Old Heroes Never Rust

I grew up with listening to Pink Floyd. Then later followed each individual career. Now the remaining band members have passed their 70’s, but are still going strong.

Last week I was attending a concert by Roger Waters in Krakow in Poland. Yes, his voice wasn’t as strong as it used to be, but, man, was he still performing well. It was simply a great concert. Great musicians. Great show. And great music. Roger Waters played music from the good old Pink Floyd all the way back to the “Meddle” album and up to his latest solo album “Is This the Life We Want?” The highlight was when he played almost the entire classic album “Dark Side of the Moon” .

Waters was more political than I have ever heard him before, coming down hard on untrustworthy politicians, greedy moneymakers, environmental morons and men and women abusing their power. Particular one present-day president got his but kicked. Waters’ message was unambiguous: We need to resist and try the best we can to change the world to a better place for all.

On a more personal level, the last couple of weeks have me being all over the place. Obviously Krakow, as well as Barcelona—as I have mentioned in a previous post—but also Prague, in addition to spending some time in the mountains here in Bergen. I have not been as attending here at the blog and to you my blog followers, as I would have liked to be. However, now that life is more back to the normal routine, I will get back to each and everyone of you.

86 thoughts on “Old Heroes Never Rust

  1. Well, Otto, a Pink Floyd fan eh? We saw Roger Waters recently in Liverpool and it was a great concert. Personally I would prefer him to keep his political views in his song lyrics- I found his ranting a bit over the top. We also saw David Gilmour at Chantilly Chateau in France a while ago. Equally good concert. Old rockers never die!

    1. I am indeed a big fan of Pink Floyd. I can see that it could be conceived as too much ranting, his political message, but since I agree with him, I thought it was appropriate. 🙂

  2. I’m glad you had a good time. The images on the screens in background are interesting in your photos. I didn’t hear Waters’ political rant but I’m guessing I’d agree with it. We do have to stand up to power and protect the good things in the world.

  3. how amazing. i would have loved to have seen this show. one of my very first concerts that i ever attended was pink floyd performing the dark side of the moon album. i was absolutely blown away and will never forget it

  4. Pink Floyd has been a favourite of mine for as long as I can remember. I was only fortunate enough to see them once live and it will always be a highpoint for me. Thanks for sharing these images, you have stirred up a lot of memories for me.

  5. Great photos! A lot of great memories in that music. And it’s OK for him to give a certain current president a kick in the…well you know. Many of us here would like to do the same.

  6. Great photos Otto and probably a great show.I just finished working at the folk festival and yes, always politics there and I am okay with that since it is the spirit of the genre.

      1. I agree. I definitely expect it in the folk genre, and see it in rock, too. It bothers some, they just want to hear the artist perform. I remember someone told me that they didn’t like a certain performer because she had “a bad attitude”. It was because the performer was expressing her views on a situation, something that she is known for. I was fine with it and admire this singer for her stand as well as for her talent.

  7. Isn’t it fun to see legends like Roger Waters live, still doing what they love, even after all these years? And you got some really wonderful images too, Otto! I’d say this was an evening very well spent.

  8. I’ve never been a Pink Floyd fan, but I know many are. Since you clearly are a long-time fan, I’m glad you had the opportunity to enjoy yet another concert. I did visit the Houston planetarium many, many years ago, and saw the show they’d designed with Pink Floyd music as the soundtrack. I don’t have any idea what it was, but “Dark Side of the Moon” sounds like it would have been appropriate.

  9. i never liked pink floyd but i can tell from here that it was an awesome show!! i once saw deep purple in concert when i was real young, they were an old band even then, but i found out i knew every song from carrying around my transistor radio as a wee child… that was an awesome concert too!!

              1. Bonjour à Tous:) I VOTE for Elaine!! 😉 and Yep! “Heroes” never Rust:) …Then, may I say, I’m very sad to know that a Great Lady, The Queen of Soul from Detroit passed away yesterday, as The Talented Aretha Franklin. She will be missed… Pink Floyd? who are they? ;-P

  10. They never “rust” or grow old dear Otto. It heartens me to see these gifted people use their art to stand up against what is happening in the world and especially right here in the U.S. We must resist and though some say celebrities should remain quiet on political issues, I disagree, they do have influence and we need that now. It must have been a tremendous and exciting experience at this concert, I am a huge fan of Pink Floyd…my favorite Pink tune is Shine On Crazy Diamond, a tribute to their band member Syd Barrett (I’m sure you probably know this). I’m glad you enjoyed your travels, welcome back!

  11. i couldn’t name a Pink Floyd song if my life depended on it because he came along after i was too busy raising children to listen to much music

    however, i can applaud anyone who can recognize the danger a little king can be when he’s in a position that is supposed to be a public servant

    you captured some brilliantly color shots with incredible texture feel to them

  12. What a fabulous concert. Sometimes a night of live music is just what the doc ordered. I know what you mean about stepping back from the blog too. I’m feeling the same.

  13. I don’t share your musical tastes Otto, but I love the photos – so vibrant and full of vitality – beautifully captured.

  14. what a wonderful post/update/report on what’s happening int he music scene! reading the comments, i was surprised that some either love pink floyd or else did not (like linda) and i pondered the many tunes that are oh so comforting to me and how some of the music ‘scores’ run through my head at random times… like this one:

    or in that same queue, ‘hey you…’
    thanks for letting us view the concert through your eyes/soul, and i too am pleased/proud that people who can make a difference are doing just that – speaking up/out… i was watching a chris martin/jonny ? ‘drop in’ event where they showed up at a benefit and played for twenty or so minutes.. he had such great presence, and he was doing nice things just to do it, and to say, ‘hey. we need to pull together and be nice to each other…’

    those are the people that can affect the masses…

    thanks for sharing, and thanks for listening!

    1. We certainly need more people—both celebrities and regular folks—to stand up and make a difference. Thank you for the comment, Lisa. Like for you, a lot of Pink Floyd tunes are very comforting for me.

  15. Some great images in this post, Otto.

    Sometimes, famous people – environmentalists, artists/creatives and other public figures can be a little over-the-top in their personal opinions, but on the other hand, if these creatives did not publicly express the need for bettering the world, how is the message going to get across.

    A quiet voice is not heard.

    Better to listen to a loud voice for a short concert and be reminded of, not only our love of their music, but words with a greater message (that can reach thousands in one sitting).

  16. We grew up with them and we get older with them… they are amazing and great as you expressed. They will be always great. Beautiful stage photographs, I can imagine the ambiance of the concert…. The world is strange in these days (especially with the politicians), the music always catches us from our heart. I am thinking this now, maybe politicians need to have a music/art therapy 🙂

    Thank you dear Otto, have a nice day and weekend and travels, Love, nia

      1. This idea came up to my mind, because can you see any image on media that politicians are in concert or in art festival or in art gallery, etc. Especially I don’t remember of ours… Music and art make us a better human, sport makes us physically strong…. they need…. 🙂 Thank you dear Otto, Love, nia

  17. What can be said that has not already been said, I mean Pink Floyd
    rock and rolled me all of my life! Thanks guys!
    They are my heros!
    Your fantastic photo spread and story do them great justice Otto. Wow!

  18. Your photos look like they work seamlessly with the concert production style – wow. You must have had a great time, and all the traveling – well, I’m envious, but I’ve been enjoying myself, so, not TOO envious. 🙂

  19. It sounds like you had a wonderful night seeing your musical hero, Otto. I’m glad you could see him over there. What wonderful adventures you’ve been on 🙂

  20. A Saturday morning with Pink Floyd playing, Dark Side of the Moon, no less, is the perfect backdrop to enjoy this post, Otto. Thank you. Love the photos of life that music you bring, and Waters brings too. The message you write of Waters is one that I’ve always enjoyed with the music of Pink, “We need to resist and try the best we can to change the world to a better place for all.”

    1. I agree, Pink Floyd has often been political in the lyrics, and maybe more so Roger Waters. His political engagement seems stronger than ever. Thank you for commenting, Randall.

  21. Nice images but I am tired of the famous people always having to bash the politics in America. You go to concerts so you do not have to hear this jargon and it is disappointing to hear they have to ruin some of the good messages their music can bring. Just my take.

    1. I guess we disagree. At least in Roger Waters’ case, it’s not only American politics, although Trump got his share, but all bad politics around the world that got confronted. And I think rightly and necessary so.

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