Cuba Is Waiting for You


Do you want to come along for an amazing photo experience? In one of the most fascinating and photogenic countries in the world? Then come along on Blue Hour Photo Workshops’ next adventure to Cuba. During a whole week in the beginning of May 2017 we will explore some of this country’s finest places, meet with hospital and welcoming Cubans and experience Cuba’s cultural diversity.

NOW is the time. Cuba is rapidly changing. Join the workshop and capture the Cuban time capsule—before it’s too late. Furthermore—if you are a US citizen—the is no telling what the future looks with respect to US–Cuban relations and the new political winds blowing over the country. As of yet it’s still fairly easy to travel to Cuba. For more information about how to travel to Cuba as a US citizen, some time ago New York Times had a very informative article about the necessary requirements.

This is a photo workshop for you who want to immerse yourself in vast photographic opportunities and at the same time develop your photographic voice. No better place than Cuba for doing both. We, the two workshop teachers, will guide you and help you and make sure you get the most out of this week. We will take you to places beyond the usual beaten tracks, we will show you the real Cuba and we will push your photography in a stronger and more personal direction. This workshop will be a kick-starter for you, no matter at what lever your present photography is.

As mentioned, now is really the time to go to Cuba for any photographer, if you want to experience some of its special era of present days, its in many ways contradictory appearance, its strange combination of political otherness and Caribbean salsa, and the original and unchanged life of Cubans since the fall of the old Communist block. All this is rapidly changing and will all be gone or completely changed in not too many years.

Cuba is a unique country—whatever else you may think of it politically; for a photographer the country is full of exceptional photo opportunities. Photographically speaking, it hardly matches any other place in the world. Moreover, by attending the photo workshop this year you will be able to witness a historical time for the country. Already, and as mentioned, the times are changing rapidly. If communism still isn’t on is way out, the mix of stall centrally controlled governance and a new, more open economy, is swiftly shifting the old Cuba into a modern, but also more global lookalike. Some of the uniqueness is vanishing—for better and worse. Now is indeed the time to experience the uniqueness of Cuba. And what better way than together with the two workshop teachers, Sven Creutzmann and Otto von Münchow who have, respectively, lived in and travel to the country for more than 25 years.

The workshop «Street photography in Cuba» is set partly in Havana and partly in Trinidad. It’s an excellent opportunity to experience the colourful and warm people of the Caribbean island. In addition, you will combine it with the teaching of two very experienced workshop instructors. They provide you with valuable lessons and individual feedback for you to develop as a photographer. Or as a former participant expressed: «I developed greatly as a photographer.» The workshop is really about picture making and developing your photographic vision.

Set aside the dates from April 29th to May 6th 2017—and join this extraordinary photo workshop.

Click here for more info about the Cuba workshop.

A reminder here at the end: If you want to have a chance to be part of the draw for a free participation in my online workshop, «Finding Your Photographic Voice», remember so send me an email, stating your name and why you would like to attend the online workshop. By the end of the month I will draw one winner who will get to participate for free.

Facts about the photo: The photo was taken with a Canon EOS-5D and a 24-105 mm lens set at 47 mm. Shutter speed: 1/250 of a second. Aperture: f/16. The photo was processed in Lightroom and Photoshop.

31 thoughts on “Cuba Is Waiting for You

  1. Oj, tänkte jag när jag såg inlägget…är vi där samtidigt tro?
    Upptäckte ganska snart att så inte är fallet, vi kommer dit i början av mars, efter drygt två veckor i sydöstra USA, bland annat New Orleans.
    Ser verkligen fram emot att komma till Cuba, som jag har sett så mycket av här på din blogg…och det känns som att det är i sista minuten, av både en och annan anledning:)
    Hoppas att det blir en givande workshop, både för dig och dina elever!

  2. In Havana there is the tourist side with its elegant hotels and the “real” side where the Cuban people live. It is exciting to see the Island open up and visitors mingle with it’s people, experiencing the reality of this beautiful country, a photographer’s dream.

  3. A friend of mine just got back from a three-week photographic trip to Cuba. It sounded absolutely amazing. I’m also sure that any workshop you are leading would be amazing as well. I’m sure your fellow travelers will have an unforgettable experience.

  4. I absolutely love the photo you included with this post, Otto. The tones, the way the people stand out so clearly against a dramatic sky–everything about it is special. I always enjoy your posts and photos from Cuba. I’ll look forward to them again this time. I’m sure you’ll gather some excited photographers to join you in this special opportunity.

  5. I really enjoy your blog – especially the posts about Cuba. Cuba hits close to home for me because I fell in love in Cuba not too long ago, and now am married to a Cuban. 🙂 To experience Cuba as a tourist is one thing, but to completely immerse yourself in it as a “Cuban,” is an entirely different animal. At this time, Cuba is a pure country, and I recommend people visit it as often as they can, to capture it’s purity before it changes and modernizes (whenever that will be).

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