Come Rain Come Shine

This weekend I taught a photo workshop in Bergen, Norway. Despite not having the best of weathers, I was impressed with the participants’ efforts. They were out early in the morning, shooting, shooting and relentlessly defying the weather.

What I enjoyed even more was their willingness to accept the challenges I forced upon them. They took it straight. For some it was losing control and become more reckless, for some it was approaching people on the street, for some it was not shooting sharp images, and for everybody it was to keep shooting long after they felt they had overly and too long disrupted whomever they stopped on the street.

It’s a natural instinct, to capture one, two or maybe even three photos of someone on the street and then let go. But most likely that will not be enough to produce captivating images and break the first inhibition and the subjecting wanting to play up to the photographer. On the street, the photographer has to keep going, keep shooting, 20, 50 maybe 100 photos of a situation. I know, it’s not easy, you feel you step over what is acceptable behaviour, but those who try often find out surprisingly how willing people actually are. As the participants of the workshop found out.

The participants not only defied the weather and the challenges, but also brought back some excellent images. At a later stage, I will display some of their work here. For now let me just inform that I am teaching another weekend photo workshop in Seattle from September 6th to 9th. If you may be interested, you’ll find more information about the workshop “The Visual Language” here.

As of tomorrow I will take off on a two weeks holiday in Ireland. I will be away from the blog sphere during the holiday. But I will be back in the end of June. Take care friends.

69 thoughts on “Come Rain Come Shine

  1. i couldn’t doooo that, i have had too many people give me horrible looks of hate and simply barking ‘no’… and others screaming at me to ‘eff off’…. they don’t deserve to be immortalized in one of my pics haha…
    say, is my ‘blur’ catching on?

          1. Yes! I am the one who had to quake with fear at posting blurry photos, and to see it catching on makes me wish i had patented the idea hahahaha… at least nobody else has to be scared to do it!! but i’m running out of ideas on how to do bad photography haha

  2. Otto, your workshops look like so much fun, wish I lived there as I would love to join you and learn to take better images. There’s so much ‘story’ behind what you do – I love that.

  3. Enjoy your holiday to Ireland! Take lots of pics to share. I will look forward to seeing them, hopefully, here at your page. Regards and Godspeed to you.

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