Good Start of the Picture Critique

© Mary Hone
© Linda Grashoff
© Elaine
© Holly Hunter
© Mary Shoobridge
© Terry
© Linda Paul
© Monica Amberger

The first week of my latest run of photo critique was inspiring. I received a handful and more captivating images from bloggers who trusted me to give some useful and constructive feedback. For me that is always a humbling experience, whether I am granted the chance to provide feedback here on this site or during my regular workshops. It requires respect and understanding of each photograph’s level to be able to not only praise their photos but also honestly point to possible improvements, without discouraging the recipients.

Many years of teaching workshops have given me confidence in the process, and at this stage I am sorely enjoying both looking at for me new bodies of work and articulate what I see and feel when taking in their artistic expressions. It’s inspirational for me, as well as something I always learn from myself. Of course, when giving my feedback, I don’t claim to know what is right or wrong, but I still hope my opinion will make some sense for those who trust me with their photos. However, it’s only my opinion, and others my see things quite differently and even in opposition to my views. So, for those of you who let me give my feedback, take whatever makes sense to you of what I write and then leave the rest behind.

This first week, only bloggers who already know me through exchange and blogging over the internet have submitted photos to this round of critique. I hope over the next little period that others would like to give it a try as well. So if you have a photo you would like some feedback on, please don’t hesitate to submit a link to my page here, called Picture Critique. Remember, it’s not about submitting excellent photos, but about photos you feel uncertain about or photos you would like to get an outsider’s opinion about.

Keep in mind that I will only keep this possibility for picture critique open another couple of weeks. By the end of the month, I will close the site. If you have a photo—or think you have one—jump on and grab the opportunity; submit a photo, or more correctly submit a link to the photo. I will get back with my honest, sincere and constructive feedback as soon as possible after you have submitted the link. Take a look on the page and get an idea how it works. And then welcome with your photo.

Let me finally add that if you need some ideas to improve your photography I would like to recommend my eBook 10 Great Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Point-and-Shoot Camera. It’s an inexpensive eBook full of inspiration, and it’s available on my website

41 thoughts on “Good Start of the Picture Critique

      1. lol no i would have sent the second one first if i was trying to do that lol… but thank you 🙂 i was entering one i was unsure about, like you told me to!

  1. Hello Otto,
    What a brilliant initiative and a very generous one too.
    I will have a look at your link Pocture Critique and see if I may be able to participate now in beginning to catch my breath and return to this passion of mine too.
    A great post, and thank you for this opportunity…
    Best wishes,
    Di 💐✨

      1. Hello Otto, I read your link and because I’m not blogging currently, I cannot mention your kind gesture so in that case, it would be unethical of me to submit a photo. I know you will receive many and please let me know if you intend to offer workshops in London…💐💐

        1. I have no current plans for a workshop in London (although it would be great fun to do so). However I do plan to organize one either in Bath or Bristol next autumn. At least not very far away from London.

  2. As I said before Otto, you are incredibly generous with your time and talent but also understand that you in turn learn from seeing the photographs submitted. Good luck with this latest round. Some very interesting photographs. 🙂

          1. Otto, you are too kind! Here’s the link the photo: This is for an attachment page, if it doesn’t take you to the correct photo, try the blog post itself – (I’m after critique on the monochrome landscape shot, the third-to-last photo in the set). Thank you!!!

  3. I really like how you position yourself about your feedback to those who submitted pictures for our comments. Well said and well positioning!

    These are great pictures in many different way!

  4. What a kind thing for you to do. We all can use help but it’s sometimes hard to find a “safe zone” to put oneself out there. Some of the pictures above are absolutely stunning!

  5. Not only is it fantastic that you do this but it’s impressive that you find time out of your schedule to field all of those shots.

    Most excellent!

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