Subdued Simplicity

Over the eight weeks that Phil Vaughn attended the online photo workshop «Finding Your Photographic Voice», I noticed a significant development in his photography. By the end of the workshop, Phil was both clearer in his approach and were able to express his vision with more strength.

I think this is quite evident in the personal photo project he worked on during the last four weeks of the workshop. The theme for the project was something so everyday-like as a park, but the photos has a personal touch and transcend the peacefulness and quiet that many parks represents for its urban users.

Phil photographed the airy Engler Park, Farmington, Missouri with a subdued sensibility. The photos radiate this tranquil approach in both composition and the photos’ colour palette. The colours are a strange combination of being muted as well as subtle. There is a simplicity over his work that strengthens the expression and underlines the serene feeling of the park.

During the four weeks, Phil worked on the project he returned to the park during all times of the day. He photographed the visitors of the park, their activity as well as the more deserted areas of the park. The photo project comes together as a visual essay that tells the story of life and environment in a pleasant park.

Later in the spring I will start up another round of the online workshop, more specifically May 22nd. If you are interested, you will find more information about «Finding Your Photographic Voice» on the web site of Blue Hour Photo Workshops.

33 thoughts on “Subdued Simplicity

  1. yay to Phil !!! these are lovely and tranquil pictures… up until the last one, where i expect a slasher to jump out at a lone passerby lol but it does make a lovely series, why is there a grave in a park though… i feel so bad for the little girl…

  2. Great captures, yay to Phil. Great post too, Otto. One day, when I’ve got the time, I will join the workshop 🙂 Need to be more inspired and finding my photographic voice.

  3. Thank you for posting my photos, Otto. I would encourage anyone who would like to stretch their skills and vision to join one of the workshops. For me, the workshop took me away from my usual and comfortable subjects and pushed me to fulfill assignments in a different way. Otto’s critiques were fair, comprehensive, and helped improve my photography and broaden my scope. Thank you, Otto! (Please note: Otto did not ask me to endorse his workshop in any way. However, as a former participant, I am happy to share my experience with you.)

    1. Thank you for the lovely words, Phil. I am very happy you feel you got something out of the workshop. And, yes, it’s always good to be pushed a little outside the comfort zone. 🙂

  4. They are remarkable images showing the daily life moments that often considered not attractive for photography. I am impressed by the quality and technique photography that he used – what an achievement after studying with you!

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