Up in the High Mountain



Pat på vei opp mot Mount Baker

Pat og Ted på toppen av Hannegan Peak (1886 m)

Pat i leiren under Hannegan Pass

På toppen av Copper Ridge ved observasjonstårnet

Pat på vei opp gjennom Hannagan Valley

As I wrote a few weeks ago in my post Being Flexible, I have enjoyed the possibility to get out in Mother Nature this summer. Moreover, as I wrote then, I had just been back from a week backpacking in Northern Cascades in Washington State, USA. The photos included in this post are but a few impressions from the hike we did across Copper Ridge. We had some tremendous days in the national park close to the border of Canada.

Last week I was out backpacking again. This time we went to the Olympic Peninsula, also in the state of Washington. This is quite a different landscape, mountainous, too, but the foothills are covered with a temperature rainforest. This kind of forest is magically, and so are the mountains protruding above the rainforest. I will get back with photos from this trip when I have gotten a chance to process them.

In the meantime, and as this posted is being published, I am on my way back to Europe, first to my hometown Bergen, Norway and then about a month later off to teach a photo workshop in Prague. It’s going to be quite a busy time, but I usually thrive under much work. See you soon again. Hopefully, you will also have a chance to get out in Mother Nature these days.

Facts about the photos: All the photos were taken with my Canon Eos 5D with either a 16-35 mm lens or a 24-105 mm lens. The photos have been processed in Lightroom and Photoshop.

68 thoughts on “Up in the High Mountain

  1. You were on top of the world! I tried those walking sticks and they work very well …i found I increased the length of my stride and gave me confidence so will get a pair. Great photos and looks like perfect weather, too.

  2. I choose outdoors as much as possible, Otto. But you travel to the most wonderful places…your outdoor experiences are very special. Safe travels!

  3. Beautiful photographs Otto! What an incredible place. Being out in the wilderness connecting with nature I think is something we all need. It recharges the batteries, reconnects us with who we are and our place in the world which is fairly insignificant in the grand scheme of things but I think this is something we need to know and understand. Of course some people can’t handle this realisation and stick to the cities where they feel more powerful but for most of us, knowing and understanding this empowers and heals because we come to understand the power of the wilderness, its importance, our place in it and how we need to protect it. It is after all what sustains us all not something in our arrogance as a species we can collectively destroy. .

    1. For many people Mother Nature is important for the reasons you point to here, Adrian. And life on earth as we know it is all depending on nature, whether one is a city dweller or enjoy the gifts of nature more directly. Once again thank you for your thoughtful comment.

  4. Such beautiful snaps. I can imagine how happy you’ll must have been to camp up there in those heavenly mountains.

    But outside India, there is so much more facilities and opportunities available and means, to do all this.

    Going trekking on a mountain as Beautiful as this and camping out there, would be my Rarest Dream come true, hopefully.


    Can you please help me design my WordPress Site as you have done, so beautifully?

  5. Beautiful series of shots ~ showing Mother Nature at her best, great vistas and mountains/greens in the fresh air, and then see the hikers enjoying life. A perfect combination. The Olympics are amazing, but I am also very, very happy to have you include the Cascade Mountain range, as it is the Cascades in Oregon where as a kid we hiked, camped and learn of the mountains as a kid. 🙂

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