10 Great Tips to Take Better Photos

I am very proud to announce that my first eBook about photograph is out today. It’s a book I have been working on over the last year—on and off, of course. Now it’s finally available. For me this is a natural extension of my desire to teach and help anyone interested in taking better picture. The eBook (and the next to come) will be an addition to the workshops I teach all over the world as well as my online workshops.

10 Great Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Point-and-Shoot Camera addresses a handful of challenges that most photographers struggle with. Over 45 pages this eBook will give you a handful of great tips (and some more background to better understand the camera) to improve you photos and make your photos connect with the viewers. The intention is to help you make better pictures without getting too technical or talk too much about visual language or composition.

My intention has also been to make it affordable to most people, which means that for only 5 dollars you get access to download the eBook (as a PDF-document) .

10 Great Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Point-and-Shoot Camera is packed with useful information, tips and great photography. The language is down to earth and not technical at all. It aims for photographers not quite confident with the photographic process yet, but who want to learn more and improve their photography. If you are struggling with getting your photos look good or too often find that your photos don’t quite capture what you had in mind then 10 Great Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Point-and-Shoot Camera is a book for you.

To get this book published is for me very exciting. I have for a long time wanted to publish my own series of photo books. And this is the first one. In other words; in the future more books will come, both for beginners and advanced photographers. More than anything I want to put together a book about the creative process, which is something I have already started working on.

So stay in tune for more. However, for now, maybe 10 Great Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Point-and-Shoot Camera is worth looking up. You can get it by clicking the button below. It will take you to the web site where you can order the book.

59 thoughts on “10 Great Tips to Take Better Photos

  1. Thanks to hurricane Harvey, I have a little extra time on my hands, so your book’s arrival is timely. I’ve already downloaded it, and look forward to exploring it while it rains…and rains…and rains…

  2. This is a great idea – it seems that the future is online, not in galleries or bookstores. I can imagine your book about the creative process will keep you very busy for a while. I hope the word gets out about 10 Tips to jump start your ebook publishing project!

    1. I would hate to think that galleries and “real” books don’t have a future. Hopefully, at least in my opinion, it’s not about one or the other, but all of it. Thank you for the encouraging words, Lynn.

  3. Just ordered and downloaded! Can’t wait to start reading this Otto. I have only taken one two-hour photography class and have never learned how to use my camera settings. It has always been a goal of mine but life has been so busy with the kids. Now that they are a little older and I have more time I look forward to working on learning photography! Will let you know how it all goes.

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