When the Livin’ Is Easy

Pat og Jenny på toppen av Mount Dickerman

Utsikten over dalen på vei opp mot Mount Dickerman

Summertime. Life does indeed feel very easy. I am a guy who undoubtedly are very fond of all different seasons and the changing between the seasons. I enjoy autumn, winter, spring and summer equally much. Still, there is something special about summertime. Not so much because of the season itself, but rather what it entails—at least for me.

It comes down to the kind of occupation I have. I work in the media business, and summer is generally a slow period. Papers and magazine run on slow burners. Nothing much of importance happens in the news. Stories are simply less interesting. In Norway (where I am from) we call it cucumber time, since summer is the time when all the stories about cucumbers have a chance to be published. For me it means less work and fewer assignments. Moreover, I have been so lucky to be able to shift my schedules around so I don’t need to make much money during the summer—out of necessity and just as much out of pure delight.

Summertime is the time when I can do all the things I otherwise never get a chance to do. Tasks that don’t bring bread on the table—at least not within a foreseeable future. Of course, I get to relax more, too, but I am really not the kind of guy to sit still for very long. Rather I have too many balls in the air—and I enjoy it, the more the better.

This summer I am finally finishing a novel I have been working on for quite a few years. I am developing a new online photo workshop and I am also putting together a new eBook about photography. All very exciting and fun to do. There is nothing like sitting outside on a warm summer evening and be working on your computer without any demands or stress. Only my own things.

In addition, summertime is the period when I have time to enjoy much more outdoor life, for the same reasons as already mentioned. I spend as much time as possible, either hiking, biking, kayaking, running, rollerblading or whatever it is I feel like doing. In fact, by the time this post is out, I will be backpacking a week along the Pacific Crest Trail in the state of Washington, USA. Furthermore, the photos posted here were taken last week when I hiked to the top of Mount Dickerman in the North Cascades.

Summertime is indeed when the livin’ is easy. When; one of these mornings you’re gonna rise up singing. And you’ll spread your wings and you’ll take to the sky.

How is summertime for you? Do you get a chance to spread your wings?

Pat og Jenny på toppen av Mount Dickerman

Jenny på toppen av Mount Dickerman

På vei gjennom den høyreiste skogen i lavere deler av Mount Dickerman

98 thoughts on “When the Livin’ Is Easy

  1. What a beautiful place! I could hike there. Summer is busy for us. It’s art show season, and that keeps us busy. This past couple weeks we are between shows though, and it’s been slow going. How exciting for the books!

  2. Stunning photos! Maybe you’re not “working” as much in the summer, but you’re definitely using your skills. Summer is my favorite season, but my current job is very busy this time of year so I don’t get to have as much fun now as I’d like, but I still find some fun 🙂

  3. Usually I dream of doing all kinds of activities in the summer. Then heat waves come along, and my dreams melt away like butter in a hot pan. So you are really admirable for carrying out all your plans for the summer.

  4. I always enjoy reading an upbeat post, especially these days! Your enthusiasm and delight are reflected in your very expressive photographs. Thanks.

  5. i like spring and fall better than summer, so i can dress in warm sweaters and go outside into the musty smelling air… i like summer for summer nights around the fire pit 🙂

    1. I do like that part of spring and autumn, too. But then I like to wear as little as possible during summer time. Although where I spend much of my time time, I still quite often have to put on a sweater…

  6. Wonderful Otto! I love summertime too. It is such a feeling of liberation and fun. It is especially nice to have the kids out of school and spend more quality time with them. Great post!

  7. Stunning photographs Otto. Enjoy your hiking! Summertime is a slow time for me also normally but I have a lot of work at the moment. Still, it’s all coming together. I will have a chance to relax in the autumn when I will travel once more to Fuerteventura for a long break. Very much looking forward to that! 🙂

  8. Beautiful photographs, as always! It is so hot here in Texas, I could feel the coolness coming off of the photos! Good luck on your novel…my book just became available on Amazon yesterday, so I understand the work involved. Hang in there, and thanks for all of your inspiration!

  9. Awesome photos, Otto. We are very curious about your novel and the ebook projects, good luck with all your works. 🙂
    Happy hiking!
    With warm greetings from the coast of Norfolk where we are enjoying the summer breeze and long days out in the garden,
    Dina, Klausbernd, Siri and Selma

  10. What great photos and a great post. Though you start out by saying your summer slows down, you have accomplished much (work and fun). The pictures are amazing. I think folks accomplish more when they are in love with what they do!!!!

    1. I am absolutely sure you are right. With motivation you get so much more done (which I think a lot of employers so think more about…). Thank you for your encouraging feedback, Deborah.

  11. I like the idea of you using summertime to spread your wings a bit, as it seems to be the perfect time for most of us to do the same. I get quite busy at the beginning of summer, but in the middle-to-end, I get to head back to the Pacific Northwest of the USA and stretch my legs a bit: literally on hikes in the Olympic Mnt. range and figuratively with a rush of new ideas and projects to undertake. Like you, all seasons have a great and unique charm about them, but it does seem that summer is a time I can *sigh* freely and contemplate about life even more than I usually do 🙂

    1. It seems like we are on parallel tracks these days. I am in the Pacific Northwest for most of the summer, too, and we do plan to go for a longer backpacking trip to the Olympics. Maybe we’ll meet up in the mountains somewhere. Enjoy your freedom of the summer. 🙂

      1. I just finished off 10 days in the South Olympics ~ dashing off between hikes and spending time with family on Hood Canal. It would be great to catch up somewhere, hiking up a peak 🙂 …I am back in Seattle this week ~ work must be done, but wish you safe travels!

  12. The photos are quite enticing. In the summer I do mostly what I do in the winter–work on my riding, promote my art, and paint. What saves me from the frustration of not getting out and about more often is the fact that I live in a very picturesque spot and never get tired of looking at it!

  13. I’ve enjoyed all of your photos of hiking and concerts. Oh my gosh, the concerts you’ve been to! My summer has been really busy with work, but that’s good, especially since my job involves things I love, like socializing and helping friends. Plus it’s pretty flexible. At the same time, it would be good to have a summer off and not even think about a paycheck! Enjoy what’s left of it!

    1. We need to get those paychecks coming in, but it is good to have some off when we don’t need to think about them. Even if it’s a busy summer for you, I hope you are able to enjoy it as well.

  14. Wonderful series of delightful landscapes, you are showing us You are asking: how is summertime for us, speaking for myself, hmmm, not my most favourite time to spread my wings…they are too wide and always touching those of others!! Therefore prefer the time others go back home and back to work/school , then I spread mine!

  15. Gorgeous pictures and they just give exactly feeling you described in this post. I simply envy the kind of time you have and the things you do. They are the dream!

  16. Honestly, I’m not at all fond of summer. Working in the heat’s no fun, and even playing in the heat isn’t very appealing. August is when the Texas coast grows silent. Some are able to travel to get away from the miserable heat and humidity, and the rest of the world — including birds, fish, cats, dogs, and even the lizards — just disappear, and wait.

    Now, if you were to substitute “October” for “summer” in what you wrote, I’d be right there with you! All of us are waiting for the heat to break, the hurricane threat to be over, and for our energy to return. We get summer cabin fever in exactly the same way that people in the far north do at the end of winter — funny, but true.

    I’m so glad you have the time now to enjoy your season. Our turn will come, but we’re just on a different schedule!

    1. I am aware that people around the globe will have a different schedule. In some places it’s even midwinter now. All the more, I do understand the burden of heated summers, as I have visited many places that have similar summer conditions as Texas. I hope you are able to keep somewhat cool until October is upon you. 🙂

  17. This summer has been so far very delightful and busy for me. As for one I finally accomplished my biggest goal I had planned for quite a while….. a new website http://www.corneliaweber-photography.com….where prints, greeting cards etc.of my work can be ordered online.
    Otherwise being busy preparing for several Art Shows coming in a few months.
    Summer time is to me a very inspiring season, maybe so because I get a chance to take everyday a swim in the ocean.
    Otto thank you for your inspiring post , wish you good luck and much joy with all your projects.

    1. Great to read about your new online outlet for you work. Congratulations. And I wish you good luck with the art shows coming up. Thank you for an inspiring feedback, Cornelia.

  18. Beautiful images from your recent hike, Otto, and majestic scenery. Summertime is indeed different, so much daylight that it seems wrong to shut oneself away in front of a computer but it is also the time of year when a lot of images are captured and that leads to difficult decisions – to process now or later. And it is definitely holiday time. We missed a summer Holiday last year and a ski trip this past winter due to moving house, so a two-week holiday very soon in the Swiss Alps is eagerly anticipated.

  19. Lovely images and I can tell it would be a great place to hike.

    Summer is like winter. i’m stuck indoors or housebound because I can’t take the hot days and humidity. In winter, I can’t afford to catch a chill or get a soaking (with a heart condition).

    Spring & Autumn are my favourite times outdoors.

  20. I do love summer, just the feeling of it in the air, but I’m not nearly as energetic and “outdoorsy” as you. Just reading about all your activities makes me feel like I need a nap! Your photos are so beautiful, as are the places you visit, and I really do love seeing them. My summer pleasures are simpler and much quieter…a barefoot stroll in the park or on the beach, an ice cream cone eaten in the shade of a tree, time spent with a good book. I’m excited to hear about your novel and your photography e-book and look forward to hearing more about both. Happy hiking!

    1. Easy going is part of the summer, like barefoot strolling or enjoy an ice cream. I certainly can relate to that. Thanks for the encouraging words. I will get back to the novel and ebook, eventually. 🙂

  21. Gorgeous scenics, Otto. Things have slowed down due to health issues, but I am doing more bicycling, shorter and not so many hills. Friends’ gardens, summer festivals, retreats to cottages are all good opportunities for taking photos and visiting with friends. Can’t be beat.

  22. Beautiful images, Otto! As a child, I adored the freedom that comes with summer. The long American school-free period was delicious. But then I moved to a warmer region, where for 2 or 3 months, the temperatures burn my soul. I’m no longer so enthusiastic about summer. Afterall, I can pick and choose my “free” or “vacation” time now, so I’d much prefer autumn or spring. 🙂

      1. Love the Olympic Peninsula and the Hoh Rainforest. This time we are also spending time on the San Juan Islands and Victoria. Whale watching…

  23. Great post, Otto 🙂

    Here in the tropics (South India) we have only two seasons, rainy and not rainy 🙂

    Life is more or less same for us, round the year, but, for me, the best time of the year is Dec-Jan the mild winter months 🙂

    1. Yes, I am aware of the fact it’s a little ignorant to talk about summer as if everybody has summer time. The monsoon is definitely good for your part of the world, but I am sure it can be tough with the humidity and heat. Thank you for commenting, Sreejith.

      1. Absolutely, it’s really hot and humid when it’s not raining…

        Also, we have a below average monsoon this year, but that provide some great opportunities to explore out doors and take photos 🙂

        Have a nice day ahead, dear Otto 🙂

  24. I have really enjoyed your post about your summertime and all the things you are doing! I am much more paralyized in this period, because I suffer under the heat and feel well only in the mountains, where you seem also to like it quite a lot. I wish you much success with your books.:) Very best regards Martina

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