Ireland Island

When you go to Ireland, you’d better expect rainy days and nippy winds from the west. After all, there is a reason why Ireland is called the green island. However, sometimes you may be blessed with sunshine and blue sky—in between that is.

Such was the case during the little bit more than two weeks I have been travelling mostly the west coast of the green island lately. We certainly experienced better weather than we had expected—even days when we got ourselves a little tan. Not at all bad for a visit to the usually rather wet island which stands as a barrier between the Atlantic Ocean and the rest of Europe.

I have always enjoyed visiting Ireland; the forthcoming people and their humour and sharp tongue as well as the beautiful landscape, whether its green rolling hills or the sharp cliffs falling off into the ocean. We got our shares of both this time. And of course our daily pint of Guinness.

This visit was pure vacation. And vacation is was. We were entirely able to enjoy life, whether in towns we visited or out on the countryside; then biking, hiking or kayaking. One might think that I, as a professional photographer, would not photograph much when on holiday. But of course I did, although photographing came second. Mostly for capturing memories and as a diary of our travel. Along here are but a few of the holiday impressions from Ireland.

71 thoughts on “Ireland Island

  1. Ah, lovely, Otto! If you ever did a workshop in Ireland, I could get myself over there. I do like Ireland, and haven’t been often enough…..

  2. that opening photo is my fav – the blue in the boat and the head on feel – but each photo is warm and looks like a great trip (top of the day to ya – couldn’t resist)

  3. Definitely a place that I’d like to visit. Your images and description make it vine more enticing. Adore the last one. Marvelous that you allowed yourself to be in the moment and the experience.

  4. I love that first photo, the blue boat really pops out. The second one is also so interesting, perfect timing with coffee shop guy looking out, fish and chips customers sitting on the outdoor tables and also a guy walking along the pavement…I really like this composition. All great photos, thank you Otto

  5. I’m so glad you thoroughly enjoyed your holiday, Otto. And for someone who put photography second, your photos are fabulous. I love the moodiness and atmosphere of them all. The light, the clouds, the unusual angles, the composition – all excellent. Thanks for sharing your holiday with us. 🙂

  6. So beautiful photographs dear Otto, I really loved them all. And be sure, I wish to join a workshop in Ireland too… It would be so exciting and interesting for me too. Thank you, Love, nia

  7. how beautiful, Otto!! I don’t mind the rain, after all, i live in vancouver….. i would love to visit ireland and scotland one day… i even love movies set there… except maybe train spotting haha

  8. My gr-gr-gr-grandfather was born in Ireland, in County Down, in 1771. My grandfather used to sing “Star of the County Down” to me, and tell me Grandpapa David would think me a star, too. I’m half Swedish and half Irish, more or less, and over the years the Irish has come to the fore — I’d love to see the country, and I’m glad to see this bit of it through your eyes.

  9. Oh, well, maybe one day will be able to go Ireland, and kiss the Blarney Stone..!
    Great pictures as usual Otto. 🙂

  10. Glad to hear that you had a really nice trip and were able to relax with you family. I’ve never visited Ireland but this is part of my future plans. Your photos are sooo beautiful. They make me want to buy a plane ticket right away. I will not forget to bring a trench.

  11. Ireland is on my list of places to visit in the next few years. My husband’s family originated there, and my daughter-in-law still has family there. I feel drawn to it, so it must be in my blood, as well. I love your photos! I’m not surprised you still take photos on vacation, and I’m grateful you do! Beautiful! You captured the spirit!

  12. Lovely shots. Even though it looks like you saw different things, your images bring back good memories of a trip last August. I’m sure we’ll go back for an encore some year.

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