Excellent Photography

© Jathushiga Bridget Rajah
© Inger Ellen Eftevand Orvin
© Vigdis Robberstad
© Katharina Dale Håkonsen
© Monica Broen
© Nicolaas Kuipers

As I wrote in my last blog post, the photo workshop in Bolivia in the end of September and beginning of October was a great experience for both participants and the organizers, that is me and my colleague Sven Creutzmann.

Not only was it great experience, though, during the ten days the workshop lasted, the participants grew and showed significantly developments. Of course, to varying degree. For anyone who is already an experience photographer, it’s always harder to show any drastic improvements. However, those in an earlier stage of their development have a larger potential for advancing their photography. And that’s exactly what happened during the Bolivia workshop. It was great fun to watch how they all were able to capture stronger and more enchanting images, particularly as the days went by and towards the end of the workshop.

Here is a handful of their captivating images, showing the rural life in the eastern mountains of Bolivia. Enjoy!

71 thoughts on “Excellent Photography

    1. I have take note of your email address and will add you to the newsletter about upcoming workshop that I plan to send later this month. Thanks for showing interest in my workshops.

  1. These are terrific. The first shot makes me curious, as the man appears to be licking the wall. Katharina’s photo in particular really draws you in & invites study.

  2. All are interesting and compelling, but the third and fourth are my favorites: the third for the way it conveys perseverance and good humor, and the fourth for that perspective. I have no idea how it was accomplished, but the ‘giant’ of a man in the doorway is great.

  3. Each image tells a heartfelt story about the subject’s life. Or we as viewers we can intuit by the surroundings. The joy of your workshops is the teacher/student relationship, where each learns from the others.

  4. Very good and approachable pictures.
    The woman with the hat. Fantastic radiance.
    And the house where the kids are on the ground….super.

  5. You, Otto, are giving so many people and unforgettable opportunity to learn and enjoy with others the secrets of photography. These ‘workshops’ offer not only companioship but a location with certainty of good photos and help if needed. Super stuff.

  6. The colours caught my attention on that first photo, but then you notice that he appears to be liking the wall…it took me by surprise. Loved the perspective of the one with the cow being milked. Every photo tells a compelling story and fires the imagination. Great work, love it.

  7. Stunning photos. Sometimes I think we may forget how the rest of the world may live each and every day. Thank you for sharing these. Safe travels to you.

  8. A superb series. I particularly enjoyed viewing Katharina’s shot indoors. Beautifully captured and showing every detail so clearly. Must have been a hard scene to capture with only the doorway light. I’m really impressed with the standard of all.

  9. Ah – great gallery of great shots! I am sure everyone must have been happy with their results! Katharina Dale Håkonsens indoor shot is my favorite. Much story, much feeling and lovely light.

  10. Some great images from your participants, Otto, and fascinating for me to see this part of the world as I am most unlikely to get there

  11. those ARE really amazing photos! I can easily see your influence on the new photographers!
    but WHAT is that little boy so sad about? 😦

  12. Very good photos, we can see a story in each one of them. You have been good tutors and your students made a terrific work. Can I ask for more pictures? Never been in Bolivia and this is a way to know the place and the people…
    Well done!

  13. These are wonderful images. It is refreshing to see a different location and people that have not been seen everywhere in social media. I think Bolivia is a great place to do a workshop.

  14. All the photos are so incredibly stunning. Your students are obviously very talented, but they are learning from a great teacher too. Seems like such a fantastic workshop.

  15. Wow, Otto, this is an impressive testament to the work you and Sven did organizing and leading this workshop. These are all exciting, dynamic images. Congratulations to everyone!

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