Last Week’s Instagram

Once a week—or every so often—I will display one of my photos captured and/or processed with Instagram over the last week. It’s a way for me to show photography that usually is quite different from my regular work. The pictures are displayed without any comments, hoping they will stand on their own. But I still very much appreciate any comments you may have.

61 thoughts on “Last Week’s Instagram

  1. I like the grainy look of the pavement & railing, with a rippled texture over it. And the tiny blue dots above the discarded mask – – traffic lights in the distance, I imagine, but they’ll serve as airborne virus, too. Nice foreboding feel.

  2. Love the graininess… And the perspective. Wonderful!
    Now if people could stop being pigs (even if it gives great opportunities to photographers!)

  3. We’d be lucky here to just have one blowing around in the street. Between gloves, masks, and disinfectant cloths, many of our grocery parking lots are disgusting. While the mask should not be there you’ve done a nice job of capturing it and the grain is perfect for the feeling this evokes.

  4. Dear Otto, such an emotive photograph. Bewilderment fear so many emotions. I have to agree that littering biological waste is disturbing, perhaps the wind blew it away. Thank you for the thoughtful photograph.

  5. Dear Otto, a very interesting image and a timely one too …

    I really wish a day will come soon when we could walk and breathe freely without worrying about this threat…

    Thank you so much for sharing 🙂

  6. Like the use of filters and point of view in this great photo. Masks should be disposed of in a plastic bag then put in garbage as it is a hazardous waste. Seeing a lot of this in the streets here as well. Shame!

  7. It’s an excellent image of our times, although I can’t say I enjoyed it. From time to time, I find I’ve had quite enough of Covid-19, thank you very much, and need to focus elsewhere. I do think that this is an image that will stand th test of time, and may find a place in the future — perhaps as an illustration for an article examing what went right and what went wrong in our response.

  8. very cool… it could be two pictures, split in half, the top, and the bottom… they seem of different worlds… maybe the world of places, it’s all a blurry memory now… and the stuff in the streets, our trash, like tumbleweeds thru the wild west.

  9. Otto, a powerful message of these strange times that we are living through at the moment. It depicts a moment in history that none of us will soon forget. It has an eery feel, really capturing the current mood. Great work, Otto.

  10. What a fantastic photo, filled with the mood of the current state of affairs! I like the texture blends, and the way the mask is illuminated against the darkness.

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