A Tribute to Mother Nature

A new year is already underway. So let me start my first post of the year with wishing you all a flourishing creative and expanding year.

A new year means a new start and new possibilities. All we need to do is embrace all there is and dive into the cycle creative endeavours that are awaiting us. I for one, have great expectations to this second decennium of the still quite new millennium. I am planning a series of events and projects that I already feel excited about to get started. As of now I will not disclose any of them just yet, but will have to get back to them as the year proceeds.

The year has already had a head on start for me. I went to Costa Rica to celebrate both Christmas and New Years Eve, and I have just returned from more than two weeks of needed and pleasant holidays in the beautiful Central American country.

Costa Rica is known for its lush and abundant nature. And that’s exactly what we explored during this trip, visiting rainforest, volcanoes, mountains, lakes, mangroves and the almost steaming coastal landscape. We had rain, we had sun, and we had cold and warm days. All was a delight. Costa Rica certainly is a country I will return to.

Let this first blog post of the year be a tribute to Mother Nature in images. All photos were captured in Costa Rica. Fill free to comment on any of them.

62 thoughts on “A Tribute to Mother Nature

  1. Belated Happy New Year to you Otto. I love the beach scenes – very moody and dramatic.
    Looks like a wonderful holiday and great to get back to nature where it was, no doubt, much warmer than home.

  2. Happy New Year Otto, wishing you good health, happiness and prosperity. Your photography is a beautiful tribute to the coming year. I was in Costa Rica early 2019 and was amazed at the beauty. I look forward to learning the exciting agenda that awaits you in 2020.

  3. The freshness and vitality of the greens is wonderful, Otto, and I love the moody each scenes. These look like good memories to bring home. Hope the rest of the year goes as well 🙂 🙂

  4. Dear Otto I got your mail with much amaizement ,particularly for your move to capture such pictures,which would have been my interest to make such adventure. By posting to me,you made myself feel that we were together at this kind of visit.You have opened the starting of 2020,which we have great eager to raise our fund in establishing new projects,so that we can turn on a new green leaf of the future. My friend I hope to get much from you as you had aroused to be in joint venture by sharing what is happening in this universe. Thank you very much I hope we can meet in the coming green future. May you have a relax by reading my mail. Yours in poor developing country as Tanzania in East Africa. Kibegwa A. Kibegwa

  5. The young girl holding the baby is my favorite among the images. The juxtaposition with the algae-covered rock is perfect; life, in two vibrant forms. Happy New Year to you, Otto, and every good wish for a year filled with discovery and unexpected juxtapositions.

  6. Amazing. Equally amazing was that |I clicked many images (7!) to open a new page to leave a comment – and those pages loaded even though I was off line! Now online, I don’t see any area for a comment on individual images..
    The final image had so much happening, including so many different areas that were pointing the eye from lower right to mid/upper left.. the clouds, the lady’s arm/hand, the surfer, the rock being splashed by the wave, and even the sand contributes to that same ‘direction’ for the eye.

    My favorite was that amazing strangler, and the vantage point that directs our eyes skyward.. Makes us want to embrace the tree!

  7. I, too, remember my holiday in Costa Rica and consider it one of the most memorable experiences in my life. Even now, more than ten years later, I still take mental trips along the Sarapiqui. Thanks for the memories.
    Best wishes with your plans for 2020

  8. Happy New Year, Otto! I love these pics, and my fave is of the little child being held on the beach, there is something emotional about it for me… I’m glad you had a good trip

  9. hej, Otto
    Yes, mother nature has its own way of showing us secrets, which we sometimes walk by because we, human are always hunting something else. That, something else, is not what’s in front of our sense but far beyound ourselfes. these days my photograpic eyes has taken a sort of vacation, i want to explore the light a bit more. Or much more.
    Have a good year 2020 with you all your adventures.

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