Back from Photo Workshop in Bath

Last night I got back from teaching a photo workshop in Bath, England, over an extended weekend. The participants and I had a great experience, despite the weekend being clogged down by some heavy rain. After weeks of lovely sunshine and what seems to have returned to more sunshine, the workshop really found the one weekend with pretty nasty weather. Particularly on Saturday it was wet and cold, and we all felt a little demolished after a whole day out in the rain. But I have to praise all the participants for their determination not to let the rain take them down. They kept shooting until late in the evening. We did get some sunshine, too, but as one of the participants said, the rain will make sure we won’t forget this workshop.

For me it was also an unforgettable workshop because of the group itself. The spirit and the eagerness to learn and willingness to being challenged was enormously inspiring for a workshop teacher. I think it shows in the result they came home with. They all captured some outstanding images. Street photography is always difficult, because you photograph in an environment where you have no control, and thus will capture a lot of less than satisfactory images. They never gave up pushing on and searching for new possibilities and photos.

For me—as in all the workshops I teach—I learned just as much as the participants did, by their vision and the way they see the world through the camera. We all bring ourselves into our photography and thus we all shoot differently. And nothing is more inspiring than seeing how others perceive the world in their pursuit of photography. I had a great weekend, to put it simple. In a later post, I will get back to the amazing work of the participants.

49 thoughts on “Back from Photo Workshop in Bath

  1. It sounds everyone made the best of it — and it looks like they enjoyed themselves. If the teacher doesn’t learn *something* along with the students, surely something is missing. 🙂 Well done, Otto. Hugs.

  2. Otto, it was the most intense weekend but it was fabulous. We learned so much and as a group I think we worked really well, helping each other to push boundaries that we wouldn’t have attempted previously. Thanks for your patience, your advice and your gentle persuasion. We had the best time and hope to get together again.

  3. I’m glad they enjoyed doing street photography in the rain. I do too. It can be interesting what you get. Even if you don’t make impressive shots, you may still see interesting things about a city and the people in it during a shower.

  4. When there is a good group assembled, great things can happen ~ I think especially when circumstances become a bit of a challenge. Great experiences, those remembered, often come about when things to not go as planned or wished. Photographing in the rain, while challenging, as you lead to offers unique opportunities.

      1. I agree wholeheartedly with you two. This summer I have joined several workshops and it’s amazing what all comes up, sometimes not intended, but very welcome. Great photos, Otto! Glad you had such an awesome experience!

  5. I am glad you had a good workshop despite the rain! I participated in several workshops earlier in my photography journey and I will never forget autumn in the White Mountains of New Hampshire … it was 2005, the year of the floods!

  6. Your excitement and pleasure are palpable, Otto. I look forward to seeing some of the work, and I’m glad it was inspiring, in spite of – or maybe a little bit because of? – the weather.

  7. Lucky you, to be in such a beautiful part of the world. I like rainy days these days. I am sure it was lovely there, in spite of the rain. Happy autumn days, Susan

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