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Learning is a way to both improve and to develop. I believe in lifelong learning—as long as I am willing to learn I stay alive. There are many ways to replenish one’s knowledge and further develop oneself. Personally I find attending workshops one of the most inspiring ways to learn and develop. I try to attend at least one workshop every year. For me there is something about the format of workshops, being incredibly attractive and just evoking pure stimulation. This goes for whether I am a student or a teacher.

This year I am planning to teach more photo workshops than I have ever done in any year before. I am setting up two complete new workshops, in addition once again to organizing two workshops that have been successful in the past. They should cater to any level or interests of photography, whether you are a beginner or already a pro, whether you want to dig in and really develop your photographic voice or just want to have fun while getting a better grip on your photography.

I hope one of the workshops I offer may trigger your desire to further develop and learn. Maybe travel to a place you have not been to before, or maybe finally spending full time immersing yourself in a photographic learning experience. I promise your photography will progress profoundly during any of the workshops. I say so based on having taught workshops for more than ten years and not the least from responses from former workshop participants. As one participant stated: “The workshop was all about constructive critique that inspired to stretch myself to levels I had never perceived before. I believe I am a better photographer today than I was 10 days ago.”

This year I will for, the first time, teach a workshop in England. It’s going to be an extended weekend in the picturesque and distinctive city of Bath. We will stroll around in the historical city, which is built on a heritage extending back to Roman time and beyond. “Street Photography in Bath” will run from September 21th to 24th.

The other completely new workshop is going to be quite an experience. I am really proud to be able to offer a two weeks combined photo tour and workshop in Cuba, where we will follow the footsteps of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara and their revolution. I am teaching the workshop together with my friend and colleague, Sven Creuztmann. We will visit cities with important landmarks for the two revolutionaries fought, we will visit places that most visitors to Cuba never get to see and we will go deep into the mountains where the revolution started. “In the Footsteps of a Revolution” takes place from November 24th to December 7th.

The workshops I have taught before will run in spring. I will once again do the intimate photo workshop about how to develop your photographic expression in my hometown of Bergen, Norway. It’s going to be a very small workshop where we meet up in my apartment, when we are not shooting the streets of Bergen. “The Personal Expression” runs from June 15th to 17th.

Finally, Sven and I are running our regular workshop in Cuba this May. It’s a one week photo workshop, and one of my most popular. We already have a good group signed up for the workshop, but there are still some spots left. “Cuba in Essence” takes place from May 5th to 17th.

Maybe one of these workshops could be something for you? I would love to have you come along.

43 thoughts on “Develop Your Photography

  1. I would love to do the Bath, and the Cuba workshop. Some year hopefully. Learning is so important to stay out of the rut, and keep our minds fresh.

  2. And the best things for those of us unable to attend one of your workshops is that your blog functions as a sort of “extension course.” When I think of how much I’ve learned here, it’s immensely satisfying.

  3. it all sounds very exciting

    i love your low angle on the first image here. the bold colors and the inclusion of the hand with his watch was genius.

  4. The photos here are a great advertisement – the first, well, it’s just great, very you. And the second really looks like an appealing atmosphere – involved, bright, serious people learning together. The third is a reminder that it’s fun. It’s tempting, but…pretty far away! 😉 I’m glad you’re expanding though, and at some point, maybe it will work out.

  5. I jumping around with excitement reading this. We have made plans to visit Wales and Germany in September, it’s not good to have too many plans. I visited Bath for the first last November. It was a Saturday and it was so crowded with people due to the opening of the Christmas fair and a rugby match that we left quite exhausted and I made a wow to return soon. The streets of Bath are so beautiful and thinking street photography, crowded streets can be very attractive. Do you know Dag Spant? He gave a captivating lecture on street photography last time I visited the local photography club in Fredrikstad. His presentation of street photography opened my eyes to a new approach to photography in general and I’m sure it would be absolutely fabulous to learn from you in England. I’ll get back to you!

    1. I am very excited about teaching a workshop in Bath. Even if we don’t see each other on a workshop, I hope to be able to meet up at some point – as we have mentioned before. I don’t know Dag Spant, not personally that is, but I know his work. 🙂

  6. Photography has become a passion of mine. But as an amateur photographer it is especially important for me that it remains a relaxation! I would like to participate in a workshop, but my time is too limited and the distances are often too big. I try to learn on my own experience but a lesson from a professional could be complement my technical side. I also try to expand my skills by following turtorials and the advice of other photographers. But what I like the most is that it broadens my vision on everything that concerns nature, culture, history, fauna and flora and all animals. And almost every day there is something I learn 🙂 I do not believe that the crocodile on the last picture is real, otherwise you should runaway from it and you would not been bitten by the crocodile 😉
    Best regards, Heidi

    1. The crocodile was once a real thing. But it’s no threat any more. I wholeheartedly agree with what you write about learning and developing your photograph skills. And it certainly broadens not only one’s photography but, as you say, the whole mindset. Thank you for the poignant comment, Heidi.

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