New Energy

I have not been present on my blog for about a month and a half. The last post was the one on September 25th. Maybe you have noticed...

If I have been absent, the world still keeps moving forward in its crooked orbit, no matter what. The numbers of newly infected has skyrocketed all over the world during this time (with the slightly encouraging exception of the African continent—particularly south of Sahara). At the same time, a new president has been elected in the States, bringing some hope to these dark and gloomy times.

All while the world has spun further out of its trajectory, I have done some inventory on my own. The times, limiting most normal activities, almost encourage engaging in some reflective pursuit. Not much else to do these days, anyway. In addition, about to finish a three-month long mentor program I have been teaching, I suddenly find myself with even more time for self-development.

This blog is close to have existed for ten years. I wrote my first blog June 9th 2011. That turned into 790 posts over the next years—not counting this one. Maybe it’s time to do something else? If not, it’s definitely time for changing the framework of the blog. The question is; where do I want to go? Still don’t know, but ideas are emerging.

While still struggling with the future path, let me tell you about my latest photo project. As for people in general, my travelling has been severely limited after the outbreak of covid-19. In fact, I haven’t travelled at all. And I usually spend some hundred days travelling each year. Thus, I have decided to go through my archive of photos, looking for landscape photos from all over the world I could change into something different. I ended up with 37 images in which I have skewed the colours and changed the framing.

The photos are posted on my Instagram account, one each day up until Christmas. I have called the project Cross Colour Landscape, the first image posted here. If you want to follow the series, you’ll find my Instagram site here:

Let me finally take the liberty to draw your attention to the new eBook I launched this autumn. It goes into depth about seeing with the intention of photographing and how to develop the ability. “Photographically Seeing—Seeing Better, Seeing Deeper” is 106 pages packed with useful information and practical exercise to make to see what is rather than what you believe is there. You’ll find more info and can order the book here:

42 thoughts on “New Energy

  1. Been following you on Insta for a while now, so I wasn’t worried about missing blog posts! Take your time, since we seem to have a lot of it lately, and plot out where you’re going next ❤️

  2. One of my favorite color combinations is the turquoise and copper of the southwestern U.S., and you’ve used shades of the combo wonderfully well both here and in some recent IG posts. I’m not on Instagram, but I see that I can stop by and look at your photos. Even though I’ll not be commenting there, I’ll be following along.

  3. Happy to ‘see’ you again, Otto!

    Your subject matter for this delightful photo is quite familiar to me these days, rambling around the Southwest circuit as I am 🙂 The contrasting colors are arresting!

  4. Sounds like you’ve been highly productive, Otto. Not sure that I love this version but we do all need to ring the changes and I’ll be looking out for your future images 🙂 🙂

  5. So much warmth in this image that speaks of the desert very well, Otto. I was glad to see this post as an absence during a pandemic gives cause to worry.

    I’ve been blogging for a similar period and sometimes wonder if I should make some sort of change. But I really don’t have any idea how I would do things differently so will muddle along. If I were to change anything it is to become a bit more aggressive with marketing but I really don’t have the acumen for that. I’ll look forward to where you take the blog.

  6. Fabulous image Otto! the colour!! Off to pick you up on Instagram now and that book sounds like its worth investigating. Stay safe and keep travelling with the mind!

  7. Blogging has to be enjoyable. If that means you change the direction, then by all means, you must! Looking forward to seeing where that goes.

  8. Hi Otto, I’ve enjoyed this series on Instagram. A good way to be creative in these challenging times. I look forward to seeing where your artistic flow takes you. (I know the feeling going on 8 years of posts now) Hope you and your family are well.

  9. I was delighted to see you back. A change is good for us all from time to time, whether by choice or enforced by circumstances. Unfortunately I shall not be able to follow your work on Instagram, but Good Luck with the new venture.

  10. It’s really nice to hear from you again. I think a lot of us are re-thinking how we move forward. Instagram has been one of those things I have veered away from but I may have to open an account to see your images. This image is stunning. It is quite fiery and bring to mind a number of things. However you proceed, I intend to keep an eye out.

  11. Hi Otto – know what you mean about the blogging – I passed 10 years on November 3rd and I am in the same place. Not sure they are as effective as they were when I first started and everyone was linking them in their newsletters. The one thing I have found though is that by writing the blog, it keeps me thinking and trying to improve my images and looking for new ways to do something. So I am going to carry on and like you, not post every week as before. Still enjoy your posts when you do them.

  12. I’ve blogged a long time and recently taken a break too. Maybe we just needed rest and a reset? I hope you continue to post. I’m always interested in your observations.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Linda. Yes, I certainly needed a break now, and still don’t feel quite ready to start again. But I like staying in contact with people like you too much, to not keep up with blogging.

  13. Hi Otto, ten years blogging is a long time! I always like your post, the advices about creativity and the other posts as well. Changes are good, they require energy and a little courage but the excitement and the anticipation they can provide will help. I’m sure the new direction will be interesting to follow. I’m not on IG but I can visit it and watch your photos, unfortunately I cannot leave comments, but it’s ok like this anyway.
    We are in a difficult time, blogging helps to keep contacts, to develop ideas and to work on them. Sometimes helps to forget for a while the disaster around as, we need some relax sometimes. Let’s keep blogging, all of us please 🙂

  14. Otto, I have noticed your absence and it is great to have you back. This year has been unprecedented with coronavirus causing so much havoc, but finally the good news of a vaccine will hopefully change everything back to normal or even a “new normal “. Excellent news about the new US President, so glad for Americans and the world. Congratulations on almost 10 years of blogging and what a great blog you have here, inspiring and helping som many people towards creativity. I hope that you will keep up with the blog.

  15. An interesting and colourful project, Otto. I enjoyed this one. Concerning Instagram, I have a love-hate relationship to the platform and I often fall out because I find it demands too much attention when I post something.

    We have been thinking about rearranging our blog too. Recently Annika Perry recommended a WordPress blog “Hugh’s views and news” as being her lifesaver when it comes to keeping up with blogging and all the new appearances, it looks good.

    I’ll jump to your link now.

    1. That love and hate relationship I have with all social media, whether Insta, FB or blogging. I’ll have a look at “Hugh’s views and news”. Thanks. Have a wonderful weekend, both of you.

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