Teaching a Workshop in Cuba

© Otto von Münchow
© Sven Creutzmann
© Sven Creutzmann
© Sven Creutzmann
© Otto von Münchow
© Sven Creutzmann

Since the weekend, I am back in Cuba again, teaching another photo workshop here. I actually don’t known how many times I have taught the workshop, but it’s always such a joy to meet with new students and photographers. And not the least to be able to talk about and do what I burn for. Don’t we all burn for photography—at least most of you reading this blog?

So far, we have been photographing in Havana, but in a couple of days, we move on to the beautiful colonial city of Trinidad.

This post has actually been written before I left, since internet access is almost none existing in Cuba. I hope to be able to post more over the next week or two, but often I find it impossible. Particularly uploading any kind of photos is quite a trial to one’s patience. Thus, I cannot promise any photos or reports before I am back in Norway again, but I will do my best.

The pictures posted here are from the previous photo workshop I taught in Cuba. Like all Cuba workshops, I teach this together with my friend and colleague Sven Creutzmann.


44 thoughts on “Teaching a Workshop in Cuba

  1. priceless shots, some quite hilarious! Rare to be somewhere people to not object to being photographed and do not see it as offending their ‘privacy’ ..ha, ha..what privacy?

  2. Looking forward to seeing your new photos on your return. I loved Trinidad – so colourful and the Cubans are such great people. I am green with envy….🤢

  3. the bottom picture looks like the three men fell out of their boat 🙂 is that the butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker? hehe, it looks like a good time was had by all, have fun once again, doing what you burn for!

  4. I always enjoy the atmosphere expressed in your or your students pictures from Cuba and I would like to thank you for showing this to me! All the best for your course, Otto:)

  5. Cuba is a great location for photography! You pick up an excellent venue for the workshop. I smile when seeing the images here 🙂 Looks like the participants had so much fun during the workshop.

  6. Underbara bilder, min favorit blir den på fotograferna i bilen. Att få fota tillsammans med dig Otto står högt även på min önskelista.
    Må så gott!

  7. Beautiful photos! I guess it must be very special to ho to another country to teach and spread the passion for what you do, I look forward to seeing more photos you took and learning more about your experience!

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