Last Week’s Instagram

Once a week—or every so often—I will display one of my photos captured and/or processed with Instagram over the last week (this photo is actually more than a week old, but I haven’t posted any new material the last week). It’s a way for me to show photography that usually is quite different from my regular work. Except for the technical details beneath the pictures are displayed without any comments, hoping they will stand on their own. But I still very much appreciate any comments you may have.

Facts about the photo: The photo was taken with a Canon Eos 5D with a 24-105 lens set at 24 mm. Shutter speed: 1/80 of a second. Aperture: f/6.3. The photo was transferred to my cell phone and processed with the Snapseed app with various adjustments and filters.


About Otto von Münchow

Photographer based in Norway
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61 Responses to Last Week’s Instagram

  1. paula graham says:

    Lovely, only just noticed the iguana under her other arm! Amazing.

  2. Spectacular photo of life. So many interesting details. ❤️

  3. Perfectly captured with such vibrant colours. I’m a bit mystified by the iguana!

  4. Sue says:

    Love the colours, the details, in this packed snapshot of life, Otto!

  5. Mary says:

    So interesting!!

  6. What a magical photo! It captures such personality and story… A portal into another world.

  7. granny1947 says:

    Stunning photo. So alive!!

  8. A story at every turn…

  9. bluebrightly says:

    You do street and portraits so well! I love the girl in the background with the lollypop.

  10. Suzanne says:

    How bizarre. That’s a photo that will stay with me.

  11. very story telling image, Otto, thank you for sharing.

  12. Heide says:

    I wish there were a stronger word than “love,” Otto — because I would certainly use it for this image. If I had to title it, I’d call it “Madonna with iguana and child” because of the way she’s cradling both of the little creatures she’s holding. And the young woman in the background is perfect, with her mysterious expression (beguiling? curious? amused? it’s in the eye of the beholder …). You’ve captured a whole universe in a single frame.

  13. shoreacres says:

    What I most love about the photo is the naturalness of it all. Clearly, the woman is as accustomed to holding the iguana as she is the baby. What intrigues me is what she might be looking at. I know very few people who wouldn’t be fixated on that lizard, trying to figure out what it’s going to do next, or how they could pass it on to someone else. Not your woman. She’s interested in the street — while we’re interested in her.

    • The were both very used to each other. A little later the woman put the iguana down on the street and it just staid there and let her pet it. Quite a relationship, indeed.

  14. Inger says:

    For et utrolig innblikk i en hverdag som ser svært forskjellig ut fra her i Norge. Spennende, flott at du deler! 🙂

  15. Lisa Gordon says:

    I really love this photograph, Otto.
    It is so wonderfully candid.

  16. Absolutely fascinating photograph. I love the look on the girl looking over her shoulder at the camera and the framing of the shot is awesome.

  17. Tiny says:

    This is a wonderful ‘slice’ of life, Otto!

  18. rangewriter says:

    1/80 th of a second and absolutely no movement blur, yet everyone looks like they are on the move. How do you accomplish that?

  19. Elaine- says:

    a baby and a pet lizard… she’s really got her hands full…

  20. The lizard is wearing the baby’s tank top. lol. What a fantastic photo!

  21. sydspix says:

    Beautiful and interesting image!

  22. sherri says:

    wow, what an amazing number of contradictory items in one image. i expected extreme poverty, but see signs of trinkets that indicate otherwise. three beautiful faces. i hope the best for all of them. (the processing came out really nice. i use snapseed myself at times)

  23. This is priceless!

  24. restlessjo says:

    Extraordinary! 🙂 🙂

  25. seabluelee says:

    I loved this photo when I saw it on Instagram. Just now, seeing it here, I’m reminded of Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother series. A “baby” tucked under each arm, another child looking on….

  26. Wow, this is so wild, with a baby on one hip and a reptile on the other! Great image!

  27. lighthouse75 says:

    What a superb story-telling photo, Otto! The lighting is masterful too. The way all the elements came together, it seems to be an outstanding example of luck happening to someone who is prepared and aware — i.e., you!

  28. William.L says:

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  29. Thank You For Sharing .You Have amazing Photos Collection ..Keep Sharing Beautiful Moments That You Capture

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