Beautiful Belize

As I wrote in my previous post last week, Belize is foremost known for its amazing nature. Last week I showed the beautiful underwater world along the coast of the very small Central-American country. In addition to diving and various water sports, we also got to spend about a week in the interior, in and around the rain forest. Of course, like any other country in this part of the world, ancient cities of the Mayans and the Pre-Mayans have been discovered throughout the country—and until last century hidden in the rain forest. It’s always something special to visit this abandoned cities with their impressive ruins and structures still standing. I have visited many of them over the years, and this time in Belize, we were able to spend time in another two ancient cities. In addition to photos from Caracol and Xunantunich, here in this post I also show glimpse of daily life in Belize. I am just going to let them stand there without further comment.

76 thoughts on “Beautiful Belize

  1. I had a friend years and years ago that spent summers there with her family. Her dad was an archaeologist, and spent summers working in the rain forest. I have always wanted to go, and your photos make me think that even more. What a beautiful place.

  2. a wonderful collection of images of this exotically beautiful place

    i really like last image with the motion blur of the cyclists

  3. You have caught the atmosphere. I haven’t been to Belize, but believe there’s a better piece and harmony with the nature than the most of the places.
    Thanks for the feel

  4. Belize is a wonderful and diverse country, and I’m so glad that you were able to disconnect and focus on all things beautiful, comforting and inspiring. I visited Xunantunich long ago and regretted not crossing over to see Tikal on a full-moon opportunity. ( I did visit Tikal years later from a Guatemala trip)

    Viewing your images was like being back there, so thank you twice – once for what you’ve shared, and the other for transporting me back!

      1. Rosita Arvigo wrote a great book, Sastun, which tells her story of learning ethnobotany from an old Shaman; You were probably right there, and if so – already know of her work and story. In the book she mentioned that he mentioned that the good spirits have left many of the old sites (because of modern man) … My copy was lost, so those details are foggy – but very interesting story. I still have – and often consult – the companion book, 100 healing herbs of belize…

  5. Your photos are always beautiful and inspirational, Otto. I love the bicycling boys and that structure on the beach. And the rain forest as well.

    This is Cathy, from my new blog, Otto. I love this post of photos from Belize. I have several invitations going on my new blog; one is photography invitations every first and third Thursday of the month. I’d love to link this beautiful post from Belize up to my next photography post on May 3, if you’d like. 🙂

  6. Many, many people here have sailed to Belize; it’s a favorite cruising destination. I smiled at the family atop the ancient pyramid. The umbrella, the camera, the children’s hats — together with their tiny size relative to the structure — is so evocative. They remind me of the tiny figures placed atop wedding cakes: more representational than real.

    The moon shining above those rudimentary human structures is wonderful, too. It’s a reminder that “nature” isn’t just a place to visit, but a part of everyday life.

  7. Good morning, dear Otto,
    many years ago we have been to Belize as well. We tried to go into the rainforest but it was too much for us, a bit frightening with all the animals you hear but not see.
    You documented really well the everyday life in Belize. We like the mood of your pictures, these special colours.
    Have a gorgeous weekend
    The Fab Four of Cley

  8. Thanks for sharing your experiences. Your post evoked memories of a break we enjoyed in Costa Rica a few years ago. It is a privilege to be able to spend a short while in such a contrasting culture and physical environment.

  9. You show a place where nature and people have a great symbiotic relationship ~ the way life should be lived. Brilliant images, they get the mind thinking and imagining what is possible 🙂 The color, feeling, and happiness to be found.

  10. I like what Randall said above – you have a great sense for capturing these every day images of people going about their business. Wonderful!

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