Last Week’s Instagram

Once a week—or every so often—I will display one of my photos captured and/or processed with Instagram over the last week. It’s a way for me to show photography that usually is quite different from my regular work. The pictures are displayed without any comments, hoping they will stand on their own. But I still very much appreciate any comments you may have.

55 thoughts on “Last Week’s Instagram

  1. I tried to photograph some stave churches during my brief visit to Norway, but none of the shots were as successful as this one. I like the dreamlike quality to it, even if the dream may have a dire or baleful element in it! 🙂

  2. The contrast between the Christian symbol and the Viking ornaments on the church captures the essence of the Viking to Christian transition. We spent a long morning in and around the Heddal Stave Church (Heddal Stavkyrkje) in Notodden, Norway, a few years ago. Something about your photo took me back there, rekindling my sense of awe.

    1. As I have mentioned before, those old stave churches are quite something special. Each of them are different, but have the same style, so no wonder the image took you back to Heddal stave church. 🙂

  3. There’s something about the image that suggests a number of human traditions: medieval, Celtic, Viking. And yet it’s the ground that predominates in the image, suggesting that while traditions may come and go, the primal earth remains. It’s a wonderful, evocative image.

  4. My goodness! This is a breathtaking photo, Otto. \ I love the architectural detail and the tombstone in the foreground really adds to the intrigue. Fabulous!

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