Joy- and Colourful

Vigdis Askjem participated in my last year’s online workshop «Finding Your Photographic Voice». For her personal project at the second half of the workshop, she chose two approaches, one was photographing details and light, and one was shooting people in various activities, such as during a festival or kayaking along the coast of Norway.

I have had the pleasure of having Vigdis attending one of my regular workshops (in Villajoyosa in Spain) and then last year the online workshop. Over time she has developed her vision and her photographic voice, and has a distinctive way of capturing whatever she is aiming her camera towards. Colour and light seems to be very important in her approach. And then Vigdis has a refined ability to capture the decisive moment when photographing people or movements.

Despite the two very different approaches for her personal project during «Finding Your Photographic Voice» her photos still have a very characteristic expression. Her way of shooting is the way she sees the world, whether it’s joy, people or close-ups we find in her photos. There is a certain vividness no matter what. There is exhilaration even when she captures something as mundane as a tower. It’s not only what we see, but layers of added details that brings forth a deeper story or a deeper understanding.

I really like the surprise factor in her images. They are—in one way or another—unique in that she shows me a worldview I don’t usually see. They convey her curiosity and her thrill in exploring the landscape around her. If you like to see more of her work, look up the website and blog of Vigdis Askjem (unfortunately only in Norwergian).

Later in the spring I will start up another round of the online workshop, more specifically May 22nd. If you are interested, you will find more information about «Finding Your Photographic Voice» on the web site of Blue Hour Photo Workshops. Furthermore, if you sign up before the end of April you will get the workshop for a discounted price.

40 thoughts on “Joy- and Colourful

  1. This is a great exposition, Otto – two photographers’ views – yours and Vigdis’. I am intrigued by the way you speak of the photographic voice, and now you have put it in these words I know what you mean – much as I understand it for writing. I had simply not thought in these terms before. These are indeed captivating and originally composed photographs.

  2. Love your way of presenting her presentation (!) of her work. The colours and compositions are full of life. Love these shots.

  3. I like that she found just the right moment when she capture people. The expression of joy or absorbed in the moment were conveyed in the picture!

    The tower picture is completely different style. The tower is large structure but her chosen of composition balance the large structure and the space next to it so well. The shading colors of the sky and the rainbow behind are the icing.

  4. Thank you for the introduction, Otto. Luckily I read Norwegian so I spent quite a while at her blog and in her photo gallery. Very nice work!

  5. my husband used to say that i had a gift for photographing ‘stuff’ not people… so i set out to prove him wrong by taking non stop pictures of him and his dog lol… maybe i should have stuck to stuff tho, i don’t know 🙂

    but this girl definitely has a gift for PEOPLE… so much joy there!

  6. It was a pleasure to meet Vigdis here, Otto. I have spent some time on her vibrant blog and really appreciate her work. She is using another host than WP so it’s not easy to communicate, but I was at least able to press a <3. 🙂
    I immediately had a look at the details concerning the upcoming workshop and sad to say, I'll not be able to participate. 😦 We are touring the remote parts of Scotland in May/June. Are you maybe planning another workshop later this year?

  7. These are really spectacular. I really love the flower against that ominous sky and the perspective she chose for the tower…with that great rainbow!

  8. You can feel the joy in her photographs. I can’t help but grin when I see the elation in the faces. As you said her photographs are vivid with colour but also with feeling.

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