your future ventures.

  14. Congrats on 10 years! I bet most folks who take this blog thing for a ride don’t even make it 6 months. Your longevity suggests both persistence and passion.

    And I have to agree, it seems like the most successful blogs are the ones that make the effort to develop relationships.

  15. Congratulations on your anniversary, Otto. I enjoy your photos and musings about creativity, even if I’m not really a photographer but a writer. But your insights and recommendations apply to writing as well, and one of these days I hope to actually learn about photography rather than let my camera do all the work.

  16. Congratulations, Otto – ten years! This is beautifully written. It doesn’t surprise me that your original post hews closely to your message of today – it’s not about the gear, it’s about connecting. You do a great job of reaching out and connecting, and encouraging others. Who knows how long we will keep blogging but I bet you won’t ever stop helping others to express themselves by developing relationships. Thank you.

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