¡Cuba Libre!

As a continuation of my post from Cuba last week, I want to continue showing a handful of other images I took during the photo workshop we, my colleague and I, taught earlier in May this year. As I wrote in my last Cuba-post, it’s only now that I have finally gotten around to edit and process the photos from the trip.

Some of the photos I show were captured during the actually workshop while others were taken beforehand. When I teach a workshop, I don’t always get much time to shoot my own photos. My time is dedicated to the workshop participants, either being out shooting with them or lecturing or doing picture critique.

Attending my workshop is always an intense experience, but not the least great fun. I think that’s fair to say. Participants univocally give our workshops the highest rating.

If you are interesting in attending one of our workshops in Cuba, we have just announced next year’s one week photo workshop in Cuba, similar to the one we taught this year and many years before. Follow the link to find more information about Street Photography in Cuba. If you are up for something very special, this autumn my colleague and I are organizing a two week photo tour/workshop in which in follow the footsteps of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara’s revolution. This is the link for In the Footsteps of a Revolution.

55 thoughts on “¡Cuba Libre!

  1. I feel people there are a bit more closely connected. Few pictures you took have people in groups, large or small and they seem to be enjoying or being part of the groups. These are great captures of the place.

  2. I typically gravitate to the photos you share of the people and the community life in Cuba. But I just love that first photo! It’s beautiful, and the Tropicana makes me think of Desi Arnaz. I had to smile! 🙂

  3. Wonderfully Pictured as always! and I agree with Paula, as > “happy side of life in Cuba”. To me, Cuban People are Amazing in many ways… and I bet 😉 They still impress people worldwide by their determination to “keep up the fight” to make progress… especially to make themselves “Happy First” in their Minds and in their Hearts despite all difficulties. Guiding Light for those suffering… So 🙂 Hats Off to them all !!

  4. Great photos as usual – and I agree about 3 dimensional feelings. The third photo reminds me of an old short story…and I have to look up the title. I think it is “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner. The same mood.

      1. I like that story – hope you will too. My students thought it strange, but I guess you are old enough to appreciate it 😉 Even if it is set in the south of America instead of Cuba.

  5. my fave pic is the boys sitting on the edge of a well…. wait, does ‘cuba libre’ mean something other than ‘rum and coke’ in cuba? hehe

  6. What an amazing place Cuba is, and how greatly you bring it, to us through your skills as a photographer!

    Thank you Otto. 🙂

  7. As always, such interesting photos…l love your observations of the varies poses of people take doing the “fascinating ordinariness” of everyday life. Thanks for sharing:)

  8. I love the informality of these images. They provide a glimpse into the everyday lives of these people as well as conveying a sense of place.

  9. These are very nice photos. My favorite is the second last one with the young men as they remind me of my relative who visited over summer who looks about the same age. I took myself there for my birthday last year and I would be interested to attend one of your workshops there, time and all other circumstances allowing.

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