The Last Bit of Summer

Pat på vei langs High Divide

Pat på vei opp langs Bridge Creek

Mosegrodd granskog

Pat i leiren ved Appleton Pass

På vei langs High Divide. I bakgrunnen Mount Olympus (2432 m)

Pat plukker blåbær langs Bridge Creek

Solen står opp over leiren vår ved Lunch Lake

As the summer on the Northern hemisphere slowly turns into autumn, I have changed my location from Seattle, USA to Bergen, Norway, as I mentioned I would do last week. However, as I also mentioned last week, I had a last backpacker trip in the vicinities of Seattle before flying across half the globe.

This time we were exploring the Olympic Mountains on the Olympic Peninsula, west of Seattle, more specifically the area around the High Divide, the ridge that separates north from south and west from south on the peninsula.

The Olympic Peninsula is a rainy place, so much that the forest surrounding the mountains is a so-called temperate rain forest. However, those four days we were hiking around the Hide Divide, the weather showed itself from its best side. We had a couple of unusually clear and sunny days. Almost every day we would have a view of Mount Olympus, the highest mountain in the region, not something that happens most days in the region.

Needless to say it was a gorgeous trip, but also challenging. When you carry about 50 pounds on your back, hike maybe 10 miles one day, while starting out with a 2500 steep descent, only to continue with needing to climb 3000 feet again, it’s indeed quite demanding. However, by the end of the four days, you are really in good shape!

The photos following this post were all taking during this trip.

Facts about the photos: All the photos were taken with my Canon Eos 5D with either a 16-35 mm lens or a 24-105 mm lens. The photos have been processed in Lightroom and Photoshop.

77 thoughts on “The Last Bit of Summer

  1. That was a great reward visually and physically at the end. I love the picture of the lady walking on the small path among the very tall trees. It was just perfect light. The views of mountain ridges are just breath taking. You are in good shape of that is a great plus 🙂

  2. Quite a workout like you say Otto but it’s a good kind of tired after a day like that isn’t it? Beautiful photographs of a very beautiful region. 🙂

  3. I only have one question, what did she find to put in that baggie? lol…

    btw it’s common around our rain forest to have sunny days this time of year, mostly the end of july to the end of August… we get a ‘hot spell’

    i’m glad that you had a good time out here… AND got in shape 🙂

  4. I love the image that looks like a celebration of berry picking. That image is full of life. And it’s always a treat to graze on the natural picking while backpacking. Good for body and soul. I’ve never been to this area. I would be quite mystified by the normal rain that falls there. I’m such a desert rat! 😉

  5. Love the low light ones with the lines and colour, also the trees with “Old Man’s Beard” hanging from them, as well as the one of your gal with the light shing in the woods but no blow-out. Impressed by how much hiking you did and how much gear-makes it worthwhile when you get to those panoramic views.

  6. Hi Otto, I’m so glad you had such great weather and a wonderful trip. Your photos tell the story. The Olympic Peninsula is a favorite spot. I, too, am impressed by your hiking and camping skills. Happy traveling!

  7. I really like the photos! It looks like you had a good time. Seeing those views certainly makes me wish for a visit to that area.

  8. It looks a beautiful area to backpack through, Otto. But 50lbs sounds like a lot of weight to have to carry. Any risk of Bears in that part of the country?

  9. I enjoy photos that combine people and nature in a way that communicates scale, as the first and second photos do particularly well. One of the values of being in nature is its ability to remind us of our actual size — and our limitations. One person in a cubicle can begin to feel very large. One person in a forest? Not so much. I’m glad the weather cooperated, too. And I noticed the caps and layers — it may not be easy to carry fifty pounds, but it’s easier when there’s a bit of coolness in the air.

    By the way: I tried fill flash for the first time this weekend. When I got home and looked at my pairs of photos (one with, one without) my immediate response was, “Oh. OH!”

    1. I hope it was a positive “Oh”… 🙂 As for coolness, the cap was more to protect against the heat and the sunshine, rather than cooler temperatures. At times it was pretty darn warm. But I agree with you when it comes to scale and seeing us humans in the hugeness of Mother Nature. Thank you for your comment, Linda.

  10. Great that the weather played along so nicely on your last hiking tour. Looks like a wonderful area. Welcome back to Bergen! 🙂

  11. Love the first shot, and there is nothing quite like the summer season in the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Very happy the weather agreed with you, and a great way to end the summer season. Cheers!

  12. Hej Otto!
    Njuter av dina bilder från “The West”. Minns hur vackert det var där och på lördag åker vi västerut igen, men lite söderut denna gång. Tar en “liten” Roadtrip i Kalifornien, Arizona, Utah och Nevada.
    Annars gör vi inget annat än packar:) Maken pensionerar sig och vi flyttar upp till vårt norra hem för gott…Värmdö är sålt och nya ägare får ta över.
    Har förstått att även du har en stark dragning mot ursprunget och det vilda i Norden…en bra bas inför diverse utflykter i när och fjärran.
    Ha det gott “hemma” i Bergen…misstänker att du snart är “on the road again”…

    1. Dere får ha en riktig god reise til “over there”. Ingenting er som en god gammeldags roadtrip. Det blir helt sikkert fantastisk. Og du har selvsagt rett, snart drar jeg til Praha og ikke lenge etter til Cuba. Takk for “besøket”.

  13. You make concurence to Cheryl Strayed in her “WILD”!! I have never been on Mount Olympus or in Seattle, but it looks absolutely gorgeous and I am surprised by your physical fitness! Have a good flight to Bergen.:) Very best regards Martina

  14. This looks amazing! Would love to do some hiking in this area – it reminds me a bit about some of the photos I saw from BC when we lived in Calgary – but I guess BC it is more or less just a continuation of the landscape around Seattle so it makes sense:)

    Regner med du finner noen flotte turer i Bergen også! Spesielt nå som det ser ut som vi har fått en skikkelig varm og herlig høstuke.

    1. Yes, Seattle isn’t that far away from Calgary, so it makes sense that the landscape is similar.
      Og ja, jeg nyter finværet på Vestlandet akkurat nå. Men jeg vet ikke om det blir så mange store turer i hvert fall. Fremover blir det mye jobbing. 🙂

  15. Your photos show me, it was a wonderful trek you had in this fantastic landscape.
    Carrying 50 pounds like you did here – is not possible for me anymore. But I still love thinking of the many (hard and) wonderful days I had many years ago walking and climbing the way around Gjende Lake….
    These days I use my limited energy doing something very different:
    I’m in the middle of a process of selling house – and buying a flat – and I’m SO busy with all the things that must be done when you have lived somewhere for many years and you suddenly have to pack, clean up, throw out and move. And at the same time putting the new housing in order and prepare for arranging this. So I did not drop by your blog for a long time – but I soon hope I will have time to follow you more again!

    1. Oh, moving is always such a revealing and comprehensive load of work. You discover how much stuff you have that you didn’t think you had. I know, because I have moved too many times in my life—and I am probably not done yet. 🙂 Good luck with movie, and thanks for taking your time to come by blog. I much appreciate.

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