Last Month’s Instagram

Each day up to Christmas Eve last year, I posted a new landscape photos on my Instagram account. They were photos from previous travels around the world, which I had processed anew and differently. The idea was to make a visually coherent expression and evoke a little bit a feeling of how it was to travel—when we actually could.

It was a fun little project, of which this images here was one of the 37 seven photos I ended up posting on Instagram. In hindsight, it was a fun experience, to do and to see how it was received. I certainly got much positive response, even from people I incidentally met on the street. And an increase in numbers of followers Maybe the sheer amount in the end overwhelmed my audience as the comments and response decreased towards the end. But that’s OK. I would definitely do a publishing project like that again.

Maybe something for you to think about if you have an Instagram account?

This post marks a little change in my blog when it comes to showing images that I have first posted on Instagram. Previously, I had a weekly posting on my blog with Last Week’s Instagram, one image picked from the week’s collection. As from now, I will only pick once a month, so that the column becomes Last Month’s Instagram. If you want to see all images I post on Instagram, you may follow me on:

55 thoughts on “Last Month’s Instagram

  1. so beautiful… carrying me into the beauties and dreams…. Thank you, dear Otto. If you can’t visit my photography blog, be sure something happened wrong and I warn my bloggers. If you send a request it would work. Love, nia

  2. wow, what an amazing picture, Otto!! it looks like something out of a fairytale!! xoxoxoxoxox

  3. At first glance, I thought I was seeing an autumn view of our bald cypress trees in the Texas hill country; the colors are identical. It’s a beautiful photo. I’m going to miss your weekly Instagram reposts here, but I’ll be interested to see what new directions you might have in mind.

  4. I would’ve never guessed that this rich autumnal scene was from a subtropical region, and not the northern latitudes. A great storybook feeling of warmth, pleasant stillness and quiet.

  5. I am not registered on Instagram, also because my photos are certainly not valid, but I really liked your “experiment”, I didn’t always comment, also because I often didn’t know how to comment and write examples “I like it, beautiful” it seemed to me boring.
    Congratulations for all your work, for how you explain, for how you offer the possibility to those who can travel with you, to learn new things, and for being there also for a novice photographer who does not learn much, like me.
    Ciao, Patrizia

  6. Otto, I love the warmth exuding from this photo. Nature always feels me with joy, I had another look at your Instagram account and realised I have missed many of your posts. You have been busy 🙂 Happy New Year!!

  7. Love the warm feeling in this image Otto! Sadly, I am not on Instagram. I know a lot of people are but I find my blog, my website, my store site and Facebook are about all I can handle! I will look forward to your monthly picks.

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