Summer Break


This post is only to notify that I will take a couple of weeks of summer break. Which means no new posting over the next few weeks. I have decided it’s time to recharge the batteries and let go of all duties. I thank all you who have followed me up until now; it’s been a great ride, lots of good discussions and much encouragement and lovely comments. You have been an encouragement during these special and trying times. I wish you all a very nice summer. See you back in August with new energy, new ideas and hopefully new and wonderful pictures.

72 thoughts on “Summer Break

  1. Enjoy a break and a change Otto. The past few months have been particularly difficult and it is still not clear what the future will be like. Certainly we will need to be fit in mind, body and spirit. Best wishes to you.

  2. Such an appealing image. Wishing you a happy and healthy summer break, Otto. We all need to refocus and recharge to stay mentally and physically healthy during these sad times. Take care. 💙

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