Stay Positive

The world is in crisis. The virus spreads from one country to another. The numbers increase, of those who are contagious as well as the death polls. The economy is collapsing. We are all worried and anxious. We don’t know how the future will look like when all this has passed. Most of us feel it already or soon will. I for one have had to cancel this year’s photo workshop in Cuba and might have to cancel workshops further up the line. In addition, my work is quickly slowing done. Suddenly the world has changed upside down.

I hope you are doing fine, that you won’t give up hope and you and yours will stay safe. Personally, I am as good as one can expect, although I am sitting here in a country that pretty much has folded because of the pandemic. Of course, I am unhappy about not being able to go to Cuba and teach my workshop. In the big picture, that is a minor setback, though.

Things are slowing down. Work, activities, social contact, life as it used to be. Nevertheless, I try to stay positive—as I hope you manage to do, too. With all the extra time suddenly to my disposal, I have decided to use it to something other than getting depressed and sadden by the present events. I want to read, learn more, develop myself and my photography, work on all those goals I otherwise never have time to do.

Maybe an idea for you, too? If you are quarantined, if you are limited by restrictions, don’t want to expose yourself too much, need to stay home; why not use the extra time to something positive? Develop your knowledge base and your craft. Learn. Read. Develop your post-processing skills. Play with your camera.

I am sure we will get through this. It’s important so try to stay calm and not despair. It might take some time, but all the more important to try to adapt a positive attitude. Now is the time to show solidarity with those in more need, help and be compassionate with each other. But then, fill the extra time that might have been imposed on you with positive actions. Learn. Read. Expand you horizon.

And stay healthy and safe.

93 thoughts on “Stay Positive

  1. It is hard. Art shows have cancelled, and nobody really wants to spend money right now anyway. We are in a location where we can walk out the door and into nature. So that helps tremendously.

      1. I am actually quietly excited by the return to family and community values. As people quieten down and reconnect with nature. Much good can come of this if we accept the flow and the exquisite silence.

  2. I am trying to stay positive…I waver between feeling peaceful and becoming anxious, depending on how much TV I et into my life. Less TV news is better. Good advice to use this time to learn more about things we love. I’m going to be sending a letter each day to someone. I might even make the cards, as I don’t have any and don’t feel those are essential enough to go out to get them. Also walks with the dog. Walks with the dog make me feel a lot better.

  3. Thank you so much for these kind words of calm reflection, Otto. Canada too is in shut down mode though likely about a week or more behind Norway. May we have continuing solidarity and care for each other in the broadest sense possible, while staying physically isolated and safe.

  4. Thanks for the advice. I am trying so hard not to constantly read the news but it is hard. When I read it, it makes me so anxious and scared. It is really hard to have a normal life when everything is shutting down. But being positive is the best we can do! Thank you for that gentle reminder. Our state is considering a lockdown but of course there is a lot of debate. In times like this, I strive for nature, family and gratitude. Stay well.

    1. Since this is a complete new situation and thus not even experts know exactly what is the best strategy, locking down or build flock immunity, it’s even harder for regular folks to understand what are the right measurements. In this perspective, it’s best to follow the general measurements in any given country, so at least one follows along the chosen and same strategy. Of course, in some countries the authorities don’t want to deal with the threat at all, which is the worst. Anyway, I think the advise from Dawn to turn off the news feed from time to time, is good for sanity.

      1. Yes so true Otto. I have actually only allowed myself to read the news in the morning and late afternoon as I realized it has only amped up my anxiety about the situation. It is so incredibly hard! I’m also realizing how incredibly lucky I am to have my kids and husband. I miss my extended family who is really spread out but thank goodness there is skype and facetime. Soon we will be getting greenery here as Spring approaches which will be very needed!

  5. Thank you for your thoughts, Otto. I guess we all try to stay positive, but if I wake up in the middle of the night, it is impossible to go back to sleep. My brain is reeling and I don’t feel well. In the morning everything brightens again – the sun is shining, I can go out and walk my dogs, maybe take a photo or two, listen to the birds and the flowers talking to me. Let’s hope this will pass and we will come out of it safely.

    1. Yes, I notice I don’t sleep so well, either, and sometimes wake up with all kinds of worried thoughts. It does help when we can get outside and enjoy the sun – or even the rain (since I live in a rainy city).

      1. As long as we are outdoors – it’s OK. Some countries I read, have forbidden people to go out unless they need to shop food or medicine. I hope it will not come to that in Norway or Sweden – or anywhere else. I am grateful I have my garden. Stay well my friend.

  6. Wise and timely words, Otto. I have not been listening to too much news – I did that one day and had a nightmare about my family getting the virus. Fortunately, my office sends out regular announcements and has virtual townhalls so at least I get unadulterated facts and advice. Since I have been working from home for more than a week, I have taken up a craft that I had stopped and am really enjoying it. I hope to improve more, what with my teacher YouTube always at my disposal. Here’s to wishing you and your loved ones safety and good health during these dark times.

  7. Thanks Otto. Stay safe.

    Now’s a good time to spend with immediate family at home, read all those books you haven’t had time for and depending on where one lives, get out in Nature and Breatheeeeeeeee.

    I spent the last 36 hours in hospital and it really was so quiet and pleasantly peaceful without the usual hustle and bustle. It was good to hear the nurses laughing and going about their day with less stress and activity, strange to say.

      1. Thanks Otto. Just another heart episode – next step is possibly surgery (which I expected), but hopefully not this year. Too much happening elsewhere. Have to slow down even more than ever.

  8. Thanks, Otto! I have a number of goals and projects during this time, though I find myself spending a lot of time keeping in touch with everyone, reassuring and laughing together. That’s what we need to do. Stay safe, hon! 🙂 🙂

  9. I’ve been on the phone checking up on people too. I’ve also been tackling some hard jobs in the yard I’ve ignored for a long time. Creating, sending cards, hobbies, less tv are all great suggestions. I think we’re all going to find more ideas for coping as time goes on. Stay safe and I hope we all come out of this in some way better when it’s finally over.

  10. I am glad to hear that you and your family are doing fine during this crisis. It is most important thing that every needs to be positive and calm. For many, daily life needs drastic adjustment but keep looking at the positive side will get us through.

  11. I’m glad you are safe and well, Otto. We have come to “know” so many people far and wide via the internet that I often find myself wondering about my blog buddies, etc. Hoping they are OK. Thanks for being a calm port in a storm. Stay safe, My Friend.

  12. Like you, I have experienced loss of work. Even the well-off prefer to limit discretionary spending in such times, and care for luxury boats is something that can be put off. I am lucky enough to have enough work still in line to carry me for a month or more, and since I work in isolation, outdoors, going to work isn’t a problem. It does seem as though the initial panic is easing here; I was able to find fresh fruits and vegetables, and cheeses, in the market today. So, I’m well supplied, healthy, and taking it one day at a time. It seems as though certain of our leaders finally have had enough of the people who have been unwilling to take the suggested limitations seriously, and it may be that a little more gentle pressure will keep more of us inside, and shorten the time it takes to begin moving out of this.

    My best to you, Otto, and to all of your family and friends. Our global village never has seemed so global.

  13. We are certainly living in strange times. I keep waking up thinking, “Is it really happening? Are we really isolated in our homes and businesses closed?” Business areas look like ghost towns.

  14. Your image is perfect, Otto. Glad to know you’re isolated and safe. Unsettling and frightening times. I agree, a great time to focus on a creative idea or learning a new skill. (or even just finally reorganizing my website!) I am finding it’s very important to clear my mind each day from all the anxiety producing news. Take care and stay healthy. 💙

  15. Thanks for your post, Otto. It’s a pretty scary situation, but I am staying positive that things will get better soon. We just have to all do our part. I was having a hard time finding work at what I was doing for quite a while, but I was needing a change anyway. So, this could be a blessing in disguise. I have been accepted into a graphic design program for Fall of this year. It could be my ticket to a better future. Keep well & all the best, Karen

    1. It might take some time, but yes, we will get out this for sure. It’s definitely a time for changes, personally and for the society as a whole. Cool that you have been accepted at the graphic design program. Stay healthy, you too, Karen.

  16. Positive living is the best because it not only pushes you to become better version of yourself but it also builds one mentally it’s healthy

  17. Thanks so much for the words of wisdom, Otto. We’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of positive things we’ve discovered during our self-quarantine. May we all stay healthy and safe.

  18. Thanks for encouragement. Everything seems so uncertain right now. Guess the adage “There’s no place like hope” is rather appropriate right now. Thought I would mention that David DuChemin is offering everyone $20 towards several of his E-books if you have signed up for his newsletter. I just downloaded his “See the World” pdf together with his “See the World Northern Kenya” pdf but he has several others available. Sort of cheered me up that he did this.

  19. staying at home is nothing new for me… but i think my husband’s work will close down this week or next, and HE is NOT used to sitting around at home, and i worry about him! i don’t know what the world will look like after this, but i AM trying to be as positive as i can

  20. Thank you for your encouraging words, Otto. Klausbernd and I can cope with being at home quite well. The weather is lovely at the moment and we spend hours working in the garden every day, we have thousands of books to keep us company indoor so we don’t suffer much being on our own. For several weeks we have refrained from being in contact with others as we have followed the progress in Norway in Germany. The UK has had a somewhat laid-back approach, but we are a few days later now and yesterday (24/3) we all got a phone message from UK GOV; stay at home! The vulnerable ones got a message from NSH: stay indoor for the next 12 weeks, don’ leave your home, only open the window. We are allowed to go for a walk a day, so will do so and combine it with shopping in the next village.
    Take care and stay safe. x

    1. It seems like you are doing well in the calamity that has hit the world. But I am not surprised, you are resourceful and yes, have plenty of books, as I have understood and as I have, too. Maybe I am little surprised by the measures now imposed in UK. On the other hand, it was probably in due time, if not overdue. Stay safe, both of you.

  21. A stunning image, Otto. We all have to make sacrifices, however small they may be, to try and stop the spread of this pandemic. I’m quite enjoying the isolation and using the time to do more walking, reading, playing piano and cooking different meals. Of course, being able to see the wonderful Florida wildlife in our backyard is an added bonus. Stay safe, healthy and positive. “This too shall pass” as my mother used to say in difficult times. She was always right. 🙂

  22. That’s great advice, Otto. And you have kept it simple, which is good in these times when there is so much information flying around. If I do feel like curling up into a ball, at least let it be in surroundings like what you pictures. Take care!

  23. Tack för dina kloka ord och tack för att du lyckas hålla positivitetens flagga högt, trots att du liksom oss alla har fått känna på coronas negativa följder. Har tänkt på dig och dina workshops i bla Cuba och nu fick jag svaret…inställda förstås och så otroligt tråkigt för alla inblandade, för dig, för dina elever och inte minst för Cuba.
    Du har så rätt, vi måste försöka vara positiva…men, det är allt annat än lätt!
    Ha det gott, så gott det nu går och jag försöker tänka positivt!
    PS. När allt accelererade, när vi kom hem från Kambodja och vår resa till Stan-länderna hade blivit inställd…då sa vi att, so what, vi åker upp till Tromsö i stället…och det gick ju som det gick!?!

  24. Remaining positive, hopeful, kind, creative, safe are all important nowadays . We try to make the most of everyday and enjoy the simple moments. Inspiring post. Stay safe 🙏

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