Back from Cuba

I have just rounded up my latest workshop in Cuba. As always, it was great fun, both for the participants and me. Cuba is maybe one of the best and easiest places in the world to train in street photography. Everywhere people are extremely relaxed about being photographed, very inviting and friendly. Any inhibition you may feel about approaching strangers on the street will easily evaporate in Cuba. In addition, the colours and the energy of the country make for captivating photos.

So far, I have hardly been able to recap the workshop and the whole experience in Cuba, not the least been able to process much of the thousands of photos I captured during the two weeks I spent in the country. Thus, here and now, I will only show a handful of images taken during the celebration of the international workers’ day on May 1. In later blog posts, I will get back to the workshop itself and of course show more photos both from the workshop and captured on my own.

Let me round up this post by thanking all of you who have commented previous post while I have been away. I have not been able to respond while being in Cuba, simply because internet access is very limited. However, I promise I will get back to each and everyone of you.

67 thoughts on “Back from Cuba

  1. Fabulous images, Otto. What a place to conduct a workshop. Would love to go sometime soon. I love the smiling officer and the military marching with all the flags. Looking forward to more.

  2. I always love your shots from Cuba. You truly convey the spirit and vibrancy of the culture. Do you ever manage to process your photos? It gets overwhelming for me.

    1. I always process my photos before showing them anywhere. But of course, only the selected ones. I usually shoot thousands of photo whenever I visit Cuba and can’t process them all…

  3. Upon each return, I get so excited to see your photos from Cuba, Otto. You capture the color and beauty of the country and with the vibrancy of the people I really feel the energy and am so delighted. I can’t wait to see all that you will share with us. I know this was a wonderful workshop for everyone who joined you!

    1. In general people in Cuba enjoy having the photos taken. But they also do seem to be able to enjoy life more than many of us from other parts of the world. Why? For one thing, because they are able to live in the now.

          1. i once watched a BBC documentary on consciousness or something, maybe free will… and the guy ended up hooked up to some brain machine and found out that his ‘decisions’ were made in some other part of his brain seconds before he THOUGHT he made them consciously… it’s impossible to live in the moment, coz all your ‘moments’ started seconds ago subconsciously… hehe, good morning, just wanted to give you an existential crisis for you to start your day with lol

              1. lol no it’s true, even dr bruce lipton found out that our souls aren’t ‘here’, but somewhere else sending signals to our bodies… when we make a decision, our conscious mind confabulates why the decision was made so that it feels like we made it consciously… if i ever find the documentary again, i will show you… it’s BBC

              2. it’s actually a rather famous brain finding, but i couldn’t find the original documentary i found… here’s a snippet of the experiment

  4. So glad it was a wonderful time there, Otto, and I look forward to seeing more photographs from your trip/workshop. I think Cuba is such a colorful place in so many ways.

  5. Welcome back, Otto. What you say about the warm reception one gets in Cuba, and how good that is for street photography, makes total sense. It must have been great to be there on May 1st! I look forward to seeing more images and hearing about the workshop.

  6. Well captured the faces and actions! I can see people are relaxed and open for being photographed. I hope this continues on. It would be interesting to learn the reason(s) why. That would be the place to visit not just for opportunities for capturing lives on street there.

  7. Hi Otto! Every time I return to the blogging world, your blog is one of my first stops. And I see you are still going strong! What wonderful and powerful photos. I’m in awe. And I so appreciate your attitude and inspiring words. I’m starting up a portrait photography business and though you might not know it, you’ve been one of my biggest inspirations over the years. Thank you for sharing your time and talent! I see in your sidebar you’ve got a book of tips — I’m going to go buy a copy. Come on over and say hi when you have a free moment! And keep on sharing these amazing images. 🙂

    1. Thank you for the wonderful feedback, Melissa. It warms my heart to read. And I hope all the best for your portrait photography business. And I will certainly come over and visit your site. 🙂

  8. These pictures of yours are just stunning. Love the way you capture the joy of the people and the mouvement. The last pic is my favourite.

  9. Street photography is not my cup of tea, but I can imagine if you’re in a place like Cuba, it does invite you to take part in street photography. And they look really spontaneous and relaxed. 🙂
    Best regards, Heidi

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