On the Road Again

As you are reading this post, I am getting going teaching another photo workshop in Bolivia. It has just started. Today, Monday, we are heading out from Santa Cruz, the regional centre in eastern Bolivia, to the village of Samaipata. Over the next week plus, we will continue to Vallegrande and La Higuera and finally head back again to Santa Cruz at the end of next week.

I have been looking forward both to be on the road and not the least to teach this workshop again. Last time we did it—that is my friend and colleague Sven Creutzmann and I—was back in 2013. We have a nice group of participants with us this time, most of whom have attended at least one of our workshops before.

This is definitely a photo workshop for the more adventures photographers. Yes, here in Santa Cruz we stay at a great and quit luxurious hotel, but hereafter it’s going to be plenty of bumpy roads and the most unpretentious of accommodations. Simply because that’s all there is in the towns and village up in the eastern mountains of Bolivia.

The tour will follow in the footsteps of Che Guevara. For some he was a hero, for some a terrorist. No matter what you think about him, the history and how it all ended here in the mountains of Bolivia is fascinating.

I will try to keep you posted about the trip and the workshop as we go, but cannot promise anything. Internet is not well accessible in these rural areas. Anyway, here we go.

53 thoughts on “On the Road Again

  1. This sounds like a wonderful adventure, Otto. Happy travels! I very much look forward to seeing Bolivia through your eyes.

  2. Nice photos, the third is especially intriguing, hard to read the horseman’s expression. “Che, the Cross, and the Caballero” (Although probably they’d say gaucho, I think? )

  3. Sounds wonderful for those adventurous at heart and not for the faint-hearted once you get to those small villages. Fabulous images and you’ve really captured the character behind the face. Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable trip with plenty of subject matter to photograph.

  4. Yes Otto, det här verkar mycket intressant och jag önskar dig all lycka med din Workshop. Jag förstår att du nu vänder dig till lite mer erfarna fotografer…och så rätt, här gäller det mer än någonsin att ha förmågan att SE och att dra sina egna slutsatser. Det bara måste bli en succé…du är bäst!

    1. Takk for hyggelig ord. Du har helt rett: Det handler om å se – hvilket jeg selvsagt også snakke om under workshopen. Ellers var det faktisk en blanding av erfarne fotografer og ganske nye i faget, men alle hadde stort utbytte – tror jeg det er trygt å si.

  5. Great, tour Otto, seeing these, it occurred to me you may want to do a tour to visit the Raramuri people in Coper Canyon, or the Huichol people in the Sierra Wirrarika in Nayarit, or even the Lacandon people in Chiapas, bet you can have a great time, and many good pictures.

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