A Distinct Photographic Signature

Do you want to develop yourself as a photographer? Do you want to develop your distinctive signature as a photographer? Let me help you on the way. If you join the online photo workshop «Finding Your Photographic Voice», you will be in for a journey that will take your photography steps further.

Finding your own and distinctive voice as a photographer is a never-ending path. Your photographic voice develops all the time as you grow as a photographer. There well never be a time when you say to yourself: this is how I am as a photographer, this is me and this is how it will be. Two years later, yes, your photos are still expressing this voice of yours, but it not quite the same. You have developed as a human being, your vision has developed, your skills have developed and this all reflect in the photos you take and this expressive signature that is yours. Your start to develop your photographic voice as soon as you pick up a camera. It will take some time before it is clearly and distinctive yours, but even then it will keep developing.

You can’t really force a signature. It comes to you organically and unconsciously. And it takes time. You cannot sit down and plan how you photographic voice is going to be. However, by learning the craft, giving yourself time to develop as a photographer and by photographing you will slowly begin to see your way of perceiving the world will become more and more embedded in your photos.

In many ways, you just need to walk the walk, photograph what photographs you capture, immerse yourself in the process, and your photographic voice will come to you. Gain confidence as you head down the path; learn to create by creating, become skilled as a photographer by photographing. If you trust the process, if you trust yourself and your inherent creativity—which we all have—in time you will master what needs to be mastered. The path will open up for you, if you become susceptible to it. And your signature will materialize at some point—and then keep developing.

Doing it all on your own is easier said than done, though, and a guiding hand may often be of great help. It is like undertaking a spiritual journey. You can become spiritually enlightened by work of your own mind, but a master by your side may help you not lose track of the path. So it is with photography; a guiding hand can be very helpful pointing you in a direction that is a good path for you.

That is what I intend with my online photographic workshop «Finding Your Photographic Voice». In this eight weeks workshop I will guide you to become more clear about your vision, give you insight so that you understand what kind of photos speak from you heart, and finally guide you to express your vision through you photos. The strength of this workshop is the individual follow-up, guidance and feedback on assignment I give you every week. You will get a booklet every week with thoughts and ideas and tips—which ends up becoming and nice little book by the end of the workshop, but the big value of this workshop is really my individual picture critique you get every week.

The start up of the workshop is May 22nd.

If you sign up for «Finding Your Photographic Voice» by the end of April you get a 30 percent discount on the normal workshop fee. That is only one week left, so you need to make a quick decision.

To give you a chance to see what it’s like I will send you the first week’s booklet to you for free. Just click here to get it.

If you are interested, you will find more information about «Finding Your Photographic Voice» on the web site of Blue Hour Photo Workshops.

11 thoughts on “A Distinct Photographic Signature

  1. I like the idea of a ‘Photographic Signature’ – There are so many words or phrases that are used to describe personal vision but this is a new but very apt one in my experience. I have learnt a great deal from your writing Otto, and when I speak to Camera Clubs I always include a section about cultivating the ability to See, a topic that doesn’t get enough mention in clubs that I have belonged to in the UK. I wish you every success with this on-line workshop.

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